A great day at Helgstrand Open House & Stallion Show 2024

april 6. 2024

Saturday afternoon, we held our annual Open House and Stallion Show here at Helgstrand Dressage in Vodskov. And as always, it was a fantastic day where our guests had the opportunity to explore Helgstrand Academy, and after the show, the stables at Helgstrand Dressage were open for visits.

The stallion show featured 16 exciting stallions from our 2024 stallion collection, which includes both new young stallions and our more established ones - each with their own qualities and strengths. This variety means that we can meet breeders' different wishes and needs when selecting the right stallion for their mare.

And we can only say that we are so proud of our breeders for the results they achieve, which also meant that this year, a total of 36 breeder awards were handed out!

Danish Warmblood's Elite Mare & Foal show 2023:

Gold medal

  • Atterupgaards Daimi - Springbank II VH x Bon Bravour – Breeder: Atterupgaard 

Silver medal

  • Faretti III - Franklin x Don Frederico – Breeder: Henrik Hansen 
  • Shirley DWB - Revolution x Hertug – Breeder: Jane & Erik Bech Jensen 
  • Atterupgaards Delora - Springbank II VH x Bon Bravour – Breeder: Atterupgaard  
  • Je Suis Gâtée Vrejlev  - Janeiro Platinum x Hotline – Breeder: Stald Vrejlev by Katja Henriksen 
  • Hesselbjergs Grand Galactic S - Grand Galaxy Win x Londontime – Breeder: Maj-Brit Junker

Bronze medal

  • Gracie - Franklin x Don Schufro – Breeder: Charlotte Prang 
  • Gørklintgårds Malibu - Franklin x Sunny-Boy – Breeder: Gørklintgård by Jørgen Ravn 
  • Netstutteriets Fascination  - Franklin x Zack – Breeder: Merete & Bo Brink 
  • Félicité  - Franklin x Romanov – Breeder: Steen F. Andersen & Dorte R. Schmidt 
  • Midt-West Present – Franklin x Don Schufro – Breeder: Stutteri Midt-West by Poul Erik Nielsen 
  • Midt-West Salvie - D’Avie x Franklin – Breeder: Stutteri Midt-West by Poul Erik Nielsen 
  • Sybil Nobel - Franklin – DS: Don Schufro – Breeder: Ulrik Stadelhofer  
  • Kotys Á Fenris  - Franklin x  Lauries Crusador xx – Breeder: Søren Bjerre 
  • Skovgårdens Hollie - Revolution x Don Olymbrio – Breeder: Bjarne Lund 
  • Højgaardens Menduza Revolution x Tailormade Temptation – Breeder: Lene Drejer & Brian Jensen 
  • Lygum’s Zleep - Lord Europe x Don Olymbrio – Breeder: Tine & Henning Lygum Jensen 
  • Tjørnelys Jamile - Janeiro Platinum x Tuschinski – Breeder: Jørgen Kaspersen 
  • JJ Jolie - Janeiro Platinum x Don Schufro – Breeder: JJ Horses 
  • Hedelunds Miss Platina - Janeiro Platinum x Hotline – Breeder: Rikke Kvist 
  • M’s Stella - Janeiro Platinum x San Amour – Breeder: Siri B. Smørdal  
  • Gutte - Grand Galaxy Win x Romanov – Breeder: Bodil & Jan Pedersen 
  • De La Vie Bang - D’Avie x Zack – Breeder: Bang Dressage ApS 
  • Dahlia V. - D’Avie x Don Schufro – Breeder: Iben Leere Kamp 
  • Darling Lightfoot - D’Avie x Franklin – Breeder: Annette Lyngs & Torben Damsbo 
  • Graastengaards Faquira - Quaterhit x Hotline – Breeder: Graastengaard Dressage by Helle Andersen 
  • Raabehøjgaards Quarterbell - Quaterhit x Skoven Rafael – Breeder: Pia Berman og Louise Rich 

2-year-old Dressage Mare of the Year

  • Berger’s Raven – Revolution x Sunny-Boy – Breeder: Berger's Smedie ApS 

Dressage Foal of the Year

  • Milena S By In Horses – Revolution x Jazz – Breeder: Sara Juul, Ida Thomsen & Niels Lindberg 

Danish Warmblood's Stallion Licensing 2024:

Aage Ravn's Trophy & Silver medal

  • Straight Horse Leonardo – Lord Europe x De Niro - Breeder: Straight Horse 

Bronze medal

  • Solution Unik – Revolution x Don Juan De Hus - Breeder: Stutteri Unik ApS 

Premium Stallion

  • Plus Horses Redemption – Revolution x Florencio I – Breeder: Plus Horses v/ Laila Meyer

Licensed 3-year-old stallions

  • Nordentoft’s Jerome – Jovian x revolution – Breeder: Nordentoft Equestrian ApS 
  • Åtoftens Jabari – Jovian x Revolution – Breeder: Stutteri Åtoften I/S 
  • Magic McKee L – Total McLaren x Negro – Breeder: L Horses 
  • Chicago Majlund – Vivino x Tailormade Temptation – Breeder: Stutteri Majlund by Annika Pagård 

The stallions

In an varied order, the different stallions were showcased, which gave a good and exciting presentation with a mix between the young 3-4-year-old stallions and the older, more educated ones. Casper Cassøe was speaker, supported by Andreas Helgstrand, Thomas Sigtenbjerggaard, and Ulf Möller from Helgstrand Germany. They shared plenty of good advice and insights for both breeders and riders.

The following stallions were showcased:

Globall by Global Player x Fürstenball - ridden by Pia Thomsen
Straight Horse Leonardo by Lord Europe x De Niro - ridden by Mette Sejbjerg Jensen
Elastic by Escamillo x Dimaggio - ridden by Maxi Kira von Platen
Sénégal de Fontaine by Springbank II VH x Sezuan - ridden by Pia Thomsen
Dynamic Dancer by Dynamic Dream x Dresemann - ridden by Mette Sejbjerg Jensen
Proud James by Jameson RS2 x Johnson - ridden by Maxi Kira von Platen
One to Remember by Secret x Vivaldi - ridden by Eric Guardia Martinez
So Perfect by Sezuan x Sir Donnerhall I - ridden by Leonie Richter
Feinsten by Franklin x Rock Forever - ridden by Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen
Opoque by all at Once x Davino V.O.D. - ridden by Mette Sejbjerg Jensen
Parero by Toto Jr. x Negro - ridden by Merita Hagren
V-Power by Viva Gold x Fidertanz - ridden by Maxi Kira von Platen
Veniro by Va Bene x De Niro - ridden by Julian Fetzer
Be Sure by Benicio x Scuderia - ridden by Leonie Richter
Vitalos by Vitalis x De Niro - ridden by Leonie Richter
Escamour by Escamillo x Ampere - ridden by Julian Fetzer

Thank you to everyone who helped make it a truly fantastic day. We hope to see you all and more next year!