2 Premium Stallions for Helgstrand and 8 stallions received 1-year of breeding approval in Danish Warmblood

marts 10. 2024

The Danish Warmblood Society has made its decision, and we are thrilled to share that all 8 three-year-old stallions from Helgstrand have been granted one year of breeding approval, with 2 of them achieving the prestigious status of Premium Stallions!
This marks yet another significant milestone in our journey towards breeding excellence and advancing the quality of future generations.

The first of our two new premium stallions is Plus Horses Redemption:

Plus Horses Redemption by Revolution x Florencio I is bred by Plus Horses, Laila Meyer

The judges' comments:
"Plus Horses Redemption is a harmonious and high-set stallion with a large, open frame and a very masculine appearance. He has a slightly long but highly functional topline. His walk is rhythmic, spacious, and energetic throughout his body. The canter is exceptionally good and spacious, and his trot movement is smooth, energetic, with excellent self-carriage."

The second new Premium Stallion is Select Me: 

Select Me by Secret x Fantastic is bred by Aloys Ewers

The judges' comments:
"Select Me is a large-framed and high-set stallion. He has a long, well-defined crest, a well-formed muscular croup, and he also has an exceptionally functional and supple topline in movement. He has shown us excellent function in all three gaits every time we have seen him. He is light-footed and powerful at the same time. He is incredibly supple with optimal use of elbow and knee, and he has shown us elasticity and uphill tendency in movement, regardless of the tempo he has been asked to work in."

These stallions were licensed and awarded one year of breeding approval:

Dynamic Dancer by Dynamic dream x Dresesmann is bred by Simon Kohlenbrenner PFERD24 GmbH

The judges's comments:
"Dynamic Dancer is an appealing and expressive stallion. He has a large and well-shaped withers with a suitably long topline. The walk is energetic. The trot is supple with good scope and carrying, and he canters with a good ground-covering stride and elbow freedom."

Dynamic in Black by Dynamic Dream bred x De Niro is bred by Axel Baumgartner

The judges' comments:
"Dynamic in Black is a high-set and appropriately noble stallion with an exceptionally good expression. He has only medium-sized body parts, but he moves generously in both trot and canter with good shoulder freedom. The walk is spacious and energetic."

Åtoftens Jabari by Jovian x Revolution bred by Stutteri Åtoften

The judges' comments:
"Åtoftens Jabari is a large-framed and functional stallion. He has a well-defined crest and a sufficiently long and supple topline. He has a particularly good walk and a canter with good spaciousness and energy. The trot is powerful with good action and carrying."

Veniro by Va Bene x De Niro is bred by Gabriele Eder

The judges' comments:
"Veniro is a well-functioning and large-framed stallion. The neck is well-arched, and he has a large and well-functioning shoulder. The walk is rhythmic and spacious, and he trots powerfully with good action, beautiful knees, and exceptionally good suspension. The canter is smooth, well-balanced, and uphill."

Dalero by Danciero x Londontime is bred by Arndt Schwierking

The judges' comments:
"Dalero is a high-set and large-framed stallion of particularly good type. He has a good connection between the head and neck and shapes the neck correctly in movement. Additionally, we have seen a strong and well-defined foundation and a particularly good movement sequence in all three gaits, with spaciousness and good use of the shoulder."

Spectacular by Sezuan x Fürst Romancier is bred by Wilfried Fleming

The judges' comments:
"Spectacular is a high-set stallion with an appropriately sized frame and a sufficiently long topline. The walk is rhythmic, the trot with good freedom of the elbow, and the canter is spaciously, balanced, and with a good uphill tendency."

Massive congratulations to the breeders and owners of these talented and promising young stallions!