12 Helgstrand stallions pre-selected for the Danish Warmblood Stallion Licensing 2024

december 13. 2023

Today, Wilhelmsborg hosted the pre-selection of stallions for the 2024 Stallion Licensing in Herning, which will take place on March 6th to 10th.

A total of 12 of our promising young stallions have been pre-selected:

Catalog no. 537: A son of our lovely breeding stallion Dynamic Dream, with Quaterback as the dam sire, co-owned by Søren Grønborg and bred by Elizabeth Kapp
Catalog no. 538: Another son of Dynamic Dream, this one with Di Niro as the dam sire. Co-owner is Kleppenhus Invest, and he is bred by Axel Baumgartner
Catalog no. 539: Roitaine O by Fontaine TN x Bordeaux. Bred by P. Oosterbosch
Catalog no. 548: Jefferson de Fontaine by Jovian x Blue Hors Don Romantic. Château De Fontaine is co-owner and breeder
Catalog no. 549: Åtoftens Jabari by Jovian x Revolution. Bred by Stutteri Åtoften
Catalog no. 557: Plus Horses Redemption by Revolution x Florencio I. Bred by Plus Horses by Laila Meyer
Catalog no. 558: Renoir D by Revolution x Quaterback, with Jørn Damm as the breeder
Catalog no. 561: A son by Secret x Fantastic, breed by Aloys Ewers
Catalog no. 564: Overgaard’s Simply Perfect by So Perfect x Solos Carex. Bred by Tove and Over Møller Nørregaard
Catalog no. 567: A son of Vitalis, with Fürst Romancier as the dam sire. Bred by Sabine and Jan Fauerbach
Catalog no. 568: Viva La Vida by Viva Gold x Franziskus, with Berthold Schoemaker as the breeder
Catalog no. 569: Straight Horse Zarkosy by Zonik x Blue Hors Don Schufro. Straight Horse ApS is co-owner and breeder

Congratulations to all co-owners and breeders.