Horse Welfare

As a leading company in the world of dressage, we receive a lot of attention - both positive and negative. We remain committed to listening, learning, and adapting, ensuring that every aspect of our operations reflects our dedication to the well-being of our horses. We are not only committed to complying with current legislation, but strive to set higher standards for the industry.

The beginning

From the moment a horse arrives in our care, we provide them with exceptional facilities, expert veterinary attention, nutritious diets, and personalized training programs. We strive to create an environment that fosters their physical and mental well-being, allowing them to thrive and excel in their athletic journey.


To ensure our horses’ optimal health, we have 3-5 annual veterinary checks. Our stable managers also inspect all horses every 14 days. Our dedicated horse feed consultants and skilled veterinarians work together to ensure our horses’ receive the optimal nutrition they need. Additionally, our own farriers are at our facilities every day, where they change our horses’ shoes every five to six weeks. We also have regul...


Our wellness program is designed to address our horses’ specific needs and enhance their overall quality of life. Our state-of-the-art facilities include amenities designed to enhance their well-being. Water walkers allow them to exercise and recover in a controlled aquatic environment, while solariums provide soothing warmth. ActivoMed massage blankets and infrared lights further contribute to their relaxation and phys...


Our team consists of highly talented and experienced riders. Most of our riders have completed a six-year education program in equestrian training or are very experienced in the dressage world. Additionally, we have 30 professional grooms who invest numerous hours each week to ensure that every aspect of our horses’ care is attended to. We have established multiple teams consisting of riders and grooms, that each are re...


Our boxes are approximately 35% larger than required by law, providing spacious and comfortable living areas for all our horses. We go above and beyond in ensuring top-quality amenities. From high-quality bedding to excellent ventilation systems; every detail is carefully designed to create a pleasant and healthy environment.

"Every year at our Open House, we invite the public to come and see our facilities and welcome all who want to learn more about our company. We also give guided group tours to schools and other associations."

- Thomas Sigtenbjerggaard, General Manager DK