The Helgstrand Grant

About the Helgstrand Grant

The Helgstrand Grant is awarded once a year based on an application process. To be eligible for the grant, you must be a rider with a riding-related goal that you are working towards. Both big and small goals are welcome, and this applies to both show jumping and dressage riders.

The application period runs from April 1st to May 1st each year, and the grant is typically presented during the Nations Cup held at Helgstrand Academy in May. The grant has a value of 10,000 DKK or 1,345 EUR.

To select the right candidate among the applicants, a jury has been appointed, consisting of General Manager and rider, Thomas Sigtenbjerggaard, rider, Maria Anita Andersen, and CEO and founder, Andreas Helgstrand.

Who can apply?
Riders of all ages, levels, and nationalities with both big and small dreams can submit an application for the Helgstrand Grant.

How to apply:
1) Create a creative video where you tell us about your dreams, ambitions, and riding goals, and how the Helgstrand Grant can help you achieve them (in Danish or English).

2) Upload your video to YouTube - note: if you don't want to share the video with others, you can choose to make it unlisted. This way, only those with a direct link to the video can see it.

3) Send an email to grant@helgstranddressage.dk with a link to your video - remember to include your phone number.

4) Towards the end of May, we will select the recipient of the grant, and the chosen person will be notified directly via phone. Additionally, we will announce the winner on Helgstrand's social media channels.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at grant@helgstranddressage.dk or at +45 27 15 13 96.

Application deadline:

We look forward to receiving your application by May 1st.

Good luck!

Recipients of Helgstrand's grant

2023 – Celine Walz Jørgensen

There is no doubt that Celine is a fighter! The past four years have been a true rollercoaster ride, but with the help of her pony, Prins, Celine has never given up on her dreams and goals.

She borrowed him 10 years ago when he was 3 years old, so they grew up together and formed a close bond, which has been essential to get through the past four challenging years. In 2019, Celine broke her pelvis i...

2022 - Caroline Gjerlund

Caroline has had a fantastic journey with her horse, Sirano. She fell off him, was knocked unconscious, and there was uncertainty about her recovery. Fortunately, she did recover but lost her ability to walk. She embarked on a long course of treatment and successfully fought her way back into the saddle. So the horse she was injured with ultimately played a role in her recovery, along with her unwavering willp...

2021 - Yuddy Cheng

Yuddy Cheng is a 17-year-old girl living in Hong Kong. Already as a 5-year-old, she sat on a horse for the first time, and instantly knew it would be her great passion. In 2019, she achieved a significant milestone by winning the FEI Dressage World Challenge Youth Championships in Hong Kong on a pony that she had trained herself. However, a year later, she took a break from riding to prioritize her mental health. Af...

2020 - Lucas Vium

15-year-old Lucas convinced us with his fantastic presentation of himself and his horse Chester, that he should be the recipient of the Helgstrand grant in 2020. Lucas is a show jumper and he is very focused on developing his skills as a rider, and here he thought the grant could help him get some more professional help from one of Germany’s leading trainers and Helgstrand’s business partner, Rolf-Göran Bengtsson. We...

2019 - Maria Claumarch

Maria was the first to receive the grant.

The touching story about Maria Claumarch has spread like rings in the water, and especially within the horse world since the prosthetic she has been given can’t be used for riding. With this in mind, her friends and family started a fundraiser for a prosthetic, which she could use for riding.

The idea of this grant is to give it to persons, who ha...