Special Blend

Special Blend
  • Born: 2015
  • Height: 174 cm
  • 1. rate: 1000 Euro + VAT

This wonderful, agile and incredibly strong young dressage stallion is already showing great ability to collect. This was transmitted by his paternal ancestry, which skillfully bridges the gap between proven and ultra-modern performance blood. Special Blend's first competitions were immediately rewarded with victories.

His sire Sezuan was World Champion of the five, six and seven-year-old dressage horses and belongs, without a doubt, to the most demanded dressage stallions of the present. With his rider Dorothee Schneider, he won international competitions up to Inter I. Since then, he has been trained up to Grand Prix level with Patrik Kittel/SWE, among others. On the breeding scene, the Danish Champion Stallion, record stallion performance test winner and Danish Dressage Champion also dominates all events.

His grand-dam H.W.‘s Sandora, half-sister of an intermediate (M) level dressage horse, was placed in young horse competitions. His great-grand-dam Dark Whisper won show-jumping competitions.

Special Blend is approved in OLD 

WFFS negativ

Sezuan  Zack Rosseau
Don Romina Don Schufro
H.W.'s Hurrican Hotline Hofrat
De Nira
H.W.'s Sandora Sandro Hit

Dark Wisper

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