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For those who know Allan Hansen, they are already aware that he is a very experienced gentleman. Besides from being able to boast of his title as a master rider, he also has many years of experience as self-employed with his own sales stable in Middelfart. Additionally, Allan is an extremely dedicated and motivated coach, who put a lot of pride in the development of each individual rider. Competences that Helgstrand advantageously has used during the past years, but how did this beneficial partnership actually start?

- I met Andreas by a coincidence around the time, where Marianne and Andreas founded Helgstrand. We quickly became friends privately and since I also was self-employed we spent a lot of time together at stallion selections in Germany where we helped each other with the horses. During time, we have also co-owned a lot of horses, which my wife Rikke is educating, Allan tells. Approximately 2,5 years ago, Andreas asked me if I was interested in teaching and coaching, and that I of course accepted.

A dedicated coach

I have always spent a lot of time on the ground in many different arenas, where I’ve helped many talents on their way to success. And now, when all the education of our horses has been assigned to Rikke, I can focus more on coaching and other tasks. I find it very interesting to follow the riders and experience how they develop from time to time, especially some of the younger riders. And then I’m also thrilled that, despite my age, I still can impress some of the more experienced riders, such as Betina, Allan says with a smile.

You have probably already met Allan, when Helgstrand has been present at competitions both national and international, as he is an obvious part of the team. His eagle eye sees everything and he is doing his utmost to make sure that every rider is sufficiently prepared for the task when entering the show arena, as well as providing feedback as the rider finished their ride.

-What really characterizes Allan, is his ability of being so sympathetic. It shines through his way of teaching. You will not be in doubt, that he takes very good care of you, he is fast as a lightning to shift and adapt to the next rider and then he can quickly tell, what challenges the rider is having. Additionally, he does everything on the premises and tempo that fits every single horse, which I highly appreciate, Michael Grønne, master rider at Helgstrand, says.

- Allan is technically a very good teacher and he focuses a lot on having the rider stable in the basics before moving up on the level of difficulty. And then he is not only good at developing the horses, but the riders as well. He works a lot with your mind – here you really gain a lot of tools for personal and mental development as a rider. And then he is always smiling, and it really comes off at us riders, Tobias Hewlett tells. He has now been riding for Allan for 2 years.

Much more than teaching

Even though there are many riders at Helgstrand eventually, Allan’s workweek consists of much more exciting tasks, which though have changed during the last time as to the corona-situation.

- The teaching has taken over a bit during this corona-time, since it has been very complicated to travel. But as soon as the world opens again, my first task will be to assist the riders, who buy horses from Helgstrand. It is some kind of after-sales service. Our success is highly reliant on these customers and the results they obtain with their new Helgstrand-horse. And concurrently with the clients becoming better and better, new goals arise and this is where I step in – in the assistance with finding a new and brilliant match, Allan tells. Not only has he an eagle eye for spotting a talented horse, but he also has the ability to find the perfect match between horse and rider. This reputation spreads as rings in the water – Allan is well-known for noticing all the small details, which easily can be overlooked by many – this has undoubtedly something to do with his 30 years of experience.

- And to make sure that I always have work to do, Andreas often asks me to look for potential horses in Denmark, because even though his and Thomas’ biggest wishes are to be able to be at more than one place at the same time, they haven’t succeeded with that yet, to Andreas’ big sorrow, Allan tells with a glints in his eye.

Would not trade for anything in the world

When you talk to Allan, there is no doubt about his passion for this job – and who doesn’t dream about such a balanced everyday life with these amazing horses that manage to impress us so deeply.

- Imagine being surrounded by so many passionate and dedicated people every day – it really influences you. Simultaneously Helgstrand offers so many opportunities not only on at their own locations, but also the possibility to travel, see the world and the global horse industry. I can almost cut off 10 years of my age, because when you are at Helgstrand, you will be in a whole other gear, but, well… This is necessary to keep up with the Helgstrand journey, Allan finishes.

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Denmark has become one of the leading nations within the equestrian industry – we really proved that, as Herning was honoured to become the hosting of the four-times World Championships in 2022 – namely the ECCO FEI World Championships 2022 Herning Denmark with World Championships in showjumping, dressage, vaulting and para-dressage – thereby the four biggest disciplines within equestrianism.

It was a Saturday evening when the danish show organizer was awarded the hosting by FEI – the international equestrian federation. This was certainly a festive evening, where champagne was floating and the Danish news streams were overwhelmed by the many visitors. Especially on social media, the news spread with euphoria, and the comment fields couldn’t keep up.

- We are looking very much forward to putting Denmark on the global map and join the sensation when the World Championships take place in Herning, Andreas says and continues: The World Championships are very important for Denmark and we will of course be very supportive, trying to create as big and impressive an event as even possible.

- The huge support we get from all other Danish actors in the industry is very remarkable, Casper Cassøe states. Cassøe is, together with Jens Trabjerg, the organizer of Herning2022. He continues: We experience a full endorsement from everyone in so many ways. It is really nice, especially in these difficult times – so we really look forward to the World Championships in August 2022.

Have a look into the Helgstrand universe

In August 2022, everyone from the equestrian world will look towards Herning, that in fact is as a city that is used to having both national and international guests from the horse-industry – Herning will tough really have to turn up the hospitality as several of people will flock to the location. This big audience is seen by Helgstrand as a great opportunity to let more people gain knowledge about the many different areas of business in Helgstrand. Helgstrand will raise a big VIP lounge just outside the big arena. This is supposed to be a place where all of the many businesses of the Helgstrand group are being presented. Eventually, this is becoming a wide selection as a result of the latest acquisition of majority shares in Kingsland Equestrian and the exciting investment in Riding Arena Robots.

- We are soon starting to plan the concept of the Helgstrand VIP lounge. The facilities that are being presented for us, look incredible. Our aim is to advantageously use these facilities to become visible throughout the whole championship. This prominence is important to us, but the same is the fact, that we can help and support the World Championships in Herning, Andreas says.

The main sponsorship includes several elements: Helgstrand Dressage will be the named sponsor of the big VIP lounge at the main arena: HELGSTRAND VIP-LOUNGE. Additionally, Helgstrand Dressage will be the presenting sponsor for several of the competitions within the dressage championship at the Stutteri Ask Stadium. And finally Helgstrand Dressage will also be the presenting sponsor of several of the showjumping competitions at the same location.


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Picture: Janeiro Platinum with Helgstrand's rider Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen. 

The picture-perfect Janeiro Platinum (Sezuan/ UB40) has managed in embedding himself in most people’s memory, not only because of his outstanding performances but also as a result of his very impressive qualities, which is seen to be carried on to his offspring. This special horse caught the eye of Grand Prix rider Sofie Lexner, on her recent visit to Helgstrand. Sofie is master rider at Christinelund Dressage in Sweden.

- He is an athletic horse, with amazing rideability and a charming personality – actually he possesses all qualities it takes to reach top level of dressage sport. Already the first time I tried him, I was convinced that he was just right for what we were searching for here at Christinelund Dressage, master rider Sofie Lexner says.

WhatsApp Image 2020 10 30 at 08.58.28

Billede: Sofie Lexner and Inoraline W winning Scandinavian Open for 5- and 6-year-olds

Sofie is one of Sweden’s best dressage riders with numerous victories up till international Grand Prix, and she has also gained a lot of respect for her work with developing the younger horses.

- It is no secret, that the success of our business among others is based on positive results that horses from Helgstrand can deliver with their new riders. Therefore it is of our utmost interest, that Janeiro will move on to a place, where the focus will be on his future development, as this stallion holds unimaginable amounts of possibilities, Andreas says and continues: and then we are thrilled on behalf of the breeders, as Janeiro still will be available for breeding – he has been one of the most popular stallions in our collection.

The Danish Warmblood stallion Janeiro is by the triple world champion Sezuan, who is one of the most famous and desirable stallions nowadays. Sezuan has already secured his place in history as he has several victories with the German Dorothee Schneider in the saddle and is already promisingly working towards Grand Prix level with Patrik Kittel. Patrik will also have a great impact on the future development of Janeiro as he is Sofie’s dressage trainer. Janeiro has undoubtedly inherited a lot of great qualities from his father; not only the exquisite black colour but also his excellent gaits and rideability, looking absolutely promising for taking part of future top sport.

From now on Janeiro will be based at Christinelund Dressage near Helsingborg, with an outstanding view over Öresund, where Sofie will be in charge of his future development. The place oozes of high ambitions for developing talented horses, which is why they continuously invest in young promising talents.

- We have over time bought several horses at Helgstrand Dressage, among others Felina Lightfoot by Floricello/Onassis and Kavira by Franklin (Fierce-S)/ Sorento. We return to Helgstrand, as we always succeed in finding the right horses. We always receive outstanding service, while we are certain that the horses are of absolute top-quality.

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Picture: Andreas Helgstrand and Anders Bjørnstrup.

Helgstrand Dressage ApS and X-Drive Robot ApS jointly invest in the new company Riding Arena Robots, which, as the name might indicate, shall develop and sell autonomous robots that even and maintain riding arenas all over the world.

- It takes a lot of man-hours and tools in terms of tractors etc. for our riding arenas to be maintained and always primed to ensure the best ground for the horses to work on, Andreas, owner and CEO of Helgstrand Dressage, says and continues; We have been introduced to a business project that has been thoroughly worked through – it involves the development of an autonomous robot that can prepare riding arenas, and as we find a huge potential in this field of business, we have chosen to invest in it.

The new robot has already been projected, technical requirements are specified and the product development has got off to a good start. Prototypes will be ready for launching before summer 2021 and will afterwards go through numerous tests before the product can be released to the market, expectedly ultimo 2021.

A sustainable solution with huge potential

- The robot is power-driven and should be able to drive all by itself. It can be compared to an autonomous lawnmower and the way it works in peoples private gardens. It will be able to charge itself and with built-in sensors, it can steer around fences as well. That way the robot can both be used on dressage as well as showjumping arenas. As the robot is electric, it is concurrently a sustainable solution, not only climate-wise but also in a way where it doesn’t pollute the same way a tractor does, Andreas concludes.

Helgstrand Dressage has chosen to inaugurate their commercial director, Anders Bjørnstrup, as the CEO in the new firm, Riding Arena Robots. This is partly to manage the supervision of the process of development, partly for quality assurance as well as preparing the products for an introduction to the market, including organizing the company to ensure abilities within sales management, support and further product development.

- There are lots of advantages for the end-user by using this product: it is time-saving, it cuts costs related to tractor and fuel, the robot can work during the night, when the arena is empty and then such a quality robot will be more precise and careful, making sure that the arena will be absolutely perfectly evened, Anders says, and continues; When we look at the market potential, there are more than 33.000 riding arenas only in Europe, so we see a lot of potentials.

- We could not find a more suitable partner for this project, says Klaus Kesje, sales director for X-Drive Robots and adds; Helgstrand Dressage has the complete knowledge about the market and the customer needs, which would be hard to find in another partner. At the same time, Helgstrand Dressage is a very big international player, which creates an even better opportunity for us to pursue our common ambitions about going global.



Picture: Gestüt Famos - indoor arena and the stable area. 

In December 2019, Helgstrand Dressage acquired the property Windsome Farm in the horse mecca Wellington in the American state Florida, and now all the final details with the acquisition of Gestüt Famos are falling into place. Gestüt Famos can from a breeder’s perspective be seen as the German counterpart to the property in Wellington. As a result of the acquisition, the name of Gestüt Famos will be changed to Helgstrand Germany.

The German cities Vechta and Verden constitute the heart of the German world of breeding, and it is completely intentional that Helgstrand Dressage decides to invest in this luxurious farm in Germany, that is founded by the now-deceased rich man and legend in the field of bread production, Klaus Ostendorf. The place is located half an hour drive south of Bremen and is thereby just in between Vechta and Verden, which every year is hosting the joint stallion shows between Helgstrand and Shockemöhle.

- For a long time, we have been looking for a base in this area, that has the potential of redeeming our high ambitions. Not only in relation to responding to the demand of sales horses on the German market, but also allowing us to expand our stallion station, that until now has been run at Sudenhof in Hagen. Germany is one of our biggest markets and the potential is even bigger, if we are present with an independent sales division, in order to appear where our customers are, Andreas states.

ulf eva valverde sounique web

Picture: Eva and Ulf Möller standing with our breeding stallions, Valverde and So Unique.

Gestüt Famos was founded in 1906 and has in 2002 gone through an extensive renovation, making the place appear state-of-the-art with a main house made in timber frame and facilities allowing the absolute best training also securing the possibility of hosting major events. In unique park-alike surroundings like the property in Wellington, Helgstrand Germany is soon ready for the family Möller consisting of Dr. Ulf Möller and his wife Eva Möller. Ulf has since 2017 been the head of both the German and American departments of Helgstrand and will now be the daily manager of Helgstrand Germany, where his wife Eva as well will be employed full time as a rider.

- The fact that Helgstrand Dressage now has acquired Gestüt Famos is strategically a good decision, as the location of the place is very attractive. Right in between Hannover, Oldenburg and Westfalen, which are the three biggest breeding associations. The place is the best foundation for running a solid sales stable, as we can now welcome clients here as well, and not only in Northern Jutland. At the same time, it is not further away from the Headquarters, that by special wishes from clients, we can transport the horses from there to the department in Germany, Ulf Möller states and continues: we are additionally very pleased with the possibility to control and further develop the place as we wish to, and in line with the established Helgstrand concept.

- It is an amazing opportunity and challenge for my family, and I am pleased that Andreas and Waterland Private Equity are trusting us with this decision. It will be very exciting coming along on the journey of building Helgstrand Germany with a sales stable and a stallion station. Moreover, I am looking forward to ascribing all my time to Helgstrand Dressage, as I think the last 4 years has been an absolute pleasure. The future looks bright and brings a lot of challenges, but we are very excited to see where it takes us, Eva Möller narrates.


Picture: Indoor arena at Gestüt Famos.


Picture: One of the stable areas. There is room for 45 horses. 


Picture: The house, where Eva and Ulf Möller are going to live, only a few metres from the stable area and indoor arena. 

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Picture: Queenpark's Wendy by Sezuan/Soprano and Andreas Helgstrand.

That's for sure quite an accomplishment! We are extremely proud and happy to announce, that a total of 13 horses will represent Helgstrand at this year's World Championships for Young Horses being held in Verden, Germany on 9-13 December.

Some of them have already claimed several medals and we hope to repeat the success this year!


So Unique by Sezuan/Donnerhall
Finest Black Lady by Finest/Royal Highness


Jovian by Apache/Tango
Queenpark's Wendy by Sezuan/Soprano
Janeiro Platinum by Sezuan/UB40
Springbank II VH by Skovens Rafael/De Niro
Valverde by Vitalis/Ampere
Eternity by Escolar/Sir Donnerhall I
Straight Horse Don Zuan by Zack/Don Schufro
Straight Horse De Milla by De Niro/Zack
Jaristo by Dreamboy/Nourejev
Elverhøj's Raccolto by Sezuan/Sandro Hit


Revolution by Rocky Lee/Rouletto

Nr 76 001 6516

Picture: Catalogue no. 76 by Zoom/Waterford 

At the auction followed by the 2020 HANN stallion licensing this afternoon in Verden, Helgstrand bought another 4 Premium Stallions to add to the Helgstrand-Schockemöhle stallion collection, which already counts many Champion and Premium Stallions, stallion performance test winners etc.

Among the four Premium Stallions, we have catalogue number 76 by Zoom/Waterford, bred by Klaus Brandes. Already by having a look at the pedigree, we were convinced about the quality of this stallion, which he confirmed at the presentation at the auction. HANN Premium stallion Zoom adds both Zack and Don Schufro to the line of performance stallions of this amazing stallion.

Nr 63 001 6032

Picture: Catalogue no. 63 by Secret/Belissmo M

Next, we have the picture-perfect and ultra-modern Secret son, catalogue no. 63, with damsire Belissmo M and bred by Karsten Harms. Secret, which is sired by Sezuan, hardly requires any presentation, since despite his young age he has already made a positive impression both in terms of breeding and sport. Among other things, he won silver at the 2019 WCYH under Jessica Lynn Thomas.

Nr 37 001 6734

Picture: Catalogue no. 37 by Bon Coeur/Fürst Nymphenburg

Catalogue no. 37 by Bon Coeur/Fürst Nymphenburg proved to be a true Bon Coeur offspring; magnificent and impressive. He is bred by Bernhard Dodenhof. Premium stallion Bon Coeur superbly won his stallion performance test in Schliekau and became Vice Bundeschampion as a 3-year-old and a 4-year-old in Warendorf. Today, the stallion is extremely successful under Caroline Darcourt, who has taken several victories at the small tour level.

Nr 34 001 5802

Picture: Catalogue no. 34 by Benicio/Scuderia

The collection now also includes catalogue no. 34 by Benicio/Scuderia, bred by Ludwig Fuchs. An ultramodern type with outstanding gaits. Of course, it’s no coincidence as he is sired by the Bellisimo M son, Benicio. Under Anna-Sofie Fiebelkorn, Benicio supremely won the German Bundeschampionat for 6-year-olds and received a 10 for walk, trot and canter at the stallion performance test in Schliekau.

Nr 73 10 20 07 3802

Picture: Catalogue no. 73, Zaximo by Zackerey/Tomahawk

Gorgeous offspring by Zackerey licensed in HANN

At the 2020 HANN Stallion Licensing, Helgstrand presented a gorgeous stallion by Zackerey/Tomahawk, which got licensed with amazing comments from the licensing committee. The stallion is bred by Elisabeth C. Ahn and is co-owned by Anna Kasprzak and Helgstrand. An ultra-modern stallion with completely exceptional gaits, which during the entire selection turned out fantastic, but unfortunately did not get awarded Premium Stallion as hoped.  

- There is no doubt that Zaximo is a true Champion. He has everything that the modern breeder asks for. Unfortunately, he didn't get awarded Premium Stallion today, but the future looks very promising, and I am sure he will shine at future licensing shows. All things considered, we are extremely happy with the fact, we can add another 5 licensed stallions to the collection, which we hope will delight the breeders, says Andreas Helgstrand.


Kardieno IMG 4398 highres RGB WEB

Picture: Kardieno and Thomas Sigtenbjerggaard

The news spread like ripples in the water when Helgstrand announced the addition of another stallion with the famous Gelder-blood to the collection. A stallion who, despite his very short time in Denmark, has drawn a lot of attention to himself by winning the qualification for the young horse championship and later on the finale with Helgstrand rider Thomas Sigtenbjerggaard in the saddle. Now the stallion can look forward to a new future in Prague, Czech Republic in the stables of Dressage Mala Skala, where the purpose is to focus on his future career as a dressage horse.

Kardieno (Dante Weltino/Parcival) definitely impressed with his outstanding balance, action and suppleness, resulting in grades far above average for his gaits and perspective. Especially in the final of the young horse championship he showed a lot of potential and could obtain the prize as the best 4-year-old.

- It has been a real pleasure riding Kardieno. Some were probably a bit skeptical when we introduced him as a part of our stallion collection, but he quickly turned out to be a stallion with very appealing qualities, that could add a lot of value to the breeders. We are looking forward to seeing him on his future journey, as we believe that he has the potential to join the top league of dressage, Thomas Sigtenbjerggaard says.

Kardieno is by Dante Weltino, who qualified to the prestigious Bundeschampionate as both a 5-year-old and a 6-year-old with Therese Nilshagen in the saddle. Already as a 7-year-old Dante Weltino had his debut in S level dressage and won his first Grand Prix as an 8-year-old. Since then, the couple has achieved many victories and placements of international Grand Prix level – and among the highlights, it is worth mentioning team bronze at the Europeans in Göteborg, Sweden in 2017 and an Olympics qualification. The dam sire is the Gelder-stallion, Parcival, who also competed at top dressage level.

As Dressage Mala Skala will focus on Kardieno’s future career as a dressage horse, he is unfortunately not available for breeding anymore.

WhatsApp Image 2020 10 07 at 10.16.18

Picture: Rockabye S by Revolution/Belstaff became Vice Bundeschampion this year under Sina Aringer

The year is soon coming to an end, and the same goes for the examination of the Danish Warmblood 35-days performance test at Tørring Riding Centre. From Helgstrand no less than 11 3-year-olds stallions will attend. The inspection with own rider takes place Monday the 19th of October. This test is performed to ensure, that the horse holds three stabile gaits, moving with no problems. In the subsequent period, the stallions will be trained by the master riders on the place and in that process, there will be a midway-assessment, where the owners can attend and have a look at the stallions’ progress.

The 35-days test is concluded on Sunday the 22nd of November – it will be exciting whether the current virus-situation will allow spectators to attend at that point in time. Finally, the stallions will be ridden by a test rider, who will contribute to the final grading, that will make the basis of whether or not the stallions can attend the final licensing at the Danish Warmblood Stallion Licensing in March 2021.

- The 11 stallions are a selection of this year’s fine young stallions, who already have presented positive development at home. The stallions represent some of the strongest bloodlines, and we especially look forward to presenting two offspring of our own stallions: Flottenheimer by Franklin and Rockabye S by Revolution, who has gone through an impressive development in Germany and became Vice Bundeschampion this year, Andreas states.

The 11 stallions for the 35-days test are the following:

Dynamic Dream by Glock’s Dream Boy/Sir Donnerhall I
Freetown by Fürst Wilhelm/Sir Donnerhall I/Latimer
Slangerupgaards Flottenheimer by Franklin/Scolari/Don Frederico
Floss Dance by For Dance/Quaterback/Lordanos
Iron by Ibiza/Hohenstein/Walt Disney I
In My Mind by Ibiza/Fidermark/Davignon I
Rockabye S by Revolution/Belstaff/Londonderry
Total McLaren by Totilas/De Niro/Sandro Hit
Majestic Taonga by Glock’s Toto Junior/Jazz/Hotline
My Toto VDT by Glock’s Toto Junior/Ferro/Calypso I
My Vitality by Vivaldi/D-Day/Argus

As some might have noticed, So Perfect is unfortunately not attending the 35-days performance test, as he sustained a smaller injury, which luckily is getting better. We hope for an opportunity later on, where So Perfect can be tested.

betina springbank web

Betina and Springbank II VH by Skovens Rafael/De Niro. Photo: Kim C. Lundin

The riding sports centre Flyinge in Sweden these days the host of the Swedish championship for young horses. A horse that has attended all years is the now 6-year old Swedish-born Springbank II VH by Skovens Rafael/De Niro. Aged 3 and 4 he brilliantly took the victory, even impressing the test rider, Charlotte Dujardin, so much that she felt like giving the stallion grades above the scale. “He is the best 4-year old I’ve ever sat on”. Springbank continued his stream of victories this year and won the preliminary round with 95.2 points as well as the final with impressive 96.6 points, thereby seizing the title as the winner of Breeders Trophy for the third time. This time with Betina Jæger in the saddle.

Springbank had a significant lead as a result of the preliminary round resulting in sky-high expectations to the stunning stallion for the final round. As usual, Springbank didn’t disappoint and showed us once again, with his 96.6 points, that he is among the elite of Swedish bred horses. Springbank achieved the following points:

Walk: 9,5
Trot: 10
Canter: 9,8
Subtleness: 9
Perspective: 10

Watch the test from the finals here

“Springbank was with me the through the whole ride and the result of the day completely illustrates the feeling I sat with. He didn’t make any wrong moves and was very attentive towards all my signals”. We couldn’t bother giving it a little extra, which luckily paid off. He is the absolute best!” Betina Jæger proudly states.

Springbank brilliantly won the Breeders Trophy as a 3-year old as well as when he was 4 with the previous Helgstrand-rider Severo Jurado Lopez and attended as well the Danish championships in 2019 with Severo. Same year, he achieved an impressive 5th place at the prestigious World Championships for Young Horses in Ermelo.

Proud breeder

The breeder of Springbank is the Swede Tobias Hansson, who runs the stud Västra Hoby Stuteri AB. Tobias is one of Sweden’s leading breeders and has throughout the years had a close collaboration with Helgstrand Dressage, where several horses are in joint ownership. Tobias is not only known for his outstanding breeding but is also servicing the Swedish breeders when they seek to buy semen of Helgstrand horses. Springbank is jointly owned by Tobias Hansson, Tina Hennix and Helgstrand Dressage.

View all results from Breeders Trophy here


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