Global Player by Kastels Grand Galaxy Win/Don Schufro - breeder HH Hansen. 

It has been a couple of very exciting days at this year's stallion licensing in Herning, and here on the final day the tension finally reached its end with which new stallions from Helgstrand, who will be part of the danish breeding. At the same time, this years' premium and champion stallions were announced.


Iron by Asgårds Ibiza/Hohenstein E.H.

The 3-year-old stallions had all showed themselves nicely, both at the showing on solid ground, lunging, as well as showing them free, and today Helgstrand could proudly send a total of 15 3-year-old stallions to the preparation for the 10-day test, which is the admission for a 1-year approval in DWB.

The 15 stallions from Helgstrand approved in Danish Warmblood:

  • Dynamic Dream by Glocks Dream Boy/Sir Donnerhall I
  • Dremian by Danciano/Sandro Hit
  • Floss Dance by For Dance/Quaterback
  • Slangerupgårds Flottenheimer by Franklin/Scolari
  • Freetown by Fürst Wilhelm/Sir Donnerhall I
  • Iron by Asgårds Ibiza/Hohenstein E.H.
  • Straight Horse Ramses by Revolution/Zack
  • Radius by Revolution/00 Seven
  • Rockabye S by Revolution/Belstaff
  • So Perfect by Sezuan/Sir Donnerhall I
  • HP Valentino by Vitalis/Apache
  • My Vitality by Vivaldi/D-Day
  • Majestic Taonga by Glocks Toto Jr./Jazz
  • Total McLaren by Totilas/De Niro


Rockabye S by Revolution/Belstaff

4 out of 7 premium stallions for Helgstrand

In a very strong field of 3-year-old stallions, the licensing committee pointed out 7 stallions, of which 4 are from Helgstrand Dressage:

  • Dynamic Dream by Glocks Dream Boy/Sir Donnerhall I
  • My Vitality by Vivaldi/D-Day
  • Rockabye S by Revolution/Belstaff
  • So Perfect by Sezuan/Sir Donnerhall I

Global Player announced champion stallion

The 4-year-old stallions, who got their final approval in DWB was shown under rider on the last day, the excitement not only came from the licensing committee but also the audience, who clearly saw how well the stallions had developed since last years stallion licensing. It was the Grand Galaxy Win-son, Global Player (breeder HH Horses), who received the title as Champion stallion in Danish Warmblood. A beautiful young stallion with 3 incredible gaits and modern expression. Global Players damsire is the legendary Don Schufro.

giovanni bell

Giovanni-Bell by Grand Galaxy Win/Don Romantic

Galaxy-offspring is the best danish bred dressage stallion 2 years in a row

As the best danish bred dressage stallion we find another offspring by Grand Galaxy Win, Giovanny-Bell, whose damsire is Don Romantic. Giovanny-Bell is bred by Tina and Nicolai Jepsen. But not only did a Galaxy offspring win the title this year, but last year was also a Galaxy offspring, Got it by Grand Galaxy Win/Don Schufro.

In general, there have been many impressive offspring presented at this year's stallion licensing, and in particular, Revolution has added 5 newly approved sons to DWB. But also Franklin was represented besides Grand Galaxy Win. In the sport, Galaxy has also been represented, since both the A- and B-finals in the young horses' championship was won by offspring by Galaxy:

  • A-final: Grand Galiano by GGW/Don Schufro, ridden by Rikke Dupont.
  • B-final: Logos Gaya by GGW/Don Romantic, ridden by Emma Ahlberg.

But in the young horse championship, Helgstrand was not only represented with offspring by Helgstrand stallions or former Helgstrand stallions. Maria Anita Andersen and Atterupgaards Spidermann by Seebach/Stedinger came in 4th in the A-finals and received 10 for trot, 8,5 for canter, 9 for perspective in the gait review, along with 9,5 in submission and 9 for perspective by the test-rider, Daniel Bachman Andersen. Our student master rider, Frederikke Skelmose, came in 2nd in the B-final with Revolution Nobel by Franklin/Solos Landwind, and the Helgstrand rider, Mette Sejbjerg, was placed as number 9 on her own horse, Nobelle by Future Jazz/Negro.

dynamic dream

Radius by Revolution/OO Seven og Maria Vasconcelos E Sa - from the inspection for the 10-days observation test


Exactly at 7.30 pm, everyone was seated at the grandstands and the expectations for the evenings gala show was without a doubt high, with the exciting theme: Let the games begin! Amongst the highlights of the evening was without a doubt the Olympic bronze-medal team from Hong King, whom at once got us back to 2008 - to the moment we realized that Denmark had won an Olympic bronze medal. The feature started with a humorous interview with the Danish Warmblood chairman, Casper Cassør, before Princess Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein and Blue Hors Zee Me Blue, Anne Van Olst and Diego, and Andreas Helgstrand and Ferrari OLD entered the arena. The audience was enchanted while the riders performed their show, and the applause would seem to never end when the three riders ended the show in the finest way.

There were gold and glitter beyond imagination at the evenings show, and especially when the 4 gold medal mares and their rider entered the Jyske Bank Box; JJ Filippa and Cecilie Schilbred, Filuca S and Malene Serve, Gørklintgårds Brody and Bettina Laisbo, and Greven’s Sa’ Va’ and Alexander. A well put-together show, that clearly showed the high quality of the mares when they gracefully performed different dressage exercises.

severo davie

The next performance from Helgstrand was an homage to the World Champion, D'avie, and his rider, Severo, who was wearing a red tanktop and boxing gloves. As a true champion, they danced around the boxing arena with the ring girls riding around them.


In the end, 6 of the breeding stallions from Helgstrand entered the arena wearing skiwear, symbolizing the Winter Olympics. With Anne-Marie and Janeiro Platinum, Mette and Suarez, Eva and Valverde, Severo and Springbank II VH, Søren and Quaterhit, and Thomas and Kardieno, the features from Helgstrand ended in the best way possible.

Besides that, there were costume jumping, equestrian vaulting, gymnastics show, dog racing, and much more.


Severo and Fiontini from the CDI5* Grand Prix today, where they received 76,283%

Today the licensing of the 3-year-old stallions continued, who at 8 o'clock this morning already entered arena M to be shown in the lunge. The lunging gives the judges an opportunity to see the stallions in a more controlled environment than the later showing where they are loose. It gives a great impression of the stallion's gaits and balance, and therefore an idea of how the stallion will be later under the rider.

After a brief break over lunch, it was time for the 3-year-old stallions to enter the arena again, this time for the loose presentation. All in all, it was a day with stallions, who seemed like they had adjusted to the grand settings and showed themselves very well and well-balanced, both in the lunge and loose presentation. Tomorrow it is time for a resting day before the future of the stallions will be determined on Sunday.

Presentation class with full stands

The coveted presentation classes were with full stands this Friday. True to the tradition, the breeding committee's representative, Bjarne Nielsen, commented on the stallions who were shown in teams of 3. The stallions from Helgstrand did very well but in particular, the two World Champions Jovian by Apache/Tango and Revolution by Rocky Lee/Rouetto, both got storming applauses when Andreas showed how far they've come with their education, amongst other starting the passage and flying changes for Revolution. But also the younger stallions such as the Champion stallions in DWB, Springbank II VH by Skovens Rafael/De Niro along with Kremlin MD by Governor/Rousseau received big applause, just like the 4-year-old Fynch Hatton by Formel Eins/Sir Donnerhall I, seemed to win the audience's heart by his superior gaits. The divine Janeiro Platinum, who turned out to be the breeders favorite in DWB in 2019 also showed he was in top shape when he was shown by Anne-Marie, along with Karideno, who won the DEF 4-year-old championship at Blue Hors last year.

The audience will have the opportunity to see the stallions under rider again on Saturday when the presentation class takes place in arena M starting at 12.15 pm.

Severo and Fiontini top placed in CDI5* GP

Boxen was filled beyond breaking point when the star-studded CDI%* Grand Prix took place earlier today. The class was filled with the best danish dressage riders and it was a tough battle for the top placings. Here we saw world-class dressage and the audience's excitement when amongst others Severo and the three-times world champion entered the centerline was not easy to overlook. Severo delivered yet another top performance with Fiontini, who showed flying changes, piaffe, and passage to top-marks. Severo and Fiontini came in 3rd with an impressive score of 76,283%, and we look forward to seeing them in the CDI5* Grand Prix Special on Saturday.



Fynch Hatton and Søren Wind.

Today was the day for the stallions when the 3-year-old stallion started their morning with being shown by hand on solid ground. It was an energetic field of young stallions, who was presented to the committee one by one, and who didn't seem to be that marked by the new surroundings.

- It's always hard with the brand new stallions, who aren't that used to being anywhere but home yet. But they accepted the new surroundings with bravado, and I would like to highlight especially Dynamic Dream, Iron, and My Vitality, along with My Toto VDT, as the highlights of the day, says Esben Møller, who look forward to seeing the stallions the next couple of days.

Tomorrow it is the lunging of the young stallions, along with showing them loose, followed by walking on the ring

Later on the day, it was 4-year-old stallions who were shown under the rider. Here it became clear, that the stallions were well-prepared from home because the mistakes were few when they were shown in teams by 2 and 3. The judges expressed their excitement for a very impressive field of young stallions this year, amongst them was the winner of the Danish Warmblood 35-day test, Atterupgaards Barcelo by Bon Coeur/Caprimond E.H.

-We are very proud of the selection of 4-year-old stallions, who already at last autumn did a phenomenal job at their 35-day test. Today the work paid off when all of the stallions from Helgstrand got their final approval and all became licensed stallions in DWB, says Esben.

The young of 4- and 5-year old stallions who got their final approval today in DWB are:

Atterupgaard’s Barcelo by Bon Coeur/Caprimond E.H.
Danciero by Dancier/Floriscount
Tophøjs Falchetto by Floriscount/Solos Landtinus
Fynch Hatton by Formel Eins/Sir Donnerhall I
Fürst Highlight by Fürstenball/His Highness
Giovanni-Bell by Kastel's Grand Galaxy Win/Don Romantic
Lord Europe by Lord Leatherdale/Boston
Vendòme by Veneno/Fidertanz
Vivino by Vivaldi/Dancier
Global Player by Kastel's Grand Galaxy Win/Don Schufro
Knock-Out by Expression/Ferro

Furthermore, the stallion Special Blend by Sezuan/Hotline got approved and will be ready for the 10-day test starting Sunday afternoon.


Franklin and Betina Jæger.

Franklin 3rd in CDI3* PSG

It is not that long ago Franklin had his debut in small tour with his regular rider, Betina Jæger, but today they came in 3rd in a very strong field. It was a great stable program with many highlights, and even though there is room for small adjustments, the pair received a total score of 71.735%.

Donkey Boy Jan Møller Christensen uvm2019 sølv 7års 163300 kuo 12 D05 2244 WEB

Hesselhøj Donkey Boy and Jan Møller Christensen winning a silver medal at the 2019 WCYH in Ermelo.


Hesselhøj Donkey Boy has had an extraordinary career with Jan Møller Christensen until now, where the stallion is turning 8 years old.

Since the stallion was awarded premium stallion at the Danish Warmblood in 2015, the equipage has won the DEF championships for 4-, 5-, 6-, and 7-year-old horses through the years 2016-2019 and additionally won medals at the WCYH.

The stallion has also had an amazing career as breeding stallion along with his education. The collecting from the stallion has been taken care of by Jan Møller Christensen at Noagaard.

Jan Møller Christensen daily rides and educates a big number of talented young and older horses and will continue to have many horses in training for Alexandra Andresen and Equi Stallion ApS. This work doesn’t harmonize well with continuing collecting semen from Hesselhøj Donkey Boy.

In order to continue the education of the stallion towards Grand Prix along with ensuring he’ll be available for the breeders, it has been decided that the stallion after the stallion licensing in Herning – where Donkey Boy will be ridden by Jan Møller Christensen – changes rider to Betina Jæger from Helgstrand Dressage and will be stationed at Helgstrand Dressage in Vodskov.

At the same time, the stallion will be available for the Danish and international breeders through the stallion station at Helgstrand Dressage.

Alexandra Andreasen, Equi Stallion ApS and Helgstrand Dressage ApS.



galla2019 ulf andreas alexander161995 ms 05 D043428

Upholding our annual tradition, we are hosting the Open House with stallion presentation in April, and we are very excited to show you our collection of top stallions, which already has many new promising young stallions. On the same day, our German business partner, Deckstation Paul Schockemöhle, will bring some of their best jumping stallions as well.
Our Open House takes place on Saturday, April 4th, 2020 at 3 pm.

On Helgstrand Dressage, Uggerhalnevej 80, 9310 Vodskov.
As usual, there’s free entry for the Open House and registration is not necessary.

During the Open House, it will be possible to buy something to drink and eat.

We can already say, that Marianne will be displaying some of the beautiful designs from Helgstrand Denmark and Dufour by Helgstrand Denmark, just like Adamsbro also will be joining the event with his exclusive pillows, plaids, ponchos, etc., inspired by the horse world. Again this year, we will be giving away some great prizes. 
In case you’re not able to participate this day, the entire show will be broadcasted live on ClipMyHorse, just like the stallion show can be streamed from their archive after the show.


After party

After the great stallion show, we would like to invite you to an after party in the Helgstrand Dressage VIP-lounge. Delivering the food again this year, we have the pleasure of presenting Musikkens Spisehus, who will be serving a delicious menu at only DKK 175. Pr. Person, including beverages.
We hope that many of you will stay, so that we may have another blazing party.
Tickets for the Helgstrand Dressage after party can be bought through the link below until the 21st of March or as long as tickets are available. The ticket can be printed and brought on the day or shown on the phone.

Order you after party tickets HERE

If you need help finding accommodation, please contact Janni at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +45 28 70 64 17.

mikaelstevn web

Since the equity fund, Waterland Private Equity Investments bought into Helgstrand Dressage in 2018, there have been made some serious investments, amongst them are the purchase of Ny Ravnstrup and Windsome Farm. But the ambition to become the world’s leading equestrian company requires the strongest profiles, which is why Helgstrand just expanded the staff with master rider Mikael Stevn, who has helped many riders achieve great goals.

- We have great visions for Helgstrand Dressage, and the wish to enter new markets demands that we are present and able to make new relations. Unfortunately, I don’t always have the opportunity to leave myself and I have come to learn that entering new markets requires a lot of research. Therefore, we are delighted to be able to ad Mikael to our team, says Andreas.

In 2003, Mikael Stevn became an educated master rider from Hasse Hofmann and has in the last couple of years been operating Stevn Equestrian, where he besides selling horses to many high-profiled riders, also has been focused on developing talented riders. During his time as self-employed, Mikael has helped riders achieve numerous victories, both at national and international competitions. Among them, Agnete Kirk Thinggaard, who has been on the Danish dressage national team for several years, and among others, has participated in two World Cup-finals and once in the Olympics on her resume.

- Since 2007, I’ve been operating my own sales stable, and like many others been following Andreas from the sidelines, whilst admiring his impressive results. I’ve come to a place in my career where I feel, that I need new challenges and would like to be part of a successful and skilled team, which is why I contacted Andreas to ask whether my experience abroad could be used at Helgstrand, says Mikael Stevn.

- Mikael has a great network along with many years of experience, which we can benefit from. Furthermore, he is an entrepreneur, like me, which has opened up for many new ideas and actions, that are already on the drawing board, ads Andreas, who looks forward to seeing the new collaboration develop.

Mikael assumed the position as Head of International Development at Helgstrand Dressage on January 1st, 2020.

nyt logo helgstrand marianne andreas

The celebration of the 10-year anniversary of Helgstrand in 2019, which was marked by the annual Open House, really initiated the thought of renewing the visual impression of Helgstrand.

- When we founded Helgstrand Dressage back in 2009, we obviously set some ambitious goals, but to be where we are today, is something we would’ve never dared to dream of. Even though we have renewed our self on the way, which amongst others has resulted in being awarded Børsens Gazelle, we feel the time is right to mark the quantum leap we are currently making in cooperation with Waterland, says Andreas.

Helgstrand was founded in 2009 and has become one of the leading sales stables within a very short timeframe, and especially in the market for young horses, where our riders have taken home more than 15 medals at the WCYH throughout the years. After the equity fund, Waterland Private Equity Investments, bought some of the company in 2018, the ambitions raised and the wish to create one of the world’s leading equestrian companies were added to the agenda.

- In daily life we only use one name, Helgstrand. Therefore we feel it makes more sense to collect all the current and future subbrands in one logo, says Andreas and ads; that the new identity comes at a time, where Helgstrand seriously starts to make new initiatives, for example with the purchase of Windsome Farm in Wellington and thus mark a new era.

Because Helgstrand as a logotype gets such fundamental importance, the H becomes the center for the logo or the monogram, which gets a subtle hint of horses with four horse heads. Therefore, the new logo embraces all the subbrands of Helgstrand, which we know today as Helgstrand Denmark, Helgstrand Dressage, and Helgstrand Stallions.

- Even though Helgstrand is a well-known international brand now, it was important for us to maintain something personal in the logo or monogram, which is why the H is an important element. Simultaneously, the four horse heads are an expression for the four of us, Marianne and I, along with our two children, William and Alexander, finishes Andreas.

We hope you will embrace the new identity for Helgstrand Dressage, which will be implemented in all our online and offline material continuously.


Total McLaren by Totilas/De Niro. Picture:

At the 2020 KWPN Stallion Licensing in ’s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, Helgstrand Dressage managed to secure a very interesting offspring by Totilas. The mother Deja Vu is by De Niro and in the third generation, we have the legendary Sandro Hit – an extremely strong and desired pedigree.

- McLaren looks just like his father with the black look, but he varies from the typical Totilas look with his long-legged and very modern expression, which we believe characterizes the modern sports horse. Of course, he also has three amazing gaits. We are very much looking forward to showing him to the breeders already tomorrow at our stallion show in Verden, Germany, says Andreas Helgstrand.

The pedigree of McLaren is very interesting with Totilas as the father, who is a three-time world champion and already as a 9-year-old, he managed to win the Grand Prix freestyle with no less than 90.75% at the European Championships in Windsor under Edward Gal.

The beautiful exterior of McLaren probably comes from the dame line, which among others consists of the Oldenburg Champion mare, Silberaster OLD, who is a double gold winner at the German Bundeschampionate and thus has shown herself worthy in the sport.

In the third generation we have the world-famous Sandro Hit, a living legend with numerous victories. Among many unmentioned highlights, the winner of the World Championship for Young Horses and the winner of the Bundeschampionate with Dr. Ulf Möller.

After being licensed in KWPN this weekend, he will also be licensed in Oldenburg. He is named McLaren, but after being owned by Helgstrand, his name will change to Total McLaren. Total McLaren was bought together with the family Kasprzak.

The last month there have been many rumours about Helgstrand buying Windsome Farm in Wellington, Florida. But now as the contract has been signed and Helgstrand owns the property, Andreas will tell about the visions for the place. 

Video of Windsome Farm: Luxhunters Production. 

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