Last night, Andreas and Darlings Dream finished first in Intermediare II with an impressive score of 73.684%. Daniel and Dark Diamond placed 5th with 69.386%. In MA1, the first class Saturday, Daniel and De Chirico placed second with a score of 70.046; Marianne and Sitana placed 5th with 68.148%.

Helgstrand Dressage is always extremely focused on the wellbeing of all our horses. However, recently one of the horses has received special attention; our veterinarian Jonas Rasmussen has the following up-date on the work with Akeem Foldager:

”Since Akeem did not perform optimally at the European Championship, we suspected that it might be due to his allergy. Consequently, we examined his lungs and made tests in order to clarify the situation concerning his pollen allergy. Akeem has been treated for pollen allergy previously," explains Veterinarian Jonas Rasmussen from Højgård Hestehospital.

Jonas has made several tests and examinations on Akeem.

”We have e.g. taken blood samples before and after Akeem has been ridden. In order to check whether Akeem oxides the blood sufficiently, and I was very pleased to establish that Akeem oxides the blood perfectly normal and has the right lunge capacity,” says Jonas Rasmussen.

Even though the tests and examinations have not shown anything unusual, the veterinarian is still following the young gelding closely.

”Allergy cannot be cured, and therefore, you need to keep an eye on the horse. In order to collect data, ensuring that Akeem receives the best possible treatment, Akeem carries a heart rate monitor with GPS, which monitors the horse's work and its condition. The data from the monitor provide an insight into the horse's condition and at the same time, it will reveal if Akeem experiences any problems,” explains Jonas Rasmussen.

However, it is not only the veterinarians who help and support Akeem. Andreas Helgstrand works continually to develop his work around the horse.

”The wellbeing of the horse does not only concern the examinations performed by the veterinarians. The way we work with the horse plays an important role. No two horses are exactly alike, and you have to adapt your training to the needs of each horse,” explains Andreas Helgstrand.

As a result, Akeem and Andreas Helgstrand now spend more time outside than previously, and part of the daily training no longer takes place in the riding hall.

”For instance, his physical training is now done outside instead of indoor. This enables Akeem to see and experience more, which is also an important aspect when training horses with huge capacity,” explains Andreas Helgstrand.

Akeem is expected to be ready to start in Odense in October, however, Andreas Helgstrand emphasises that if the young gelding turns out not to be ready for the competition after all, then Akeem will not participate in the show in Odense.


This weekend, the riders from Helgstrand Dressage are participating in a national show in Ikast. Daniel and Marianne started a few classes on Friday; Daniel and De Chirico won the Prix St. George with a great score of 71.579%. In MB2, Daniel placed second with Herzregent, scoring 70.197%, and Marianne placed fourth with Daylie, scoring 68.816%.

Saturday, the riders will participate in MA1 and Intermediare II.

Our 3-year-old stallion Vincent Maranello, who became premium stallion at the national stallion show in Herning, has just started his 35-day stallion performance test in Danish Warmblood. The tests will end on November 6, and we hope that he will finish with a good result, so that he will be able to obtain the final licensing at Danish Warmblood's stallion show in 2014.

This weekend, at the qualification round for the DRF championship for young horses, Helgstrand Dressage was represented in the class for 4- and 5-year-old horses. Saturday in the class for 5-year-old horses, Daniel and Didando obtained 8.48 points and finished second in this huge class; Daniel actually had the same score as the winner of the class. Daniel also placed fifth with Zidane, scoring 8.26 points. Both horses are on to the finals in Odense.

In the class for 4-year-old horses, Sezuan once again met the high expectations and won the class with an impressive score of 9.66 points, scoring e.g. 10 for canter and capacity. Fürstenstein, which was sold to Anna Kasprzak in August, placed second with a score of 9.52 points. Eclectisch and Thomas placed 5th with 8.80 points. Emma and Zgander placed 6th with 8.70 points, and Marianne and Fohlenprämie finished 7th with 8.68 points. Consequently, all four horses are on to the finals in Odense. In addition, Emma has qualified Eastpoint and Zardetto for the finals with scores of 8.46 and 8.42 points, respectively. 

After almost 5 years' employment at Helgstrand Dressage, Anna has chosen new challenges as a rider in Holland. We have been extremely happy to have Anna as part of our team. We look forward to continuing our great co-operation in future. Anna has played an important role in Helgstrand Dressage's success throughout the past years. Congratulations and good luck on the new job.

From October 1 2013, Severo Jurado Lopez will be employed as a rider on our team. Severo has previously worked as 1. rider at Van Olst Horses in Holland. Severo is originally from Spain and is 25 years old. He has experience with presentation of young horses, and he has competed in Grand Prix at international level. Recently, Severo won the class for 4-year-old horses in PAVO Cup in Holland, and he started Grand Prix at the huge international show in Aachen this sommer. We look forward to welcoming Severo on our team.

At the award of medals on Sunday, Z Lavie, Zalina and Landini all received a breeder's medal in bronze. Finess was awarded a breeder's medal in silver. Today, all four mares were shown under rider in front of the judges by Emma.

Congratulation to breeders and owners on these impressive medals.

In addition to the Elite show, a national dressage show also took place during the weekend. In the Prix St. George on Saturday, Anna and N.O.H's Daijoubo placed fourth, scoring 69.38%, Jens and Uno placed right after Anna as fifth with a score of 67.76%. In the Prix St. George on Sunday, Jens and Uno placed sixth, scoring 67.93%.

At the Danish Warmblood's Elite Show at Vilhelmsborg, a competition was held Saturday to elect the best mare and stallion foals of the year. Sezuan had one mare foal and two stallion foals in the competition, which counted a total of 28 foals. Three mare foals and three stallion foals were selected for the final, and all three Sezuan offspring went on to the exciting final. Unfortunately, none of the foals, despite fantastic gaits, succeeded in winning the title as foal of the year; however, an extremely great result achieved by Sezuan's first group of foals.

This weekend several young horses started the Championships for 4-, 5- and 6-year-old horses in Billund. Yesterday, Emma and Kyros won the class for 4-year-old horses. The class had a total of 90 equipages, and Emma obtained 8.66 points, Anna and Tirana placed third with 8.48 points.

Today, Daniel and Didando started the class for 5-year-old horses, they finished first with impressive 8.90 points. Daniel also placed 7th with Zidane with 8.02 points. 

In addition, another four horses from Helgstrand Dressage qualified to the next round taking place in Middelfart in three weeks.

Denmark takes 4th place

Thursday was the last day of the team competition in dressage at the European Championship. Germany, Holland and the UK received gold, silver and bronze medals, respectively, and the national team from Denmark finished fourth. 

Friday, Andreas and Akeem started the Grand Prix Special, unfortunately, some expensive mistakes occurred, and consequently their score was not high enough to start the Grand Prix Kür final on Sunday. 

Daniel and Donna Silver placed 2nd again 

In the U25 Grand Prix, Daniel and Donna Silver once again made a very nice and almost flawless performance, resulting in 71.62% and an impressive second place.

EM-bronze to Line and Laponio

On Friday, Line Kongensgaard and Laponio received a bronze medal in the Para-dressage Championship. After a great performance, the equipage obtained a score of 70.02%, which earned them the bronze medal in the championship. Line and her family bought Laponio from Helgstrand Dressage about two years ago, and we are so happy and proud that they are doing so well. Congratulations to Line and her family on the impressive result and bronze medal; we wish them all the best of luck for the future.

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