At Danish Warmblood's stallion pre-selection during the weekend, two of our 3-year-old stallions and one 4-year-old stallion were selected for the stallion show in Herning in March. The two 3-year-old stallions are: Sweet Boy by San Amour with Depardieu as dam sire, and Quantum Theory by Quaterback with Prince Thatch XX as dam sire. The 4-year-old stallion is Zermillo by Zuidenwind with Grundsee XX as dam sire.

We are looking forward to presenting the stallions again at the stallion show in Herning. 

In 2013, three of our 3-year-old stallions have been selected for performance tests in three different countries. The Danish bred Vincent Maranello won the performance test in Danish Warmblood with impressive 866 points. Franklin, who was bred in Holland won his performance test in Holland in KWPN with 86.5 points. Danciano, who was bred in Germany just won his performance test in Schlieckau. An outstanding performance from our three young stallions.

Our new young star, the stallion Don Deluxe, who recently became champion stallion in the German Oldenburger Verband, has sent us a Christmas greeting, which you can see on the link below.

Once again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We are looking forward to another exciting year in 2014.

Christmas is here, and 2013 is coming to an end. We look back at the year with great satisfaction, both in terms of sport and business. 

We send the warmest Christmas greetings to all our customers, co-operation partners, colleagues, sponsors, business relations and friends. Thank you for the past year, we wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.

Andreas has acquired the newly licensed champion stallion in the German Oldenburg Verband. At the stallion auction this afternoon, Andreas won the last bid, after a long bidding duel, for this striking champion stallion. The bidding for this desirable stallion went extremely fast, and Andreas did not get to bid until the price had reached € 700,000. The bidding continued and when the price reached € 900,000, Andreas took a deep breath and increased the bidding price by € 10,000, which was enough for the stallion to change owner, and this great stallion is now owned by Danes. The final price was € 910,000 - and Helgstrand Dressage is now the owner!

The 2 1/2 year-old stallion stood out from the first day at the licensing and is clearly in a league of his own with amazing gaits and superior conformation. Especially at the presentation in longe on Thursday, he showed suppleness, up-hill trot and canter. In addition, he has a great rhythmic walk. His pedigree is De Niro - Rosario - Feiner Stern, which does not make him less interesting as a future sire. De Niro is no. 1 on WBFSH's stallion ranking in dressage and has sired a vast number of licensed sons and several international top grand Prix horses.

He will be presented at the German Hanoverian stallion licensing in December. 

Our 3-year-old stallion Franklin has just finished his 50-day performance test in Holland. He passed the test and finished as winner of the test with a very satisfactory result: 86.5 points. Franklin received e.g. 9.5 for canter, self carriage and balance, 9.0 for suppleness, rideability, attitude, and potential as a dressage horse. We are very proud of this excellent result, and we are, of course, very pleased to have the winner of Danish Warmblood's 35-day test as well as the winner of KWPN's 50-day test in our stables. 


Yesterday, this year's suitability test took place. Severo and Zardetto participated and finished as winners of the test with a score of 910 points. They obtained e.g. 9.5 in canter, rideability and capacity. This impressive result qualifies Severo and Zardetto for the Championship for Young Horses in Herning, with the 2nd best result in the country.

Danish Warmblood's 35-day test finished today. This is the second year in a row that a stallion from Helgstrand Dressage wins the test. Our 3-year-old stallion Vincent Maranello finished as winner of the 35-day test with a superior result of 866 points. He obtained e.g. 9.0 in canter and capacity. Vincent Maranello will now get a well-deserved break at Møgelmosegaard. We look forward to presenting him at Danish Warmblood's stallion show in March 2014.

Last weekend, our master rider student Charlotte and San World participated in a regional show at Brønderslev Rideklub. Charlotte and the 5-year-old San World won LA2 with the impressive score 78.79%.

Helgstrand Dressage and Straight Horse have signed agreement concerning co-operation and co-ownership regarding:

Straight Horse Don Tamino (Totilas / Blue Hors Don Schufro)
Straight Horse Zarastro (Blue Hors Zack / Blue Hors Romanov)
Straight Horse Sezarion (Sezuan / Blue Hors Romanov)

Full brother/sister to Sezuan, to be born in June 2014 by a surrogate mare
Straight Horse Don Tamino, born in 2011 and from the first year of offspring sired by Totilas. He is a half-brother to the champion stallion Sezuan. Andreas Helgstrand and Sezuan won the championship for 4-year-old horses at the JBK horse shows this year.

Straight Horse Zarastro, born in 2012, full brother to Zonik, champion stallion at the stallion show in Herning 2012. In 2012, Zonik was sold to Glock Horse Performance center.

Straight Horse Sezarion, born in 2013, a superb mix of the two mare lines behind Sezuan and Zonik. Sezarion's dam Romanik BRDH is also the dam of Zonik, and Sezarion's grand dam, Bøgegårdens Don Romina GRDH, is the dam of Sezuan.

In June 2014, a sister or a brother to Sezuan is expected, and Andreas Helgstrand has already signed an ownership contract concerning this foal. In 2013, Straight Horse got two full sisters to Sezuan. Mogens Pedersen will keep ownership of these foals for the time being.

Until the training of the horses begins, the horses will remain stabled at Straight Horse in Allerød.

"I am very proud and honoured to be able to start co-operation with Andreas Helgstrand regarding training of my colts," says Mogens Pedersen and continues, "I am absolutely confident that Andreas is the right person to train my horses and Andreas seems to be extremely good with horses from my mare lines."

"As part of my business it is essential to keep finding the best and most talented horses for my stable, and therefore, I am always interested in co-operation with ambitious breeders. Mogens Pedersen has proved his ambitions and will to get far within breeding and training of his horses. Our co-operation is even more exciting due to the fact that the two main mares at Straight Horse have been trained at Helgstrand Dressage, and one of them was bred here as well," says Andreas Helgstrand.

The last couple of days, Daniel and Dark Diamond have participated in U-25 at the international show in Odense. On Friday they started the U-25 Grand Prix and won the class with a score of 67.81%. Saturday, they won the Grand Prix Kür with 68.22%.

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