Andreas and Polka Hit outstanding in Bundgaard Byg Cup

In the Intermediare I Kür on Sunday, Andreas and Polka Hit once again successfully beat all the other contestants. An extremely nice ride with a high degree of complexity was awarded with a fantastic result of 77.33%, and they won the class with superiority. Anna and De Noir made a great performance in the Kür and received 73.83%, and as a result they finished third in the total results. Marianne and Sitana placed 8th and Andrea and Butler placed 10th.

Well-deserved silver medal to Daniel and Donna Silver 

Daniel and Donna Silver have shown nice and stable rides both Friday and Saturday, receiving more than 72% both days, the Grand Prix Kür on Sunday was no exception. Another great ride earned them 73.37% and thus, the silver medal was a reality; a very impressive performance for the equipage. Today, the silver medal was celebrated according to traditions at Helgstrand Dressage with a nice "flight" into the big lake.

Andreas and Thomas in top 5

After the first two days of Senior DM, Andreas and Akeem were 4th, Thomas and Nintendo were 5th in the total score. Fortunately, they both managed to hold on to these placings after a fantastic final in the Kür. Actually, Andreas and Akeem were only an inch from winning the bronze medal. After an outstanding Kür programme, resulting in a score of 78.77%, they were seriously fighting for a medal, however, in the end, they were short of 0.104%. Thomas and Nintendo received a lot of positive attention this weekend, with very nice rides the first two days and great scores exceeding 73%. The Kür on Sunday followed the superb trend, with a score of 75% and consequently, they managed to finish 5th in this year's Danish Championship.

A fantastic and successful weekend, where riders from Helgstrand Dressage once again dominated most of the classes.

Another victory to Andreas and Polka Hit Nexen today in Bundgaard Byg Cup Intermediare I with an impressive score of 74.12%. They are now in the lead before the Intermediare I Kür tomorrow. Anna and De Noir placed 4th with 70.39%.

The excitement is boiling over at this year's DM for seniors, before the finals in Kür tomorrow. Today, in Grand Prix Special, Andreas and Akeem moved one step closer to medals with a superb ride, which was awarded with 75.87%. They placed third today and are now placed 4th in the total result - just 0.73% from the bronze medal.

Thomas and Nintendo once again made an almost flawless performance, keeping the level from yesterday. They received 73.52%, placing 5th, and are also 5th so far in the total result. Tomorrow, Andreas and Akeem will ride Kür for the second time at the competition, whereas it will be the first Kür for Thomas and Nintendo.

Today, in the second part of the U-25 Grand Prix, Daniel and Donna Silver made another top performance, placing second with a score of 72.55%. Tomorrow, they will start in the finals, riding Grand Prix Kür. We will keep our fingers crossed for yet another top-notch ride tomorrow.

The competition classes at the impressive DM show at Broholm have been successfully completed. Anna and the merely 7-year-old N.O.H's Daijoubo won today's first Prix St. George with a great score of 73.55%. In the other Prix St. George, Andreas and Polka Hit Nexen were the supreme winners after scoring 75.43%, Anna and De Noir finished right outside the placings with 69.34%. 

In the first part of the U-25 DM, in Intermediare II, Daniel and Donna Silver were among the competing equipages. They finished second, with a great score of 72.13%, tomorrow it is time for U-25 Grand Prix. 

In the first part of DM for seniors, the riders made superb performances, resulting in impressive results. Thomas and Nintendo were awarded 73.57% for their ride and finished 4th, Andreas and Akeem were right behind, placing 5th with 72.51%. 

Tomorrow, another very exciting day awaits the riders. Daniel and Donna Silver will start the day with the second part of the U-25 DM. Thomas and Andreas will ride Grand Prix Special in their second part of DM. Anna and N.O.H's Daijoubo will compete in MA1. The day ends with Intermediare I Bundgaard Byg Cup, where Andreas and Polka Hit Nexen, Marianne and Sitana, Anna and De Noir and finally, Andrea and Butler will be competing.

This weekend, our master rider student Charlotte Kjær Jacobsen won the Danish Championship for master rider students, riding her own horse Ratina. After the first day, Charlotte was in the lead with a score of 66.98% in MB1. The second day, the riders competed in MB2, and once again, Charlotte finished as the winner of the class, scoring 68.94%. This resulted in the total victory, and the title: Winner of the Danish Championship for Master Rider Students 2013.

Daniel and Davinci had their debut in Grand Prix today, and yet another fantastic ride earned them a score of 69.8%. This great score resulted in a victory in Ecco Cup U-25 as a total, counting the class from yesterday and today.

Today, Daniel and Davinci participated in Ecco Cup U-25 Intermediare II. Their superb performance was awarded with 70.87%, resulting in victory in the U-25 class, but also in total i.e. in the class where older riders participate. Tomorrow, Daniel and Davinci will have their debut in Grand Prix.

Today, Andreas and Akeem started Grand Prix Special for the first time. They made another great performance and managed to keep the amazing trend as they once again won the class, scoring 73.56%. The equipage now has four starts together and also, four victories. Thomas and Nintendo also started Grand Prix Special for the first time today; and what a superb debut. They received 72.70% and finished right behind Andreas, as second in the class.

Another great competition weekend with impressive results. The next important show will be the Danish Championship at Broholm in June.

At the International show in Mannheim today, Andreas and Akeem once again showed top level in their second Grand Prix start. An impressive ride resulted in a clear victory with a score of 75.12%, and therefore, the Danish flag went all the way to the top again. Thomas and Nintendo had their International debut today, placing 5th with 68.63%.

Tomorrow afternoon they are both starting the Grand Prix Special. 

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