One of the highlights of the year at Helgstrand Dressage is now getting closer, and we are so excited to welcome all visitors on Saturday for our open house and stallion show. The whole team has very worked hard all week to make sure that everything shines. The new stands are almost ready; and we are certain that everyone will be able to get a good spot this year.

It would be a good idea to arrive early, so that you have plenty of time to take a look at the stands from the visiting companies. Kinnerup Hesteartikler will have a big tent with Kingsland articles and lots of good deals. BMW will be exhibiting different cars. Hjallerup Maskinforretning will bring agricultural machines, and Equsana will be ready with good advice concerning horse feed. As usual, we have prepared sausages, bread and soft drinks. 

We look forward to welcoming everyone; and we wil, of course, do our utmost to give all visitors a fun and inspiring afternoon.

On Saturday, when our open house event takes place, you will experience much more than a traditional stallion show. Concurrently with the presentation of the stallions, we will cover the theme: which horses are in high demand? We would like to share our knowledge and experience with the visitors; we will discuss the qualities required by potential buyers and riders.

Besides our stallions, we will also show a few sales horses with "x-factor", making them attractive as sales horses and for participation in competitions. The Danish master rider Morten Thomsen will also join us. Morten is an acknowledged and highly respected trainer worldwide. He will comment on some of the stallions and in addition, he will demonstrate work from the ground with a young horse and an older, trained horse.

We hope to welcome a lot of breeders, riders and people with an interest in horses. We look forward to an exciting and educational afternoon with energetic stallions and a cozy atmosphere.

Our annual Stallion Show is usually a huge attraction with lots of visitors. This year, we will do our best to accommodate our numerous foreign customers by live streaming the entire Stallion Show via the recognised company

At this year's Open House and Stallion Show, we will set up additional stands in order to make room for everyone. Unfortunately, we did not have enough stands for all visitors last year. With the new stands, we hope to be able to give everyone a good spot and at the same time make room for even more visitors.

This weekend, a national show took place in Middelfart. Saturday, Severo and N.O.H's Daijoubo started the Grand Prix and finished second with a great score of 69.6%. Jens and Charlotte started the Prix St. George with a good result. Charlotte and Dankeschön placed second with 68.55%, and Jens was right behind as third with Atterupgårds Final Kiss, scoring 68.42%. Sunday morning, Jens and Vilgot were among the participants in MA2; they finished second with 68.75%. In Intermediare I, Charlotte and Dankeschön made a superb performance and placed third, scoring 69.43%.

Do not forget to mark your calendar for this year's Open House and Stallion Show featuring Helgstrand Dressage and Støvring Hingstedepot at Møgelmosegaard. Once again, the event will take place in co-operation with  Kinnerup Hesteartikler; and this year, Kinnerup Hesteartikler will have a tent with goods from Kingsland, including lots of good offers. 

This year, we are able to show an extremely interesting stallion collection, comprising Champion Stallions from Danish Warmblood, the German Oldenburger Verband and KWPN. Similar to previous years, sausages, beer and soft drinks will be available.

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone.


Our 3-year-old stallion Galaxy Win T was nominated Champion Stallion in Danish Warmblood today. Throughout the days in Herning, he has been showing great energy and composure in front of the judges and the audience. He was obviously one of the favourites among the audience, impressing everyone with his excellent gaits.

Galaxy Win T was recently licensed in KWPN; he is by Apache and with Jazz as dam sire.

Don Deluxe (De Niro/Rosario) and Goldfinger (Jazz/Ferro) were also licensed. All three stallions have now started their 10-day test.

Click here to watch the video of Galaxy Win T

Vincent Maranello was licensed in Danish Warmblood last Thursday, and today, he received a breeder's medal in silver. 

Severo and Hot Shot W finished as the winning equipage of the championship for young horses 2014. Hot Shot W was ridden by test rider Carl Hester today. He was very impressed by Hot Shot W and awarded him a well-deserved 10 for rideability and 9.0 for capacity. These impressive marks resulted in a total score of 928 points, and consequently, Severo and Hot Shot W won the championship this year. Congratulations to Severo, who had his debut at the championship for young horses in Herning, and of course, sincere congratulations to the breeder of Hot Shot W, Lisbeth Holm.

In the presentation class on Saturday for the 4- and 5-year-old stallions, Franklin did a good job in front of the judges and the audience. Franklin was praised for his high rideability and excellent gaits. He received the following great marks: walk: 8.0, trot: 9.5, canter: 10, rideability: 9.0 and capacity: 9.5


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