We are now home again after a fantastic event in Herning. All our horses made superb performances all days, resulting in very good and impressive results. 

Revolution, one of the newly licensed young stallions, became Premium Stallion with a really nice description, e.g. 10 in trot and canter. Sunday afternoon, all 8 young stallions enrolled in the 10- and 14-day test, respectively.

Severo and Lorenzo were flying in the Box arena in the CDI Grand Prix Kür on Sunday, and they won a clear victory, scoring 77.52%.

Emma and Liva Enshøj finished second in this year's Championship for Young Horses; the test rider, Charlotte Dujardin, rewarded them with 9.5 and 10!!

Kenneth received the "Best Handler's Reward" from Hestens Værn.

The Horse Show in Herning was exceptional for Helgstrand Dressage this year; we had lots of success with all our horses, and we are, of course, very proud of the horses and our team. The whole event was absolutely fantastic! Danish Warmblood hosted an impressive equestrian event in fantastic settings.


It is now the last day of this year's Stallion Show in Herning. It has, as usual, been some very eventful days, and we have had the pleasure of presenting twelve 3-year-old stallions. All the stallions made great performances in front of the judges, both on hard surface, free in the arena and in lunge rein. At the selection on Saturday, 8 of our stallions were approved, and we are very pleased with this outcome. The 8 stallions are: Falstaff, Baron, Freischütz, Revolution, Spartacus, Zanzier, Ierland and It's Me. We are now waiting with great excitement for Sunday afternoon, when the judges will nominate this year's Champion Stallion. At 4:00 p.m., the 8 stallions will be shown for the last time; this time with rider before they are ready for the 10- or 14-day test.



During the Stallion Show in Herning, international dressage and show jumping classes also take place. On Friday, Severo and Lorenzo participated in Grand Prix, and the pair made a superb performance with lots of highlights. They finished second in the class, scoring 72.84%; a very impressive result. We are now looking forward to Sunday afternoon, when Severo and Lorenzo will show their new Kür in the fantastic arena in the Boxen arena in Herning.

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The biggest equestrian event of the year, Danish Warmblood's Stallion show, has just started. This year, we are represented by a total of 28 horses; twelve 3-year-old stallions in the stallion licensing, and four licensed stallions in the presentation class on Thursday and Saturday. In addition, we are represented in a clinic with Isabel Werth, a clinic with Nathalie Horse Care, the Championship for Young Horses, CDI and the big Gala show.

We are looking very much forward to showing all the horses during the next four days. Starting Thursday morning with the Championship for Young Horses, where Emma and Liva Enshøj, Anne Marie and Red Diamant will participate. Later, the 3-year-old stallions will be shown on hard surface. Maik and Pas Partout will start the CDI Prix St. George. Our four older stallions: Franklin, Vincent Maranello, Grand Galaxy Win and Don Deluxe will be presented in the presentation class by Severo and Thomas, respectively. The last event today for Helgstrand Dressage is the clinic with Isabel Werth, where Severo will participate.

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Our 3-year-old stallion Revolution from the Hanoverian licensing

We participated with 7 stallions at the recent stallion show at our German co-operation partner Zuchthof Klatte. We presented four of our older stallions: Don Deluxe, Grand Galaxy Win, Franklin and Vincent Maranello. In addition, we brought three 3-year-old stallions. It was the first time that these very young stallions were shown under rider. The three young stallions, Revolution, Freischütz and Ierland, did really well and made a great performance under rider. The German breeders were very positive and enthusiastic, resulting in an absolutely amazing atmosphere in the packed arena. 

Below videos from the show; click on the links to see each individual stallion.

Grand Galaxy Win


Vincent Maranello



Don Deluxe




We have just acquired a new, very exciting young stallion: the reserve champion stallion from the stallion licensing in KWPN in Holland. The beautiful 3-year-old stallion is by Dream Boy and with Jazz as dam sire. Throughout the licensing, he has made a very positive impression, showing a really nice exterior and 3 extremely good gaits. He is a fantastic stallion, and we are looking very much forward to getting him home to our stables.


At a national show in Esbjerg this weekend, Maik and Møllegårdens Pas Partout started their first Intermediare II; it turn out to be a great debut as the couple scored 68.24% and finished second in the class. 

Saturday, Severo and Lorenzo started Grand Prix; the couple won a clear victory with a score of 71.60%.

Congratulations to Maik and Severo, and of course also to the owners of both horses.

Check out our new video of Revolution. He has only been under rider for about a month, and we are incredibly proud to have a stallion like him in our stables; he is a very special horse. As appears from the video, his gaits are really extraordinary, and at the same time, he has a fantastic temper. 

We are so grateful to have him in our stables, and we look forward to an exciting future with him.


The first stallion show for us this year takes place tomorrow, January 9, at New Bury Farm in England. In the autumn, we accepted an invitation from Elitestallions, our distributor of semen in England, to come and show some of our stallions at the annual stallion show organised by "The British Bred Sports Horse". We will be showing our 4 oldest stallions: Franklin and Galaxy under Severo, and Vincent Maranello and Don Deluxe under Thomas. All stallions are in good shape after the long trip and ready for the show tomorrow.  

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Franklin from the WCYH in Verden

The German bred warmblood horse Lorenzo by Lord Loxley/Rubin Royal,
born 2006, has since the age of 3 been owned by the Danish family

Earlier this year the horse was placed in training with Helgstrand
Dressage where it has been ridden by the reigning world champion for 5
year old dressage horses, 2014 and 2015 winner of the Danish Warmblood
championship for young horses, international GP-rider Severo Jesus
Jurado Lopez.

Over the year the horse has proved a tremendous development especially
in the most difficult tests of the dressage discipline.

It is therefore with pride and ambition that we jointly hereby
announce the sale of Lorenzo to Severo with the declared intention to
qualify and participate in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games representing
Severo’s mother country Spain.

Andreas Helgstrand Kirsten and Jørn Elkjær-Holm Severo Jesus Jurado Lopez

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