Today, at the championship show in Middelfart, Helgstrand Dressage totally dominated the classes for 4-, 5- and 6-year-olds. Emma and Rosenkildes Hotstuff were first in the class for 4-year-olds and won the class, scoring 8.56 points. They obtained e.g. 9.0 in both trot and canter.

In the class for 5-year-olds, Andreas and Marianne participated. Andreas and Møllegårdens Pas Partout started out as the first equipage in the class, and they gave a smashing performance, which the judges rewarded with nice points: trot: 9.5, walk: 9.2, canter: 8.8, rideability: 9.5 and capacity: 9.4, adding up to a total score of 9.28. A great performance by Marianne and Shakiro Pilekær resulted in an impressive score of 8.9 points. None of the competitors were able to beat these scores, and therefore, Andreas placed 1st and Marianne 2nd in this class.

In the class for 6-year-olds, Andrea and Thomas participated. This time, Thomas and N.O.H's Daijoubo prevailed and won the class, scoring 8.56 points. Andrea and Højersmindes Rolex achieved 8.14 points, and consequently, all 5 horses have qualified for the semifinals in September. 

Click here to watch the performance of Andreas and Pas Partout

Video of the 4-year-old stallion Floricello, by Florencio and with Dormello as dam sire.

Despite internet rumours to the contrary, the 8-year-old gelding Laetare is not leaving Denmark. It is correct that there have been negotiations regarding the possible sale of Laetare, however, in the end, the negotiators did not reach an agreement, and consequently, Laetare stays at Møgelmosegaard. 

We are very pleased to continue to have such a talented horse at our stable.


On Saturday, Thomas and the 6-year-old stallion Flanagan started in the qualification class for the championship for 6-year-olds in Holstebro. Winning the class with a score of 8.34 points means that he is now qualified for the semifinal in September. Flanagan is by Fidertanz and with Rubiloh as damsire.

Last Monday, Emma and Anna brought the stallions Eclectisch and Zonik to an open house event at Vandstedgaard. They participated in the inauguration of the new beautiful riding hall. Click on the link below to see a short video of the 3-year-old Eclectisch.

Video of Eclectisch

Today, the 6-year-old stallion Sir Donnerhall II and Thomas started the DSA qualifications for 6-year-old horses on Djursland. The total score of 9.10 points resulted in a clear victory. They obtained the following scores: trot: 9.5, walk: 8.8, canter: 9.5, rideability: 8.5 and capacity 9.2. 

Click here to see the video 

Helgstrand Dressage has bought 50% of the young stallion Floricello. Floricello is 4 years old and by Florencio and has Dormello as dam sire. At the German Oldenburger approval in 2010, he was approved and obtained the title Reservesieger. Swedish Inger Marie Hemmingsen owns the other part of Floricello. Right now, Floricello is busy due to the breeding season in Sweden, but we are looking very much forward to having this stallion in our stable. In August, we expect Floricello to start in the championship for 4-year-olds. We will update our webpage with video of  Floricello and Andreas as soon as possible. 



Sunday, Laetare and Andreas made yet another great performance. It was the first time Laetare started in Grand Prix Kür, and they obtained an impressive 73.950%, placing 11th in the class. The international show in Hagen has been a really good and positive debut show for Laetare - the first step towards a promising future for this talented horse.

Andreas and Laetare will stay in Germany another week, together with Andreas' successful student Anna Kasprzak. Yesterday, they drove from Hagen to Rudolf Zeilinger, the trainer of the national Danish dressage team, to train at his place for a few days. At the end of this week, another international show will take place, this time it is the CDI3 show in Mannheim. Andreas and Anna will both participate in the CD13.

This morning, Andreas started the 8-year-old Laetare in Grand Prix in Hagen. It is only Laetare's second start in Grand Prix and also his international debut. He made a great performance and received 70.17%, and placed 14th. Tomorrow, it is time for Grand Prix Kür.



Sezuan was the star at this year’s Danish Warmblood licensing. With such impressive movements, the black stallion, exhibited by his owners, Andreas Helgstrand/Denmark and the couple, Arlette Jasper-Kohl and Professor Edwin Kohl, quickly became the spectator’s darling in Herning/Denmark. At his 10-day test which he took afterward, also in Herning, Sezuan proved his outstanding rideability by receiving the highest scores. He moved into the Vice World Champion’s stallion stables where he has gained a reputation of being a magnet for mares.  

Parentage verification carried out by the Danish Warmblood Verband has now shown that Blue Hors Romanov, who took sixth place on the team in the EC, is not his sire. His sire is the two-time Champion Stallion, Blue Hors Zack (by Rousseau-Jazz-Belisar), born in 2004, who has sired many highlights in sport and breeding.  Blue Hors Zack was the sire of three of the four premium stallions in total at the Danish licensing in 2012, including Zonik who is also stationed with Andreas Helgstrand. 

“We were totally surprised about the result of parent verification. But that does not diminish the quality of our Sezuan in any way because he comes from one of today’s strongest performance mare lines and the top sires Blue Hors Zack, Blue Hors Don Schufro and Lionell are found in a direct line”, commented Andreas Helgstrand, in agreement with Arlette Jasper-Kohl and her husband, Edwin Kohl.

F:Blue Hors Zack FF: Rousseau FFF: Olympic Ferro
FFM: Zsuzsa
FM: Orona FMF: Jazz
FMM: Karona
M: Bøgegårdens Don Romina MF: Blue Hors Don Schufro MFF: Donnerhall
MFM: Fiesta
MM: Bøgegårdens Laina MMF: Lionell
MMM: Joy

The 3-year-old stallion Eclectisch by Zenon / Olivi passed his 10-day test in Danish Warmblood on Wednesday, April 25. Eclectisch received the following remarks from the breeding and training management.

Behavior in stable: No remarks

Behavior under rider/motivation: Energetic and very motivated 

Walk: Clear rhythm

Trot: Huge and clear rhythm, with good impulsion

Canter: Huge, well-balanced, with good up-hill tendency

Conclusion: 1-year breeding approval for the year 2012, provided that DNA is procured and recognisednd with good impulsion.

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