Saturday, another saddle grading took place at Vilhelmsborg. Emma showed three mares in front of the judges. The mares Finess and Landini both became Champion mares in two different groups. In addition, Finess finished as "Best Mare of the Day" among the 90 mares presented today. Both champion mares were selected for the Elite show at Vilhelmsborg, taking place in September. The third mare presented by Emma was the mare Flossie; Finess, Landini and Flossie were all approved in RDH.

Congratulations to breeders and owners, we are looking forward to showing the mares from Hjallerup and Vilhelmsborg at the Elite show.

Yesterday, Andreas and Thomas drove down to Haderslev with Akeem and Nintendo. From Wednesday until Sunday, they will participate in the training camp with the national coach before the European Championship in Herning. They will arrive in Herning on Sunday so that the horses can settle in before the competition. Tuesday, the vet check takes place and Wednesday, the team competition begins.  

Daniel is participating in PAVO cup in Holland at the moment with the 5-year-old Dutch stallion Didando. Andreas has just acquired half of the stallion. Didando is sired by Tuschinski with Jetset D as dam sire. He was reserve for Holland at the WCYH in Verden for 5-year-old horses. Didando is a very exciting horse, and we are looking forward to continuing his training, as we have high expectations to this stallion.

At today's final for 5-year-old horses in Verden, Andreas and Floricello finished with a well-deserved silver medal. They were the fifth rider in the class and they made an impressive performance, which was awarded with 8.72 points. The obtained e.g. 9.8 for trot and 9.0 for overall impression. The great score qualified for a gold medal until the last rider, however, in the end the 5-year-old stallion received a silver medal. 

It is the second year in a row that one of the stallions from our stallion station obtains a medal at the WCYH in Verden. 

This year's World Championship for Young Horses has now started. Yesterday was the first competition day with the preliminary class for 5-year-old horses. Andreas and Floricello started this class. Unfortunately, Floricello was a little spooked by the surroundings during the test and consequently, the score did not result in direct access to the finals. Friday morning, it was time for the class for 6-year-old horses. Andreas and Pas Partout participated in this class. Unfortunately, they only made it to the consolation finals, where they will fight for a spot in the finals.

Floricello superb winner of consolation finals

Friday evening, Andreas and Floricello started the consolation finals for 5-year-old horses. Clearly, Floricello felt more at ease in the nice surroundings tonight, and the equipage made an excellent performance. They received 8.80 points, e.g. 9.7 for trot, 8.8 for canter and 8.9 for overall impression.

Andreas and Floricello will start the finals for 5-year-old horses tomorrow, Saturday, at 3.44 p.m.

Sunday was also devoted to saddle grading in Hjallerup. On the team for 3-year-old mares, Helgstrand Dressage could be found at the top. Åtoftens Zalina became champion mare and Atterupgaards Lady Ga Ga finished third. Emma made a great presentation of both mares.

On the team for 4-year-olds, Helgstrand Dressage also finished first, this time it was Z La'vie under Emma. Fürstin Dancer under Daniel came second.

Both champion mares have been selected for Danish Warmblood's Elite show, where they will be fighting for medals.

Congratulations to both breeders and owners.

Last Sunday, Danish Warmblood Region 3 held their foal show. Two Sezuan offspring outshined the competitors. The mare foal Noomi Melody was nominated the best mare foal of the day; it obtained e.g. three 10's. The stallion foal Silverstone Melody finished first among the stallions, and was nominated the best stallion foal of the day. In addition, both foals were selected for the Danish Warmblood Elite show in September.

Andreas and Akeem have been nominated for the national team, representing Denmark at the European Championship in Herning in August. Thomas and Nintendo have been selected as reserve for the national team, and they will, therefore, be part of the team before and during the Championship. Thomas and Nintendo will also be pre-rider at the Championship. Andreas' student Anna Kasprzak has been nominated for the national team as well. We are looking forward to an exciting month in August, as Helgstrand Dressage will be represented at the WCYH in Verden and the European Championship in Herning.

At the European Championship for Juniors and Young riders during the weekend, two horses acquired from Helgstrand Dressage were outstanding. Norwegian Alexandra Andresen and Belamour obtained a silver medal in the individual class, and in the Kür class they won a bronze medal. Congratulations to Alexandra and her family on these fantastic results.

Cathrine Dufour and Atterupgaards Cassidy were absolutely superb in the Championship for Young riders and finished with two gold medals. Congratulations to Cathrine and her family on these impressive results.

The huge competition Falsterbo Horseshow is now over, it has been a very eventful show with fantastic results; both horses and riders from Helgstrand Dressage have managed to finish at the top of the scoreboards.

Scandinavian Open for 6-year-old horses

Andreas and Pas Partout participated in the championship for 6-year-olds. In the preliminary class, the equipage made a great performance and received 72.542%, resulting in 2nd place in the class. In the finals the next day, the 10 best equipages from the preliminary class were competing for victory in the finals. Once again, Pas Partout did really well, and they received 72.333%, resulting in another 2nd place and a mere 0.096 from 1st place. We are now looking forward to the WCYH in Verden, where Andreas and Pas Partout will be representing Denmark and Danish Warmblood.

Scandinavian Open for 7-year-old horses

In the class for 7-year-old horses, Anna and N.O.H's Daijoubo were among the competing equipages; the class was a Prix St. George. The first day, Anna made a nice and safe performance with Daijoubo, which resulted in 69.035% and a third place - and a ticket for the finals on Friday. In the finals, Anna rode a little more daringly, taking some chances. Fortunately, it paid off as they finished with a great score of 71.316%, advancing one place to an impressive 2nd place in the championship for 7-year-olds.

World Dressage Masters Grand Prix

Thomas and Nintendo started the 5-star Grand Prix on Friday. They made a great performance and obtained 71.233%, placing 4th. The 8 best equipages were on to the Grand Prix Kür on Saturday. In the Kür class, the equipage once again showed high quality and finished 4th with a great score of 75.675%, however, only 0.275% from third place in the class. 

CDI 3-star Grand Prix

In the 3-star Grand Prix, Helgstrand Dressage was also represented by excellent riders as several students started this class. Morgan Barbancon and Heimliche Liebe finished 2nd with a nice score of 68.809%, Caroline Bonde and Deela Mae finished right after as third, scoring 67.723%. In the Grand Prix Kür on Sunday, the success continued; Morgan and Heimliche Liebe made a top-level performance, winning the class with 72.85%, Caroline and Deela Mae were right behind again with 71.525%. Finally, Jessica Greelish and Lancaster placed 7th with 68.15%.

Riders Challenge

Thomas had been invited to participate in a competition with three other riders, who had also competed in the 5-star Grand Prix class. The riders were divided into two teams, each with two riders and one horse. The riders only had two minutes to familiarise themselves with the unknown horse, before riding the test; a Prix St. George in front of three international judges. Thomas won the first round, scoring 69.868% against the Dutch rider Aat Van Essen. The finals involved another unknown horse. Thomas was the first rider and he obtained 65.526%, the second rider in the finals was the Dutch rider Katja Gevers; she obtained 63.158% and consequently, Thomas won this class, which was quite different from regular competitions, but a fun and difficult challenge.

Future Elite Young Riders

In addition to all the other classes, a Young Riders Tournament also took place. Alva Lander and the horse Herbie Hancock Graftebjerg won the Young Rider classes on both Friday and Sunday. Alva bought the horse from Helgstrand Dressage last year. Congratulations to Alva on these great victories.


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