Our 3-year-old stallion Galaxy Win T was nominated Champion Stallion in Danish Warmblood today. Throughout the days in Herning, he has been showing great energy and composure in front of the judges and the audience. He was obviously one of the favourites among the audience, impressing everyone with his excellent gaits.

Galaxy Win T was recently licensed in KWPN; he is by Apache and with Jazz as dam sire.

Don Deluxe (De Niro/Rosario) and Goldfinger (Jazz/Ferro) were also licensed. All three stallions have now started their 10-day test.

Click here to watch the video of Galaxy Win T

Vincent Maranello was licensed in Danish Warmblood last Thursday, and today, he received a breeder's medal in silver. 

Severo and Hot Shot W finished as the winning equipage of the championship for young horses 2014. Hot Shot W was ridden by test rider Carl Hester today. He was very impressed by Hot Shot W and awarded him a well-deserved 10 for rideability and 9.0 for capacity. These impressive marks resulted in a total score of 928 points, and consequently, Severo and Hot Shot W won the championship this year. Congratulations to Severo, who had his debut at the championship for young horses in Herning, and of course, sincere congratulations to the breeder of Hot Shot W, Lisbeth Holm.

In the presentation class on Saturday for the 4- and 5-year-old stallions, Franklin did a good job in front of the judges and the audience. Franklin was praised for his high rideability and excellent gaits. He received the following great marks: walk: 8.0, trot: 9.5, canter: 10, rideability: 9.0 and capacity: 9.5


Today, the presentation class for 4- and 5-year-old stallions took place. The judges commented on the stallions and subsequently, they announced the grades. Vincent Maranello and Andreas were part of the first team in this class. Vincent Maranello made a convincing presentation and impressed the judges with his huge capacity in all 3 gaits and also, his rideability. The equipage obtained the following marks. Trot: 9.5, walk: 9.0, canter: 9.5 rideability: 9.5 and capacity 9.5. Vincent Maranello and Andreas were the equipage with the best and highest marks in the class.

Danciano and Franklin were also presented in this class by Daniel and Emma, respectively. They both made fine presentations in front of the judges and audience.

Below you will see Vincent Maranello and Andreas from today's class.

Today, all the young stallions were shown on hard surface in front of the judges. All the stallions made an excellent presentation, showing great form. Tomorrow morning, the 3-year-old stallions and the 4-year-old stallion, Zermillo, will be shown in lunge line.

Vincent Maranello and Franklin were licensed

The 4-year-old stallions, selected after the performance tests, were shown under rider today. Vincent Maranello and Franklin, who won their performance tests, were licensed in Danish Warmblood, and Danciano obtained a 1-year approval.

Severo and Hot Shot W are among the participants in the championship for young horses. Today, all the riders rode the FEI-programme for 5-year-olds in front of the judges. Severo and Hot Shot W made an excellent performance and received great points. In fact, Severo and Hot Shot W were the only equipage in the class to receive a "10" from the judges. They obtained 10 for trot, 9.0 for canter and 9.5 for capacity, thus finishing with a total result of 548 points. On Sunday, test rider Carl Hester will test Hot Shot W, and we are, of course, very excited, but hoping for the best.

Finally! It is now time to pack and head for the annual stallion show in Herning. We are actually already on our way with most of the horses. This year, we have 11 stallions, one horse in the championship for young horses and two horses in the gala show. We look forward presenting all the horses and hope for some good results.

Please stop by our stable, if you would like to see our horses or have a chat about stallion choice.

Sezuan, our best and most outstanding stallion so far, has been sold. Gestüt Peterhof has bought the other half of Sezuan and now owns him 100%.

It was obvious from the beginning that Sezuan was an exceptional horse. In 2012, he was licensed in Danish Warmblood; and he broke all records in the history of Danish Warmblood when he obtained ten 10's and finished with a total result of 987.50 points at the 35-day test. When he was 4 years old, he became champion stallion in Danish Warmblood, and later that year he finished as the unmatched winner of DRF’s dressage championship for 4-year-olds. We were already starting to look forward to having Andreas and Sezuan representing Denmark at this summer's WCYH for 5-year-old horses in Verden. Instead, we are now hoping to see him in Verden with his new rider.

Sezuan took the long trip down south to Gestüt Peterhof and Arletta Jasper Kohl and Edwin Kohl last Tuesday together with his regular groom, Mikkala Krogh. He has now been installed in his new surroundings. We will for sure miss him here at Møgelmosegaard, where he has had the same stall ever since he was a colt. We wish his new owners, Gestüt Peterhof, the best of luck with Sezuan in future. Below you will see a video from Sezuan's last training at Møgelmosegaard.

Everyone at Helgstrand Dressage is very busy at the moment, preparing the young stallions for Danish Warmblood's annual stallion show. All the young stallions have had a relaxing weekend, out in the fields and in the walking machine in order to prepare them for the challenges awaiting them in Herning at the end of the week.

Last week, we made videos of the two 3-year-old stallions: Goldfinger og Galaxy Win T. They are both very young and inexperienced under rider, and they have actually only been ridden approx. 5-6 times so far.

Below you will see Goldfinger by Jazz and with Ferro as dam sire. He has already been approved in the German Oldenburger Verband.

This is Galaxy Win T., who was approved recently at the KWPN licensing in Holland. Galaxy Win T. is by Apache and with Jazz as dam sire.


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