Yesterday, you could see more than four-legged horsepower at Helgstrand Dressage. The German Mercedes Club came by for a visit and a tour of the place. They arrived in nine exquisite and rare Mercedes.

The employees at Helgstrand Dressage really enjoyed seeing and hearing about these nice cars. No two days are alike when you are part of Team Helgstrand.

Yesterday, Franklin and Emma started the championship for 4 years old horses in Billund. They obtained 8.62 points, e.g. 9.5 for canter and 8.8 for rideability. The impressive scores resulted in victory in the class with a total of 44 equipages. Franklin has just returned to Denmark after staying in Holland at the Stable Witte during the breeding season.

Severo and Hot Shot W started the class for 5-year-olds. They placed second, scoring 8.20 points. Yet another show with a couple of great horses on to the semifinal in September. There is still another qualifier before the semifinal, where we also expect to start a few good young horses.

Ditte also participated in the show in Billund this weekend with her own horse Unicorns Delicious. Saturday, they won the MB0, scoring 70.64% and Sunday they placed third in MB1 with a score of 68.37%. 


Last Friday, Romanova and her rider Rikke Dupont, finished as group winner and second in total at the Hanoverian Championship for 4-year-old mars and geldings. 71 horses started the class Friday, and Romanova and Rikke obtained 8.60 points. The 10 best equipages were on to the finals on Sunday. 

In the finals, Romanova and Rikke made a superb performance, and they finished as winners of the class with impressive scores, e.g. 9.5 for trot, canter and rideability. The equipage has been selected for the Bundeschampionate in  Warandorf, taking place at the beginning of September. 

Danciano finished in the top at the finals

Danciano started the finals for 4-year-old stallions. He once again did really well and placed second with 8.90 points. He was awarded e.g. 9.0 for trot and 9.5 for submission and exterior.

Sezuan showed his extreme talent when he won the finals in Verden for 5-year-olds on Saturday, scoring 9.76 points and he is now World Champion in his age group.

Even though Helgstrand Dressage has sold Sezuan, we are still very proud of him, and we are so happy about the great results. Congratulations on the outstanding results to his owner Gestüt Peterhof by Arletta Jasper Kohl and Edwin Kohl, and of course his rider Dorothee Schneider.

It was very exciting to follow Sezuan in the class for 5-year-old horses at the WCYH. Since Sezuan was shown for the first time as a 3-year-old, he has been on everybody's lips and has show top-notch class in all gaits. Consequently, there has been tremendous pressure on him and his rider before the start yesterday. The stadium was packed when Sezuan entered the arena. However, the couple managed to keep a cool head, and Sezuan showed fantastic composure and lots of energy all the way. The ride was awarded with a superb score of 9.68 points, resulting in a clear victory. We look forward to seeing him in the finals on Saturday. 

In connection with the international WCYH for 5- and 6-year-old horses in Verden this week, gaits classes for 3- and 4-year-old German horses are also taking place. Yesterday, Danciano started the class for 4-year-old stallions. Danciano showed high class with his fantastic rideability and excellent gaits. He was awarded with 9.5 for rideability and exterior, and 9.0 for trot and canter. It was a clear victory with 9.10 points. Danciano made a great performance under his German rider Anja Engelbart. 

A happy summer greeting from Galaxy Win T. The breeding season is soon coming to an end, and we have slowly started training the young stallions again. As appears, he has developed nicely since the licensing in Herning in March.

We are pleased to announce that we have signed contracts with two new riders for our team. Ditte Mikkelsen, who is 29 years old, will start working at Helgstrand Dressage as of July 28. Ditte has many years' experience in training young as well as older horses, and since her junior years, she has been very active in competitions. We asked Ditte what she is looking forward to in her new job, "I cannot wait to become part of the daily work in a fantastic team, and of course ride top-notch horses. It is a huge chance to work in an environment, where you are able to learn and grow every day".

As of September 1, Stine Døssing will also become part of our team of riders. Stine is a talented dressage rider and in recent years, she has done well at competitions.

We are looking very much forward to welcoming the two girls on our team. 

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We offer relevant, professional inspiration, top horses of all ages, top-notch facilities and lots of exciting experiences.
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Daniel and Prima Donna won the qualifier in Aalborg for 6-year-old horses with 8.74 points, scoring e.g. 9.0 in trot, 9.5 in walk and 9.0 in capacity. Prima Donna made a superb performance with several highlights; her performance looks quite promising for the future. Daniel also placed fourth with Sir Robin D, scoring 8.34 points.

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