This weekend, Daniel and Pas Partout were in Middelfart for the final selection for WCYH in Verden. The riders rode tests in front of the judges both Saturday and Sunday. Daniel and Pas Partout did really well both days, and they have now been selected to represent Denmark and Danish Warmblood at the World Championship for Young Horses in Verden.


The huge international show in Aachen has now ended and it has been a very eventful show. Andreas and Akeem's first start on Thursday was the Grand Prix, which was also a team competition. That start did not exactly go as expected. In the 10-minute warm-up arena, Akeem got terrified and unfortunately this fright continued to affect him throughout the test. Consequently, his anxiety resulted in some very expensive faults in the test. They achieved 68.426%; however, fortunately they went on to the Grand Prix Special on Saturday. The three other Danish riders made fantastic performances and the team finished second.

In the Grand Prix Special on Saturday, Akeem was back in his usual style. Andreas and Akeem made a very nice performance with lots of highlights and the judges awarded them 73.958%. As a result they were in the lead for quite some time, and they finished 7th in the class, and therefore, they were on to the Kür on Sunday. Andreas' student Anna Kasprzak finished second in the class with a very impressive score of 77.358%.

Saturday night in Intermediare I, Andreas and Polka Hit were the last equipage in the class. They made a superb and almost flawless test, which resulted in a score of 74.447% and they finished third in the class.

Sunday was the last competition day with Grand Prix Kür. Akeem did even better today, and the great performance earned them 79.175%. Due to this score they advanced two places compared to yesterday and finished 5th in the class. 

Now, the horses and team Helgstrand are heading towards Møgelmosegaard after a great competition week with outstanding results.

This week, the Nordic Championships for ponies, juniors and young riders take place. All the riders on Norway's national junior team were outstanding in the team competition, which resulted in gold. We are very proud of the result since all four horses on the team were acquired through Helgstrand Dressage. The team consisted of Line Østli and Roomy, Carina Brynildsen and Shiraz Black, Amalie Haug Magnussen and Ravell's Herkules, Alexandra Andresen and Belamour. We would like to congratulate all riders and their families on the impressive performances and their gold medals.


The huge and prestigious show in Aachen has now started. Both horses from Helgstrand Dressage are doing fine at the big competition site. Polka has already been started this afternoon in Prix St. George, they achieved a great score of 72.342% which resulted in 4th place. Akeem went through the Vet-check without any problems today, and tomorrow at 11.48 Andreas and Akeem will start the Grand Prix, which is also a team competition. We will keep our fingers crossed for the team, and for Andreas and Akeem. Below you will find some pictures from the festive opening ceremony yesterday, which was very entertaining and with a Danish touch. In addition, there was a royal visit in the stable, which Akeem seemed to enjoy. 

We have just made a new video of our young stallion Franklin. We hold high expectations to Franklin, and so far he develops at an incredible pace and the daily training is, therefore, a real pleasure. We are very excited about his progress and cannot wait to see what the future brings.

In the spring of 2013, Franklin became Champion Stallion in the Dutch breeding association KWPN and later on, he was also approved in Danish Warmblood. 


Thursday night, Thomas and Nintendo placed 4th in Grand Prix Special with the impressive score 71.3%. A superb show in Rotterdam has now come to an end. Tomorrow morning, Andreas is off to Aachen with Akeem and Polka Hit Nexen. Akeem will start the 5-star tour as part of the team competition, where they are competing together with the Danish National team. Polka Hit will start the small tour.

Thomas and Nintendo started the 3-star Grand Prix in Rotterdam today. They did really well and finished 5th with a score of 70.72%. Tomorrow night, it is time for Grand Prix Special.

In the class for 4-year-old horses in Aalborg, team Helgstrand once again totally ruled the class. Sezuan beamed yet again and showed his spectacular gaits. As a result, Sezuan and Andreas won the class with impressive 9.70 points, with the following separate scores: trot 9.5, walk 9.5, canter 10, rideability 9.5 and capacity 10. Emma and Zgander placed 2nd, scoring 9.16 points, e.g. 9.5 for trot and canter. Thomas and Fürstenstein placed 3rd, also with a score of 9.16 points, e.g. 9.4 for canter and 9.6 for rideability. Anna and the stallion Eclectisch placed 4th, scoring 9.00 points. Emma and Peterborgs Qasanova placed 5th, scoring 8.82 points. Andrea and Fohlenprämie finished 7th with 8.50 points. Finally, Emma and Eastpoint finished 8 with 8.46 points.

Marianne and Sitana placed third in Prix St. George with a score of 68.15%. 

At today's qualifications for championships in Aalborg, Helgstrand Dressage could once again be found at the top on the scoreboard. In the class for 5-year-old horses, Floricello and Andreas showed all the competitors their capabilities, scoring impressive 9.54 points, with the following separate scores: trot 9.8, walk 8.8, canter 9.6, rideability 9.8 and capacity 9.7. The equipage has already won one WCYH observation class in Sweden, and the result today promises well for their potential participation at the WCYH in Verden for Sweden. 

In the class for 6-year-old horses, Pas Partout and Andreas were undisputed winners with 9.24 points. They received the following separate scores: trot 9.8, walk 9.0, canter 9.0, rideability 9.0 and capacity 9.4. In addition, Sir Caramello and Andreas placed 5th in this class, scoring 8.38 points.


This weekend several of our young horses will be competing in the championship classes in Aalborg. Friday night, Marianne and Daylie started the weekend with a clear victory in MB0, scoring 73.33%. 

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