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Anders Bjørnstrup Bech comes from a position as director and partner in the brand bureau Clienti A/S and is now stepping in as commercial director at Helgstrand the 1/8-2020.

Anders has throughout his career worked in communication with a special focus on business development, branding and sales – at the latest as one of the founders of Northern Jutland’s largest brand bureau Clienti A/S. His knowledge and experience shall now be used to develop the commercial activities at Helgstrand Dressage ApS.

Through a good dialogue with Andreas and Marianne Helgstrand and Waterland Private Equity who today co-owns Helgstrand Dressage, a new position as a commercial director is established at Helgstrand in which Anders Bjørnstrup Bech will be responsible.

Global activities

”Both Waterland and I are looking very much forward to Anders being a part of the team and we are very pleased that it went through successfully. Both in terms of chemistry and competence we are sure that we have found the right match, Andreas Helgstrand tells, who in 2008 founded Helgstrand Dressage together with his wife Marianne Helgstrand and in 2018 they sold a part of the company to Waterland Private Equity.

Andreas Helgstrand continues; ”We are working on several new options in terms of acquisition and cooperation that can strengthen our position worldwide and that include other activities around the horse. In order to develop these activities, we were in need of a qualified profile, in which we have now found and this is a part of reaching our ambitions.”

Anders Bjørnstrup Bech finishes: ”After having worked with varies types of companies on an advising level through the years, I look very much forward to use my knowledge and experience in this new position and become a part of Helgstrand. New and exciting challenges await now that the whole world is our market. Andreas and Marianne have created something unique in the equestrian world and the potential that lies here for further business expansion is something I look forward to being a part of turning in to reality”.

Anders Bjørnstrup Bech will still keep his board positions in Aalborg Boldspilklub A/S (AaB), PAVA Produkter A/S, and in Clienti A/S.


christian nyravnstrup kopi

Do you have several years of experience with breaking in young horses and do you want to be a part of our fantastic team that works with young horses? Then read along here.

Helgstrand Dressage is one of the worlds leading sales and training stables with approximately 500 horses and 100 employees located in both Denmark, Germany and Wellington, USA.

We have over the years invested in foals with a pedigree that unites some of the finest bloodlines in Europe and we therefore now have a large number of young horses ready for starting their riding career.

We expect that you have several years of experience with the training and riding of young horses because this is the primary function of the job, to break in the horses and make them ready for licensing.

As a person, we expect that you are motivated and positive, take responsibility and have a great and smiling attitude and that you really strive for the good results in your work. We have sky-high ambitions in both wanting the best results regarding competitions and also the best personal development.

You will become a part of a motivated team with skilled colleagues with the opportunity for getting lots of experience, inspiration and also gets to ride some of the most talented young horses. You will be responsible for 12-15 horses and will together with the team at Ny Ravnstrup have the responsibility for all the horses located at this premises. We offer modern facilities and lots of exciting experiences such as partition in licensing for both mares and stallions in Denmark and abroad and we offer here at Helgstrand a great lunch scheme.

The preparation of the young horses until the horses are ready to be broken in is done in collaboration with the manager at Ny Ravnstrup, Christian Springborg, while you will have a close dialogue with Mette Sejbjerg Jensen and Thomas Sigtenbjerggaard regarding the training of the young horses and the selection and evaluation of their future and the riders always help each other.

As a rider, you will get a groom that will help you with all the practical things such as preparing the horses etc.

If this has caught your interest, you are welcome to send an application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and if you have any questions please call Thomas Sigtenbjerggaard; +45 21291382.

Find more information concerning Helgstrand Dressage at our website;

We will call candidates for a job interview in an ongoing process, as we get in the applications.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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COVID-19 has taken up all the time and energy in our everyday lives, but we easily forget to focus on the good things, that have come out of this situation. The online auctions have existed for a long time, and even though it for some has been a bit too new and challenging to follow the digital development by being able to purchase a horse online without trying it, it is now one of the channels where horses are in fact sold and it is an opportunity that is here to stay. At Helgstrand they have taken a step further and horses are being sold directly from the stables in Vodskov with great success.

- I never thought I would buy a horse from a video, however, the Helgstrand team really made it easy. I appreciated them videoing the Pre-Purchase Exam as well and sending it to me, so my vet and I could get a clear understanding, Andrea Trudeau from Vancouver Island, Canada tells.

- We have to see the opportunities instead of the limitations and the whole company can’t stand still when we face challenges. We have therefore changed our procedures not only to present the horse at its best but also to include the customers in the whole process. We are surrounded by modern technology that allows us to think in new ways and be able to meet the customer where they are, Andreas Helgstrand tells.

Andrea Trudeau lives in Canada and started riding when she was very young. The passion for the horses led her to many different places and she has worked in Germany, Australia and California before she travelled back to Canada and chose another carrier. But the wish to get back in the saddle led her to Helgstrand in Denmark.

- I had planned to travel to Europe to look for a young horse however, with COVID-19 I was unable to travel. I have never purchased a horse from Andreas before, but I know he has an excellent reputation. There was an advertisement that said, they could find the perfect horse for anyone, no matter the budget, so I thought “why not?”. After reaching out, Andreas sent some videos of horses that were within my budget and the parameters of what I was looking for, loose in the arena, as well as some still photos, Andrea tells.

Andrea ended up buying a three-year-old gelding by the World Champion, Revolution.

- As soon as I saw the video of the 3-year-old Revolution/Onassis gelding, he really stood out to me. He had plenty of talent and I love the stallion Revolution, so his breeding definitely appealed to me as well, Andrea tells.

- Once Veni Vidi Vici (or “Vince” as I’m going to call him for short) get here, I’m hoping to take my time with him and get him settled in, and hopefully look forward to some competitions next year. The plan is that he will start his riding carrier at Helgstrand and then when it is once again possible to travel, he will come to Canada, Andrea adds.

- I have a special passion for riding young horses and getting them going to a point that they are ready for someone else to feel secure on them. Of course, I dream of taking Vince to the higher levels of dressage however, I am just looking forward to getting him safely home in Canada, Andrea Trudeau tells.


Fürstin D'Amour by Fürst Romancier/San Amour - sold for 82,000 euro

The last bid has been placed at the first Helgstrand-Schockemöhle auction, and although we couldn’t feel the atmosphere as the time approached 7.30 pm, we are sure it has been very interesting to watch the auction as many bids ticked in shortly before the deadline and extended the auction significant.

22 hand-picked foals came online at the new auction platform on Friday, June 5, and anyone interested could see the collection of top foals from home. The foals, which consisted of 7 jumper and 15 dressage foals respectively, had been selected at inspections in Denmark and Germany by the auction committee consisting of Felix Tiemann and Heinz Meyer from Deckstation Paul Schockemöhle and Esben Møller from Helgstrand Dressage.

Many bid for their favourite and although two dressage foals had been in the front of the entire auction and fought for the first place, it was the extremely well-moving filly, catalogue number 1 Fürstin D'Amour by Fürst Romancier/San Amour (bred by Dirk Gosker), that became the auction's highlight with the selling price of 82,000 euro. Second most expensive was catalogue number 7 Full of Dreams by Fürstenball/Spörcken (bred by Friedrich-Wilhelm Gerke), which was sold for 40,000 euro. The third most expensive was split between catalogue number 13 Fynchessa by Fynch Hatton/Don Bosco (bred by Falk Schubert) and the Danish-bred catalogue number 14 Treldegårds Shaka Kahn by Quaterhit/Fürstenball, bred by Niels Madsen, which was sold for 20,500 euro and thus also the most expensive Danish-bred foal.

Find the auction overview by following this link

- We couldn’t be more happy about the result of the first auction. It is the first time in the history of Helgstrand that we have organized an auction. It is a matter of confidence to offer horses online, but with the current situation, we need to think creatively, and fortunately the technology helps us find the right way to approach anyone interested. We have put a lot of effort into making all necessary information available and we have assisted the customers in the process by answering questions. Online auctions belong to the future, and I just hope that you will also welcome the next collection of quality foals to come. We look forward to seeing the exciting offspring already announced for the next inspections, says Andreas Helgstrand.

- We know from ourselves; you need time to get used to new things. But I think the new auction has been well received. In particular, it means a lot that the breeders have shown us confidence, and with a few small adjustments we are ready to select the next top foals at the inspections beginning already tomorrow in Denmark for the next auction coming online on July 10th, says Esben Møller from the Helgstrand-Schockemöhle auction committee, who is pleased to be able to help the breeders sell their foals.

- We do our utmost to reach a wide audience, and the new auction platform has for sure been a very important factor. The buyers come from all over the world and we can only be proud that in some months the foals will leave Denmark or Germany to enter the big world and be fantastic representatives of the quality that Helgstrand and Schockemöhle represent, adds Andreas.


Full of Dreams by Fürstenball/Spörcken - sold for 40,000 euro


Fynchessa by Fynch Hatton/Don Bosco - sold for 20,500 euro


Treldgårds Shaka Kahn by Quaterhit/Fürsteball - sold for 20,500 euro


ZS Helgstrand web


With a common vision to create the world’s leading digital equestrian community, Helgstrand and Zibrasport have signed a cooperation that secures Helgstrand a 10% ownership of Zibrasport Equest. The community that live streams from some of the largest equestrian events and creates inspiring video content, articles and lots more is in enormous development. The ambition of the partnership is to create new digital solutions to the equestrian world and new ways to engage the community and then of course the opportunity to invite people behind the scenes in one of the world’s leading equestrian companies – Helgstrand.

Up close in the equestrian world

Zibrasport Equest has been streaming equestrian events in Denmark since 2016 and in December 2019 the company expanded to become an equestrian community – The ambition is to create a community with a broad variety of relevant content that gives the equestrian world the opportunity to engage themselves and become inspired to even more engagement in their sport. The opportunity to come closer and think in new ways are also part of the ambitions that Helgstrand has for the future.

- We have been ambitious from the start and has created an internationally leading company in the equestrian world. To secure our ongoing growth, we have a strong wish to become more visible and create more openness about our company and the equestrian world in general and therefore we have chosen to invest in Zibrasport. The community is built on a business model with international potential, where we both can invite customers and equestrians into our facilities and to events and be a part of focusing on the equestrian world and developing new and innovative solutions, the CEO of Helgstrand, Andreas Helgstrand says.

Innovation and engagement

It is not only from the saddle that you can engage yourself in the equestrian sport. That is the philosophy of Zibrasport Equest, where you already at this stage can find numerous videos from the largest events, get closer to the leading profiles and riders and find inspiration and be fascinated from the variety of the equestrian sport. The community has an ongoing development and believes that the best development is created together with the users.

- A community is created by both the users themselves and their engagement and from the editorial content. We are constantly thinking out of the box and are not afraid to explore new and creative ways. Therefore, it is also a very good reason that we are teaming up with an innovative partner such as Helgstrand to create the worlds best and most innovative equestrian community. We share the ambition to create a healthy company and the passion to create something that strengthen and develop the equestrian sport. In fact, we are already in the middle of creating our next digital solution together with Helgstrand, says Niels Zibrandtsen, the chairman and owner of Zibrasport.

An independent community

Zibrasport Equest is still an independent community that offers content and streaming from every corner of the equestrian world. The corporation will offer unique insight into Helgstrand, such as streaming from the events at Helgstrand and lots of quality content, that is produced in cooperation with the staff in Northern Jutland and Wellington.

- Zibrasport Equest is a community where you always can find inspiration and insight - no matter your interests in the equestrian world or which inspiration you seek. The community must be created in cooperation with riders, equestrians, partners and federations across the equestrian sport and therefore the cooperation with Helgstrand does not exclude cooperation with others – on the contrary. Helgstrand shares the ambition to create value for the equestrian sport and find new collaborations to develop new and innovative solutions and therefore we believe that together we can create a strong and engaging community. It is also fantastic that we can invite the users into the world of Helgstrand because we know that the interest is enormous, says Rikke Højgaard, editor in chief at Zibrasport Equest.

A strong partnership

It is two strong and innovative partners that stands behind Zibrasport Equest. The digital media was established in 2016 under Zibra A/S, that has the entrepreneur Niels Zibrandtsen in the lead. Zibrandtsen established the company GlobalConnect, which he sold in 2016, and after this he dedicated himself to invest in and develop new startup companies.

Helgstrand was established in 2008 by Andreas Helgstrand, medalist from both the Olympics and World Championships. Since the establishment the company in Northern Jutland has evolved rapidly. It went so well that the Dutch investment fund Waterland Private Equity bought the majority part of the company in 2018. Helgstrand buys and train dressage horses to sell all over the world and the company now has divisions in both Germany and in Wellington, Florida.

160014 abo 10 D059519

Picture: Jeanna Högberg and Astoria at the 2018 World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses in Ermelo.


Even though these last few months have not seemed busy, Helgstrand once again has used the time to its fullest. It is not long ago that Helgstrand could add professional rider Michael Grønne and now the team of riders is expanded again with yet another very strong GP rider, the Swedish national team rider Jeanna Högberg who has a very impressive resume with numerous victories in both World Championship for Young Horses and international top-level dressage.

- It is no secret that I have for some time now, asked Jeanna if she would consider working for Helgstrand. She has a lot of experience with educating horses at all levels. And she has for several years now, been self-employed, which tells me that she really has the motivation and ambitions and knows the ways in having a company such as Helgstrand. I feel that she is a perfect match both in competence and personal and I am very proud that she has finally said yes to work for Helgstrand, Andreas Helgstrand tells.

Jeanna Högberg has won almost everything worth winning. She already made a very positive impression when she was a pony rider by winning two gold medals at the Swedish Championships and team bronze and the European Championships. She has since then won numerous medals such as three gold medals at the Swedish Championships, been a finalist several times at the prestigious World Championships for Young Horses, and also here won a silver medal. She was part of the winning Nations Cup team in Falsterbo and Uggerhalne in 2018. She has won Breeders Trophy no less than 7 times where five of them were with Springbank VH (brother to the breeding stallion Springbank II VH) and is now on the Swedish national team. Other than this Jeanna has educated a large number of GP horses with great success and has filled the shelves with trophies. She is popular in the equestrian world and have several times been nominated to ‘Tomorrows Winner’ by the Swedish Equestrian Federation and has been nominated to ‘Talent of the Year’ by Tidningen Ridesport, which shows her ambition to be among the best riders in the world.

Jeanna has chosen to follow her dream and luckily, she has a supportive family that moves with her from Sweden.

- I have great respect for this decision. It is a very difficult decision to move your whole family – I know this from my own time in Norway. I feel that Jeanna really wants this opportunity and that I am very proud of because she has what it takes to be the next top rider at Helgstrand, Andreas adds.

- I look very much forward to start the work at Helgstrand and with this, start a new chapter in my life. Luckily, I have my family standing behind this decision and we hope that we will thrive here in Denmark. I have never felt better than just now as a self-employee with fantastic horse owners, co-owners, and students, but sometimes you have to take great chances to go even further. It is my ambition to become even better, that has led me to say yes to this fantastic opportunity from Andreas. I look very much forward to be a part of such a large and successful team, develop as a rider and educate some of the best horses in the world, Jeanna Högberg tells.

Jeanna starts at Helgstrand Dressage the 1st of August 2020.

janeiro temptation 1 web

Picture: Hedelunds So Pretty by Janeiro Platinum/Tailormade Temptation, bred by Rikke Kvist.

The inspections for the first online auction have been completed and the auction committee has carefully selected the foals that will be on the first auction, which will be online tomorrow, June 5th until June 14th. The auction contains 22 high-quality foals – 7 showjumping foals and 15 dressage foals with absolute top pedigrees.

- There are several auctions already, so it was important to choose a concept that stood out from the others by including foals only by Helgstrand and Schockemöhle's stallions. We have over time selected some of world's best stallions to include in our collection. The many offspring are doing extremely well, says Andreas Helgstrand, who has high expectations for the auction.

Among the dressage foals at the auction, Franklin is well-represented with three foals, which show impressive movements with lots of hind leg auction and in addition to possessing noble looks. Among the offspring by Franklin we have Franklin's Girl with Dimaggio as damsire. With a powerful trot and canter as well as a modern type, she is showing so much talent. Another well-represented Father stallion is Fürstenball, who also has three foals selected, including Feel My Love with Swarovski as damsire, who shows great paces as an upcoming dressage star. The collection of dressage foals also includes one from Danciero's first crop, Dancing Valentine, which features Valentino as the damsire. With harmonious type and large-framed movements, she clearly takes after her father. In addition, Fynch Hatton, Fürst Toto, Totilas, Global Player, Fürst Romancier, Sezuan's Donnerhall, Quaterhit and Janeiro Platinum are also represented with selected foals.

The showjumping foals are represented through Diaron and Conthargos with two foals each in addition to All Star, Chacfly PS and Diarado, which are represented with one each. The performance lines of these amazing foals are not to be underestimated. Among the high-quality show jumping foals we find All for You by Team European Champion All Star out of a very impressive dame line.

Videos, pictures, pedigrees and descriptions of the foals are available on from 5-14 June.

How to bid

If you are interested in acquiring one of the foals, please vist Once you have created a profile you are ready to bid.

More info about the bidding process by clicking here

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Esben Møller at phone +45 52 24 85 15 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

legend WEB

Legend by H-Ekwador/Voice

Helgstrand Dressage has throughout the years become an important asset towards the market for young horses and have today some of the greatest dressage horses, which the numerous medals won at the World Championships for Young Horses tells all about. With the desire to still be able to offer customers the absolute best horses, Helgstrand has employed Dr. Ulf Möller and Esben Møller. Their job is to buy the foals and young horses at the very best quality, the stars of the future so to speak. These young horses with top bloodlines now fill the stables at Ny Ravnstrup. The inspection of foals and young horses is done over time and sometimes some of the horses does not fit the main requests we get from our customers, but they will for sure make it as very qualified competition horses. It is therefore now possible to acquire a dressage horse with some of the finest bloodlines in Europe.

These horses vary in prices from 200-375.000 DKK excl VAT.

Here is an overview of the horses that are currently for sale in this price segment:

Jazzmine by jazz/Midt-West Ibi Light – mare, born 2015
Kate-Linn D by Franklin/Jazz – mare, born 2015
La Vie by Vivaldi/Gribaldi – mare, born 2016
Libelle by Best of Gold/Fürst Romancier – mare, born 2016
Rocco by Rockfeller/Sorento – gelding, born 2016
Legend by H-Ekwador/Voice – gelding, born 2016

Video from the daily training incl interview with the riders, where they tell about the horses and how they are when riding and in the stable, can be seen here.

If you would like more information or would like to make an appointment to try out one or several of the horses, then you are welcome to contact:

Thomas Sigtenbjerggaard
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: +45 21 29 13 82

Faretti II Foto web

Picture: Faretti II by Franklin/Don Frederico, breeder: HH Horses - sold for 102,000 euro at the 2018 Nordic International Sales during Equitour.


Hosting an online auction has for some time now been a dream and the current situation has really pushed this plan ahead and we are therefore now ready to present the Helgstrand-Schockemöhle International Online Auction in cooperation with one of the leading German online auction hosts,, that hosts the auctions for some of the largest German breeding associations.

- We know that the current situation leads to some challenges regarding selling foals and it is with this knowledge that we want to expand our opportunities for our breeders. The online auction will only be represented by foals that are bred with Helgstrand and Paul Schockemöhle stallions and we hereby feel that we create a unique auction that gives the breeders an advantage, Esben Møller tells and adds that the auction will be represented by foals from all over the world.

Helgstrand and Schockemöhle’s stallions represent some of the strongest performance bloodlines in the world in which their impressive results confirm. In the collection of stallions, we find World Champions, performance test winners, Champion Stallions and championships winners. This shows that these stallions have the right quality and will lead it on to their offspring, which are very popular around the world.

- We now witness an unfamiliar situation and therefore we want to help our breeders in the best way we can throughout this time. We are very much dependent on the breeders to keep going because we experience a large demand for quality horses. Therefore, we have chosen to offer several inspection locations and we really hope that some of our breeders have an interest in addressing the fantastic audience that provides, Andreas Helgstrand adds and tells that he has great expectations to the online auction.

Helgstrand-Schockemöhle International Online Auction is for the breeders that have bred foals by Helgstrand and Schockemöhle’s stallions, and which they want to sell. The auction committee selects 25 foals.

The registration for the inspections is done to Lene Birkemose by email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone +45 22 57 44 11 or online at (available from May 8th) no later than May 16th.

The inspections for the first auction take place:

Vodskov/Denmark - Monday the 18th of May

Vallensbæk/Denmark - Tuesday the 19th of May

Middelfart/Denmark - Tuesday the 19th of May

Mühlen/Germany - Saturday the 23rd of May

Mühlen/Germany - Sunday the 24th of May

The auction will be online from 5th of June to the 14th of June at 7:30 pm at

We are planning an inspection in Weert/Holland as well on May 20th – more info to come.

Foals for the first auction have to be born before April 16th the latest. Please notice that we are going to announce several more inspection days and auctions in order to include foals born later this year - more info to come.

If there are any questions then Esben Møller is available by email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone 52 24 85 15.

Lollipop  Delatio 2  tryon medal



The media did already reveal some details about our new employment, but we think now is the time to get a deeper look into the new and very strong profile at Helgstrand, the English top rider and international trainer Emile Faurie.

- Through the years we have seen an increasing request from the English market which has led us to this new corporation with one of Great Britain’s finest dressage riders. It is a privilege to welcome Emile to our team, Andreas says and is very pleased to be able to offer this exceptional service to the English clients.

Emile has represented Great Britain at both the World and the European Championships and at the Olympics. He started out at the internationally known P.S.I-auction that really lead the way to his career and in 1993 Emile had his international breakthrough with the horse Virtu. They won an individual Bronze Medal and a Team Silver Medal at the European Championship in Hippica. Since then he has won a number of medals that shows his unique ability as a dressage rider. After two years at Hoff Kasselmann, where Emile participated in the World Championship in Tryon and the European Championship in Gothenburg with Lollipop, which is now ridden by Marianne Helgstrand, Emile has now chosen to become a part of Helgstrand Dressage.

- There can be no doubt about the quality that Emile represents. He has led riders to numerous victories, judged competitions at a high level and has due to his achievements a broad network which Helgstrand can benefit from. We are therefore really pleased that Emile educates several of our horses and present these at the English market, Andreas tells.

- I have achieved some of the goals that I had regarding competitions and championships around the world. To me, it is very important to be able to help new talents on their way to success and therefore teaching has become an essential role in my work life. Andreas’s talent for spotting and buying the right horses is really something we can benefit from here in the UK and it can add the quality needed in Great Britain. I experience an increasing demand for these horses and are therefore very pleased with this corporation. I decided to join Andreas and his team because of his integrity as a person and his drive to ensure every rider that buys a horse from Helgstrand Dressage gets the right and most suitable one for them. Emile Faurie tells. He still maintains his own riding in the daily training and education of the horses.

Emile Faurie lives at Heath Farm in Oxfordshire which is located only an hour from London. From here we now offer four horses to the English market and in the near future, we expect the number of horses will increase.

Contact us

We would be pleased to help you choose the perfect horse for you, based on your budget and your requirements.

Andreas Helgstrand

Thomas Sigtenbjerggaard

Uggerhalnevej 80, 9310 Vodskov