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Picture: Revolution by Rockey Lee/Rouletto and Andreas.

We had indeed looked forward to inviting you all to the stallion shows here in Denmark and abroad during the spring, to really get the new breeding season going, but unfortunately, the situation does not look all too bright. Instead, we have decorated the indoor arena, just as we do when hosting the stallions shows and is preparing to film the whole collection of stallions 2021, so that you will get the chance to experience both the new stallions, but also get an update on the older stallions, who have had a fantastic development.

You can look forward to experiencing the stallion collection 2021 already Friday the 19th of February at 14:00, where our website will be updated with the new presentation videos of the stallions.

However, we are still working on hosting our live stallion shows during the spring, both at Helgstrand Germany in Syke and in Denmark. However, due to the corona pandemic, the situation is still uncertain. We know how much the live presentation of the stallions means to the breeders, and therefore we will do everything to complete our stallion shows if the situation allows it.

Last year’s presentations videos of the stallions were very popular, and we therefore knew that we should repeat the success, which we announced at the end of 2020. The thousands of views around the world has led many new breeders to Helgstrand and has also functioned as an important tool for our loyal breeders. We have experienced that many breeders find the comments from Andreas, about which mares that is suitable for each stallion, very useful. Therefore, you can not only look forward to this year’s stallion collection but also hear the good advice Andreas shares.

This year we have again added several Champion and Premium stallions to the collection, like Forever Love by Fair Game/Destano, who was selected as Premium Stallion at the Westfalen Licensing, and the Oldenburg Premium Stallion Fortunate by Foundation/Quaterback, who is an ultra-modern stallion and can, with his movements and type, bring the breeding a step further. Very importantly we must not forget the 4 Premium Stallions from Hannover; Zoom In by Zoom/Waterland, Salissimo by Secret/Bellisimo M, Bonjour by Bon Coeur/Fürst Nymphenburg and Be Sure by Benicio/Scuderia.

Unfortunately, there is not a long list of results from 2020, but luckily our stallions participated at the prestigious German Bundeschampionate, where Fynch Hatton (Formel Eins/Sir Donnerhall I), Global Player (Kastel's Grand Galaxy Win/Don Schufro) and Rockabye S (Revolution/Belstaff) achieved amazing results. Even though many shows where cancelled, we are still very proud that our stallions qualified to both danish and foreign Championships and also to the recognized Young Horse World Championship. These breeding stallions have really developed, and we look forward to show Revolution (Rockey Lee/Rouletto), Jovian (Apache/Tango), Springbank II VH (Skovens Rafael/De Niro), Franklin (Ampére/Ferro), just like we look forward to show the upcoming stars such as So Perfect (Sezuan/Sir Donnerhall I), My Vitality (Vivaldi/D-Day), Iron (Asgard’s Ibiza/Hohenstein) and the newly arrived Hesselhøj Downtown (Hesselhøj Donkey Boy/Zack).

Put a mark in the calendar Friday, February 19th and visit Helgstrand’s website to see the new stallion presentation!

Our breeding experts are ready to help you both by phone and e-mail, so please don’t hesitate to contact them:

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Picture: Dynamic Dream and Jeanna Högberg. 

Even though many of the events throughout 2020 were cancelled due to the COVID pandemic, there might be someone who wonders what happened to the impressive stallion from the Westfalen Stallion Licensing, Dynamic Dream by Glock’s Dream Boy/Sir Donnerhall I. Unfortunately, he got an injury in the neck during the collection of semen last year, which resulted, that he could not participate in the Danish Warmblood 35-days test during the fall 2020 and therefore could not receive the final approval in the Danish Warmblood.

Dynamic Dream put us all under his spell at the 2020 Danish Warmblood Stallion Licensing Show with his extraordinary movements and modern type, which gave him the title Premium Stallion. Not surprisingly he received top scores at the following 14-days test and was assigned with a 1-year breeding approval.

The Danish Warmblood has chosen to expand the breeding approval due to the stallion licensing and will evaluate the foals from the years 2021-2022 and see if the breeding approval shall be permanent.

- It is really a shame when such a promising young stallion gets injured, especially now that he had so many mares the first breeding season. It is something we rarely experience with our young stallions, but he has all the qualities, that is demanded in the modern breeding. Therefore, it is very sad that the injury might affect his riding career since the vets do not think his future riding career looks too promising at the moment due to the affects of the injury. We hope for the best and in the meantime, we are so pleased to, in the coming months, see all the foals from him, Andreas Helgstrand tells. He hopes that some of these foals will be a part of the new generation at Helgstrand Youngsters in the fall.

Dynamic Dream will stay at our new facilities in Syke, where he will be available for the breeders. Dynamic Dream is also licensed in Oldenburg.

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Global Equestrian Group is established as a strategic partnership between the internationally esteemed Ludger Beerbaum Stables, consisting of sports and trading stables specialised in show jumping horses, a stallion station and the state-of-the-art Riesenbeck International Equestrian Center located in Germany; Helgstrand Dressage, one of the world’s leading equestrian sports companies with modern sales and training centers in Denmark, Germany and the US; and Waterland Private Equity.

In combination, the new partnership will have more than 150 employees, presence in 4 countries and revenue exceeding EUR 60 million. Global Equestrian Group will also include the existing activities in Helgstrand Jewellery, clothing and equestrian sports brand Kingsland Equestrian, and other equestrian venture activities. The majority owner of Helgstrand Dressage, Waterland Private Equity, will support and be a majority shareholder of the newly formed partnership.

“I am excited to enter into this partnership with Helgstrand Dressage and Waterland to accelerate the progress of our companies, create a global equestrian leader and unleash the potential of combining deep dressage and show jumping insights. I look forward to cooperate with my new partners as I will head our activities in show jumping and pursue our growth and expansion plans,” says Ludger Beerbaum, seven-time Olympian and a four-time Olympic show jumping champion and founder of Ludger Beerbaum Stables.

The Riesenbeck International Equestrian Center will be expanded and refurbished this spring to offer 300 permanent stables and new outdoor sand arenas, among other things. Global Equestrian Group will also expand the jumping activities within horse trading, training, rearing and breeding with Ludger Beerbaum Stables as a solid platform to grow the presence in the large and attractive jumping market organically and through acquisitions of reputable stables.

“Ludger Beerbaum Stables has a strong reputation and a stellar sporting track-record in show jumping, and the strategic and cultural fit with Helgstrand Dressage is just perfect. We look forward to combining our experience and diversifying our business activities to cover jumping, dressage and other exciting equestrian activities in existing and new markets alike,” says Andreas Helgstrand, two-time Olympian and Olympic bronze medal winner in dressage, who founded Helgstrand Dressage in 2008.

The global equestrian show jumping market is significantly larger than the dressage market, and Global Equestrian Group will address a combined market exceeding EUR 30 billion and build on the group’s strong global position and independent brands to leverage sales synergies and expand into new geographies.

“We are very pleased to support the emergence of a true global leader in equestrian sports by continuing to contribute with our practical experience and targeted investments in Global Equestrian Group as well as driving new markets and other interesting acquisition opportunities in line with our strategy of accelerating growth organically and through acquisitions,” says Kaspar Kristiansen, Managing Director, Waterland Nordic.

The day-to-day management of Ludger Beerbaum Stables and Helgstrand Dressage remain unchanged, and the owners will co-invest in Global Equestrian Group alongside Waterland. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.


Picture: Ludger Beerbaum. 

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Picture: Fire Jazz by Fürst Jazz/Sir Donnerhall I, bred by Wieghaus-Vorwerk GbR  

Today, the Danish Warmblood pre-selection took place, and Helgstrand presented a total of 15 stallions deriving from some of the strongest performance lines in the world. This year we able to present several colts sired by our own stallions. 

The following 13 stallions were selected for the Danish Warmblood Main Licensing, which will take place in week 10 at Vilhelmsborg, Aarhus.

• Irish by Asgard’s Ibiza/Fürst Heinrich, bred by Katharina Lindena-Janssen
• Diaz Skovvang DWB efter D’avie/De Noir, bred by Marie Hedegård Pedersen
• Straight Horse Finest Hour efter Franklin/Zack, bred by Straight Horse ApS
• Franzé efter Franklin/Sezuan, bred by Henrik Hansen, HH Horses 
• Lissau’s Gauguin DWB efter Franklin/Sandro Hit, bred by Stutteri Lissau
• Fire Jazz efter Fürst Jazz/Sir Donnerhall I, bred by Wieghaus-Vorwerk GbR
• Heiline’s Galaxy Dance efter Kastels Grand Galaxy Win/De Niro, bred by Stald Heiline
• Naxos TC efter Jerveaus De Baian/Florencio I, bred by T.J.M. Coomans and L.J. Bos
• Rosebank VH efter Revolution/Dalwhinnie, bred by Västra Hoby Stuteri AB
• Tjørnelys Solution DWB efter Revolution/Heslegårds Rubin, bred by Jørgen Kaspersen
• Scotaloo efter Secret/Fürst Nymphenburg, bred by Julia and Tim Karrasch
• Sans Souci’s Vitus efter Vitalis/De Noir, bred by Christel Bendixen
• Lordswood Bernstein SL efter Bonds/Quaterback, bred by Stefanie Löhmann 

Diaz by D’avie/De Noir

Franzé by Franklin/Sezuan

Irish by Ibiza/Fürst Heinrich

Scotaloo by Secret/Fürst Nymphenburg

Solution DWB by Revolution/Heslegårds Rubin

Straight Horse Finest Hour by Franklin/Zack

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Pictures: Fire Jazz by Fürst Jazz/Sir Donnerhall I, bred by Wieghaus-Vorwerk GbR 

Jens AH

Since 2017 Jens Trabjerg, one of Denmark's most recognized Event Managers, has been organising the successful international equestrian show Equitour Denmark, which is held on Helgstrand's facilities, the Helgstrand Academy close to Aalborg. Unfortunately, it is not possible for Jens to find the time to fulfil Helgstrand’s wish to expand and optimize the use of the facilities at Helgstrand Academy and also use the other facilities at Helgstrand to widen the knowledge of the company and its partners, due to the impending World Championship in Herning in 2022.

Helgstrand took over all activities within Equitour at the beginning of 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic unfortunately stopped all the new ideas in 2020, that Helgstrand had hoped to present. Helgstrand now hopes to be able to realize these ideas in 2021 with an Event Manager in the lead.

- Right now, the facilities at Helgstrand is used yearly to host Equitour and the Danish Dressage Championship and a few competitions which Uggerhalne Ridingclub hosts. We see a lot of opportunities for these facilities and also for the facilities in Germany and Wellington, US. It can, all put together, give us the unique opportunity to promote both Helgstrand and also Helgstrand Jewellery, Kingsland Equestrian, Riding Arena Robots and other partners to the rest of the world, tells the new commercial director at Helgstrand, Anders Bjørnstrup Bech.

- It has been an absolute pleasure to establish Equitour and not only welcome national and international riders to Uggerhalne, but also to establish new opportunities such as the Danish Riding Federation’s Ridingschool Cup competition and also the recognized Almased Dressage Amateurs tournament, that very fast became a great success. I look forward to still taking part on the sideline and then I look forward to devoting my time to World Cup Herning and also the World Championship in Herning 2022, where the planning has really started, Jens Trabjerg tells.

- We are very sad to have to say goodbye to Jens Trabjerg, since he has made a terrific job and really has promoted the Helgstrand brand out to the world, with the organization of a highly accomplished and internationally recognized set-up. But we also know and understand that Jens has to devote all his time to the World Championship and we are very happy that we will still be able to have his help and experience to lean on when needed, Andreas Helgstrand tells.

Due to Jens stepping down as organiser, Helgstrand has now decided to apply for an Event Manager that can help fulfil the ambitions which Helgstrand has and in general push the development of the leading equestrian company and the events.


Picture: Rheinglanz by Helium/Couracius/Partout. Picture by Pferdefotografie Stefan Lafrentz.

The Trakehner Champion Stallion 2020 was celebrated as a star in Neumünster and triggered a hot bidding duel at the auction in the Holstenhallen. The dark bay "Rheinglanz", a son of young star sire Helium, has everything that characterises a modern stallion. The noble champion impresses with his dynamics and his generous, feathery basic gaits. At the same time, he presents himself with the best manners and has a solid pedigree with which breeding can be planned. His owners, the Rheinglanz Consortium, are pleased to announce that the eye-catching young stallion will be available with fresh semen at renowned breeding stations in Germany in the 2021 breeding season. In addition, he will receive his basic training under saddle in competent hands.

Thanks to Udo Wagner's good connections to Andreas Helgstrand, the sympathetic horse of special quality will be available via the Schockemöhle/Helgstrand breeding station in Mühlen and via Beate Langels' traditional Trakehner stud Hämelschenburg in Emmerthal. Andreas Helgstrand is delighted about this opportunity and emphasises how important he considers the Trakehner influence in international sport horse breeding. The grey mare Matiné, the unforgettable successful horse of the Danish champion rider at the World Championships in Aachen 2006, was a daughter of the Trakehner stallion Silvermoon. And the exceptional stallion Totilas, for example, who died a few days ago, was not only a son of Gribaldi, but also had Trakehner blood on his mother's side.

Rheinglanz is managed at Helgstrand Dressage Germany by Michael Schmidt, who boasts more than three decades of professional experience in horse breeding and sport and who, among other things, made a considerable contribution to the training of the multiple winning stallion Sezuan as stud manager at Peterhof. Eva Möller, who has been working for Helgstrand Dressage for several years and has won many times at the Bundeschampionat in Warendorf and also at the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses, is responsible for the training under saddle. The Rheinglanz Consortium, as well as the Schockemöhle/Helgstrand breeding station are pleased to have gained an experienced and recognised partner in the renowned Trakehner Stud Hämelschenburg under the management of Beate Langels.

Rheinglanz kopffoto web

Picture: Rheinglanz by Helium/Couracius/Partout. Picture by Pferdefotografie Stefan Lafrentz.

The ending of this year is approaching and even though we would prefer not to mention COVID19, then we can’t deny that this pandemic has had an influence on this year’s events and the cancellation of several of them. We really looked forward to the yearly Open House-event where we normally show our collection of stallions and open our doors for everyone that wishes to see the company from the inside.

Before the world closed down in March we luckily participated at the stallion shows in Germany and the biggest event of the year The Danish Warmblood Stallion Show in Herning. This was the beginning of a fantastic breeding season with results that have never been greater.

Nr 53 10 20 06 3409 2 web

Picture: Fortunate by Foundation/Quaterback

Amazing breeding season ahead

2020 was also the year where Helgstrand had to say goodbye to several of the top breeding stallions among them D’avie by Don Juan de Hus/Londonderry, who was sold to Lisa Müller through Isabell Werth. Isabell Werth also secured herself a future top horse, the Sezuan offspring Joshua. Janiero Platinum left the stable and we look very much forward to follow this exceptional stallion at his new owner, Christinelund Dressage in Sweden.

Also, our darling Quarterhit moved to France to Dominique Degueldre and is now trained by Stephanie Brieussel. Luckily several new young top stallions were added to the collection at the stallion licensing shows, such as the Champion Stallion from Westfalen, Forever Love by Fair Game/Destano or the Champion Stallion from Oldenburg, Fortunate by Foundation/Quaterback. The breeders can therefore look forward to the new breeding season 2021, to a collection of stallions that has never looked more fantastic.

præmieoverrækkelse agria 18 web

Picture: Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen and Foco Loco-w winning the Danish Dressage Championship.

Achieving amazing results despite the situation

Even though many of the competitions were cancelled this year, we managed to qualify 24 horses for the finals at the Danish National Championships for Young Dressage Horses and 15 horses were qualified for the prestigious World Championship for Young Horses.

The riders at Helgstrand have done an amazing job and among the impressive results, we can mention Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen’s Gold Medal at the European Championship for U25 riders and also winning the Danish Championship for U25 riders together with Foco Loco-w.

In addition, Alexander Helgstrand won the Team-Silver Medal at the European Championship with Grevens Sa’Va’.

Andreas also had some impressive results with the three-time World Champion Fiontini, which he won the Bronze Medal at the Danish Championship with - a horse that Andreas hope to qualify to the Olympics.

Nothing is that bad, that something good can’t come out of it – our riders use this competition break to train the horses and they all show top form and great development. This is shown at the sales list at Helgstrand, where new horses are added every week – so if you are looking for your future star or a skilled and experienced Grand Prix horse, then now is the time to get in contact with us.


Picture: Helgstrand Germany, Syke.

New location in Germany

2020 was the year where Helgstrand invested in new facilities in Germany, Helgstrand Germany, which is located between the three largest German Breeding Associations near Syke, a little south of Bremen. Eva and Ulf Möller moved here at the end of November and have settled very well in the new surroundings and an intriguing selection of horses from Helgstrand have already moved in.

Now that we have come to the news from abroad, we can add that the renovation of Helgstrand Dressage USA is soon finished. The horses have already moved in and the competition season has started. In addition to the abroad news, we can add a new partnership; the four-times Olympics participant and British Equestrian legend Richard Davidson who shall be in charge of the British side of Helgstrand.

Many new projects to come

Finally, 2020 was also the year where Helgstrand invested in new and exciting projects. With the ambition to be the leading equestrian company, Helgstrand brought the majority of shares in the equestrian brand Kingsland Equestrian and in addition established cooperation with X-Drive Robots about Riding Arena Robots, which is robots for preparation and maintenance of indoor arenas.

Even though COVID19 affected and challenged us, we are pleased to still have some very good results to look back on throughout the year. Now we look forward and hope for a better 2021. New and exciting projects are on their way and we can’t wait to reveal them to you in the new year.

Finally, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and New Year. May the holidays and the New Year bring joy to you and your family.

Zenta vinther dyrlæge helgstrand dressage web

Picture: Veterinarian Zenta Vinther standing with Helgstrand's breeding stallion Iron by Asgaard's Ibiza/Hohenstein, which she expects a foal from next year.  

Helgstrand is in a rapid development and with no less than 500 horses dispersed on Helgstrand Dressage, Helgstrand Youngsters and Helgstrand Academy, we have now experienced the need for a permanent vet. Therefore, we are now thrilled to present and welcome a well-known face at Helgstrand – namely the veterinarian Zenta Vinther, who has been a permanent associate at the Højgård Hesteklinik at Helgstrand Academy for 2,5 years.

- Eventually, we have so many horses at Helgstrand Dressage, Helgstrand Academy and Helgstrand Youngsters so now it would make really good sense to have our own vet. And when the application from Zenta entered the mailbox, we weren’t actually in doubt about who to choose from all the potential applicants, Andreas says with a smile.

Zenta Vinther is a veterinarian who has specialized in reproduction and has the last 2,5 years permanently been a part of Højgård Hesteklinik in Uggerhalne. That way she is already thoroughly versed in the Helgstrand spirit and will thereby be completely familiar with her work tasks from day one.

- It has been a very interesting and educational time being at Højgård and luckily it will not be a goodbye to my nice colleagues since Helgstrand will uphold a close cooperation with Højgård for the purposes that we cannot handle by ourselves here at Helgstrand, Zenta who starts the 4th of January 2021, tells.

Her daily responsibilities will include routine tasks such as vaccinations, dentistry, x-rays and follow-up on injuries. Additionally, embryo transfer will be a big part of her work and will in fact increase the next coming years.

- We experience an extensive rise in the demand for dressage horses on the level that we are specialized in, and therefore it will be very interesting to see if we can produce more offspring from the mares who are doing well in the sport in combination with our own stallions. Therefore, it was also a requirement that our coming vet would have a thorough knowledge about the work with reproduction, and I don’t think we can find a better match than Zenta, Andreas adds.

- Through Højgård I have previously handled the work with reproduction at Helgstrand, which primarily includes embryo transfer. I think the reproduction work is very interesting and I am really looking forward to continuing with this very specialized part of the reproduction, Zenta, who is thrilled about getting started, states.

- I am in absolutely no doubt, that Zenta will fit very well within the organization, and the fact that she already knows our core values and the horses, makes the transition very smooth. I am moreover certain, that she can ease our daily work and internal processes, which can save us a lot of resources, Andreas concludes.

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Picture: Fineline by Floriscount/San Amour and Wolfgang Stagge.

The “Gestüt Pramwaldhof”, Astrid Neumayer, is the proud owner of the new Westphalian premium stallion, the exceptionally well-moving and interesting stallion by Floriscount/San Amour: “Fineline”. The stallion will be available starting the next season and he will be stationed at the “Dressurleistungszentrum Lodbergen” located in Löningen, Germany.

“Gestüt Pramwaldhof” is one of Austria's most recognised dressage stables and stallion stations. It already counts an exciting selection of stallions. Fineline will not be stationed in Austria, however, but at the stallion station Dressurleistungszentrum Lodbergen, managed by Therese Nielshagen and Wolfgang Stagge.

Fineline is bred by Gestüt Elstertal, Germany and he was then purchased by Helgstrand as a foal. He is one of the first horses growing up at “Helgstrand Youngsters”, which consists of modern facilities and beautiful surroundings, that give foals and young horses the very best start to a future career as a sport horse or breeding stallion.

Helgstrand would like to congratulate not only the new owners “Gestüt Pramwaldhof”, but also the “Dressurleistungszentrum Lodbergen”, where the stallion will be stationed! “We are delighted that “Fineline” will be part of the already attractive stallion collection in Löningen, where he will stand side by side with some of Germany's highly desired stallions, such as Dante Weltino OLD and For Romance OLD as well as an exciting selection of new stallions”, as Andreas Helgstrand says.


Four-time Olympian and British equestrian legend Richard Davison has joined the Helgstrand Group. His principal role will be to lead the group’s UK development across all its commercial platforms.

Richard, together with his sons Tom and Joe, runs a combined dressage and show jumping stable, and he is also involved in many aspects of the British and international equestrian community. He is a former British Olympic Dressage Team manager and former World Class Show Jumping Programme coach.

Andreas Helgstrand said: “Richard, together with his team and family, are involved in so many aspects of the UK equestrian world. They bring with them an unequalled breadth of experience and allows us to enhance the service we can offer to our UK clients. We are delighted to welcome them on board”.

The Helgstrand Group currently has sport horse sales stables in Denmark, Germany and the US. Its investment portfolio includes brands such as Kingsland, Riding Arena Robots and has further expansion plans to announce imminently.

Commencing his role with immediate effect Richard enthused “Andreas has created a mind-blowingly successful equestrian business. He has grown the Helgstrand Group into the global market leader for the sales of outstanding quality sport horses and after-sales service. With more than 100 employees the Group is an important employer of young equestrians and has a commendable policy for their health and wellbeing. With other exciting plans on the horizon, I am really looking forward to playing my part in this next phase of the Group’s journey.”

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