Last weekend, our master rider student Charlotte and San World participated in a regional show at Brønderslev Rideklub. Charlotte and the 5-year-old San World won LA2 with the impressive score 78.79%.

Helgstrand Dressage and Straight Horse have signed agreement concerning co-operation and co-ownership regarding:

Straight Horse Don Tamino (Totilas / Blue Hors Don Schufro)
Straight Horse Zarastro (Blue Hors Zack / Blue Hors Romanov)
Straight Horse Sezarion (Sezuan / Blue Hors Romanov)

Full brother/sister to Sezuan, to be born in June 2014 by a surrogate mare
Straight Horse Don Tamino, born in 2011 and from the first year of offspring sired by Totilas. He is a half-brother to the champion stallion Sezuan. Andreas Helgstrand and Sezuan won the championship for 4-year-old horses at the JBK horse shows this year.

Straight Horse Zarastro, born in 2012, full brother to Zonik, champion stallion at the stallion show in Herning 2012. In 2012, Zonik was sold to Glock Horse Performance center.

Straight Horse Sezarion, born in 2013, a superb mix of the two mare lines behind Sezuan and Zonik. Sezarion's dam Romanik BRDH is also the dam of Zonik, and Sezarion's grand dam, Bøgegårdens Don Romina GRDH, is the dam of Sezuan.

In June 2014, a sister or a brother to Sezuan is expected, and Andreas Helgstrand has already signed an ownership contract concerning this foal. In 2013, Straight Horse got two full sisters to Sezuan. Mogens Pedersen will keep ownership of these foals for the time being.

Until the training of the horses begins, the horses will remain stabled at Straight Horse in Allerød.

"I am very proud and honoured to be able to start co-operation with Andreas Helgstrand regarding training of my colts," says Mogens Pedersen and continues, "I am absolutely confident that Andreas is the right person to train my horses and Andreas seems to be extremely good with horses from my mare lines."

"As part of my business it is essential to keep finding the best and most talented horses for my stable, and therefore, I am always interested in co-operation with ambitious breeders. Mogens Pedersen has proved his ambitions and will to get far within breeding and training of his horses. Our co-operation is even more exciting due to the fact that the two main mares at Straight Horse have been trained at Helgstrand Dressage, and one of them was bred here as well," says Andreas Helgstrand.

The last couple of days, Daniel and Dark Diamond have participated in U-25 at the international show in Odense. On Friday they started the U-25 Grand Prix and won the class with a score of 67.81%. Saturday, they won the Grand Prix Kür with 68.22%.

The Danish Equestrian Federation's dressage championships have now come to an end. Sezuan met the high expectations and won the championship. As a result, Sezuan now holds the title as the best 4-year-old horse in Denmark!!

Sezuan won the finals with 9.68 points. He received superb separate marks: trot: 10, walk: 8.9, canter: 10, rideability: 9.5 and capacity: 10. Marianne and Super Mario placed 5th, scoring 8.66 points. Thomas and Eclectisch placed right behind Marianne as 6th with 8.54 points. Emma and Zgander placed 7th with 8.52 points. Finally, Emma and Zardetto finished 13th with 8.16 points.

Floricello third in finals for 5-year-old horses

In the finals for 5-year-old horses, Andreas and Floricello finished third with 8.56 points. Daniel placed 7th and 8th with Didando and Zidane, respectively. 

Yet another good show with several of our young horses placed in the top of the classes. The results from this year's championships show that Helgstrand Dressage has the best 4- and 5-year-old stallions at the moment.


Today, Jens and Uno started the Young Rider kür. Once again, they did really well and finished second with 72.833%.

Tomorrow, the championship finals for 4-, 5- 6-year-old horses will begin. Emma and Eastpoint will start the first class for 4-year-old horses at 2.30 p.m. We are lookning forward to starting the exciting finals and we will keep our fingers crossed that many of our horses will go directly on to the finals on Thursday.

The huge JBK show in Odense has already started for Helgstrand Dressage. Our master rider student Jens and Uno participated in a young rider class today. Their very nice ride was rewarded a great score of 72.281%, and as a result they finished second in the class. Tomorrow afternoon, they will participate in a young rider kür.

Tomorrow, Monday, we will take the young horses to Odense for the championship finals. The vet check of the young horses takes place Monday night, and the young horse competitions start Tuesday.

This weekend, two riders from Helgstrand Dressage participated in two classes at a regional show in Hjallerup Rideklub. Saturday, Charlotte and San World made a great performance and won the LA1, scoring 75.00%. Sunday, Daniel and Zandro won the MA1, after a nice ride which resulted in a score of 70.139%.

Once again, Andreas and Darlings Dream finished first. This time, thanks to a great performance in Grand Prix, which was awarded with a score of 72.411%. It was Darlings Dream's debut in Grand Prix, and it turned out to be an emphatic and great debut for the 11-year-old gelding.

The last class at the competition was MB3, which Daniel and Herzregent won with 67.625%; Marianne and Daylie finished right after as second with a score of 66.938%.

Lately, we have received several inquiries regarding a video of our newly acquired Dutch stallion Didando. Below a short video of the 5-year-old stallion by Tuchinski and with Jetset as damsire. 

Last night, Andreas and Darlings Dream finished first in Intermediare II with an impressive score of 73.684%. Daniel and Dark Diamond placed 5th with 69.386%. In MA1, the first class Saturday, Daniel and De Chirico placed second with a score of 70.046; Marianne and Sitana placed 5th with 68.148%.

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