During this weekend, Helgstrand Dressage was attending the qualifying rounds at DRF's championship for young horses in Billund, where nearly all Helgstrand's riders got top places.

Saturday DRF's young horse championship for 4-year-old horses took place and Søren along with Rock'n Roll (Rock Forever / Sir Donnerhall) performed supremely with a total score of 8,52. Including 9 in capacity and 8,8 in both trot and canter. In a second place, Kenneth and ML's Zeline (Blue Hors Zack / Lorentin ll) came with a total score of 7,94 points, including 8,5 in canter and rideability. With Zhaplin Langholt (Zonik / Stedinger), Simone achieved a total score of 7,760 in the same class.

Championships for 5-year-old horses dominated by Helgstrand

The championship for 5-year-old horses Sunday was dominated by Helgstrand. There were 29 starts and Helgstrand Dressage performed very well:

1. D'Avie (Don Juan De Hus / Londonderry) and Severo - total 9,34 including 10 in canter and 9,5 in trot and capacity.
2. Vamos Amigos (Vitalis / Blue Hors Hotline) and Marianne - total 9,060 with 9,5 in trot and 9,2 in capacity.
3. Ferrarie (Foundation / Blue Hors Hotline) and Andreas - total 9,020 with 9,8 in trot and 9,5 in capacity.
4. Casablanca (Conen / Fidertanz) and Simone - total 8,680
6. Francis (Feedback / Fuchsberger) and Eric - total 8,260

Andreas and Springbank VH won the championship for 7-year-old horses

Later Sunday it was time for the 7-year-old horses to compete at DRF's championship for young horses, and it became a sure victory for Springbank VH (Skovens Rafael / De Niro) and Andreas with 85,386%. For Simone and Feodoro, it was a great second place in the championship for 6-year-old horses with a total score of 8,7.

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Once again, the Danish Olympic rider Anna Kasprzak has been visiting Helgstrand Dressage to find new talents for the future. With the purchase of 8-year-old Quarton and the only 4-year-old stallion, For Emotion, Anna has now secured a very promising future within this sport.

Last time we saw Anna was in October, where she bought the Vitalis mare, Victoria's Secret. This time we congratulate her on the purchase of the 8-year-old Quarton, who is after Quaterback with Don Schufro as damsire. Quarton already showed his potential as he won the Swedish World Championship for Young Horses in 2015 and 2016. Since then Quarton has moved to Helgstrand and was trained by our rider, Betina Jæger - and together they have achieved great results - lately a victory in Intermediare 1 with a total score of 74% at Herning Horseshow this year.

When Anna met Quarton for the first time, it was love at first sight.

- I tried Quarton at Andreas Helgstrand Monday and was sure that he was the one for me, Anna writes on her website. He is trained in all Grand Prix exercises, which he shows super talent for, so I am very excited about the future with him. Bettina Jæger has done a great job, says Anna Kasprzak.

Young stallion with a promising future

For Anna, For Emotion is the definition of a future dressage horse, and now he is guaranteed a promising future with the Olympic rider.

- We have always believed that For Emotion had what it takes to achieve great results within this sport. However, we were slightly disappointed when he was not licensed in Danish Warmblood at Herning Horseshow. But with the sale of For Emotion to Anna, once again it appears that top dressage riders want these qualities, says Andreas Helgstrand.

- My mom and I have been watching For Emotion for a long time, and think that he is the perfect stallion for the sport - he is incredibly smooth, balanced and with top gaits, and I can already feel that he is a dream to ride.

For Emotion is a very interesting young stallion, bred in Germany and licensed in OLD. At the 14-day test in Schlieckau, the stallion achieved an average score on no less than 9.20 with 9.5 in trot and canter and 10 in reliability.

For Emotion is after Foundation with Sandro Hit as damsire. Foundation, which has had several international victories in small tour and is on his way to Grand Prix with Mathias Rath.

For Emotion stays at Helgstrand this season and will therefore continue to be available for breeding, and Anna says that if there is a demand for him next year, he will continue to be available.

It will be very exciting to follow Anna and the two horses and see what the future brings.


The Danish-born dressage rider Charlotte Jorst, who is living in the United States, has been visiting Helgstrand Dressage and has fallen in love with the Olympic star Lorenzo.

Charlotte Jorst is living in Nevada and has been very successful with the company Skagen and is also the founder of Kastel, which sells equestrian clothing.

Charlotte is a well-known name at Helgstrand, as she has bought both Nitendo and Akeem, on which she competes at Grand Prix level.

The 11-year-old Lorenzo came to Helgstrand in 2015, where Severo Jurado Lopez managed to qualify for the Olympics for Spain and achieved no less than 83% at OL in Rio in 2016. This are just some of the numerous victories they have achieved together.

Lorenzo is after Lord Loxley with Rubin-Royal as damsire.

From Helgstrand Dressage, we congratulate Charlotte and look forward to following them at national and international shows.


Friday was an exciting day as we went to Vilhelmsborg, Aarhus, Denmark for the selection of 5-, 6- and 7-year old dressage horses for the World breeding dressage Championships for Young Horses in Ermelo this summer. The final selection is going to take place at Broholm in July.

From Helgstrand Dressage the following five horses are invited to the final selection:

5-year-old horses:
Stenager Wyatt Earp after Wilkens/Sandro Hit - Kenneth Damgaard
Zancor after Blue Hors Zack/Caletto III - Betina Jæger
Højgårdens Santos after San Amour/Friendship - Kenneth Damgaard

6-year-old horses:
Straight Horse Don Tamino after Totilas/Don Schufro - Anne Marie Husbond

7-year-old horses:
Fiontini after Fassbinder/Blue Hors Romanov - Severo Jurado Lopez

Experience top quality dressage foals at the Nordic International Sales auction during Equitour Aalborg. So far around 20 premium dressage foals have been selected for the auction sponsored by Stud EVO.

“We are extremely proud of the foals that we are able to show at the auction, and at the same time impressed by the number of foals fulfilling the requirements for a future top sport horse in dressage,” says Andreas Helgstrand and continue, “It has been amazing how Danish and German breeders willingly have shown us their foals and giving us their trust in our capability to create an auction, where they can sell their foals at prices living up to their quality.”

Future stars of dressage

The auction is arranged by some of the most experienced horse auctioneers in Denmark and will show 20 foals covering a wide range of breeding federations. All foals have been through preliminary sightings at either Vilhelmsborg, Atterupgaard or Helgstrand Dressage during the month of May, hereafter the selection of the final 20 has been made in a cooperation between Danish Warmblood auction committee, Westfalen Verband in Germany and Andreas Helgstrand. The auction will be a unique opportunity to see some of the future stars of the world of dressage.

Read more about the auction here.




The 5-year old stallion D'avie, after Don Juan de Hus / Londonderry / Walt Disney I is back at Helgstrand Dressage after staying at Arlette Jasper-Kohl and Professor Edwin Kohl at Gestüt Peterhof in Germany.

- We are extremely happy to have this large-framed young stallion back at Helgstrand Dressage and we are looking forward to offering him for breeding. At Gestüt Peterhof they have done an amazing job with the stallion, and we have had a good cooperation, says Andreas Helgstrand.

D'avie was a Premium Stallion at the Hanoverian Licensing in 2014 and was sold at the following auction to the highest price. - The stallion was taken out of the breed as 4-year old, as the semen quality was not good enough. But fortunately, it has changed so we can now offer this amazing stallion, that with a modern type, great rhythmic gaits and fantastic nerve has a lot to offer, says Andreas.

- We have a rider that fits perfectly with this young stallion and the plan is that D'avie is going to attend the World Championship for Young Dressage Horses in Ermelo this summer. He is approved for HANN, OLD and DWB.

View a video of D'avie here 



Already at 10:00 am the first expectant spectators began to show up, to secure a place on the front row for this year's Open House and stallion show at Helgstrand. And luckily there was lined up with barbecue, so they could enjoy a sausage before the presentation started at 1:00 pm. For the children there was a bouncy castle and plenty of room to play while the adults looked for new blood lines for their mares.

While the last spectators found a place to the beautiful music from Mai Skytte, who appeared in a good cause, Andreas was getting ready to welcome the many guests. Initially Andreas told about the outstanding results that horses from Helgstrand had achieved over the past year. Quickly he changed to English, since many had made the long trip to Helgstrand both from Poland, Germany, England, Scotland, Sweden and Norway. Afterwards he handed the microphone to Thomas Sigtenbjerggaard and Ulf Möller, who commented the stallions during the show, since Andreas himself had to showcase more of this year's stallion collection. Flemming Schulz delivered the Danish speakers and created a great atmosphere throughout the show.

ClimpMyHorse was filming the entire day, so that the many people who were unable to take the trip to Helgstrand could enjoy the view from their living rooms. Helgstrand's stallion expert, Christian Springborg had his debut as a commentator on ClipMyHorse.

The range of quality stallions contained both the brand new, including the latest arrival, Milione by Millennium / Lord Loxley, but also "the older" stallions such as Grand Galaxy Win, Franklin, Falstaff and Freischütz. In between the stallions two clinics with Dr. Ulf Möller were on the program and he shared his long experience in training young horses.

Read about our Clinic with Ulf Möller and veterinarian, Jonas Rasmussen, which will take place on Helgstrand Academy on May 6, 2017 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Andreas finished the show by showcasing the popular stallion Revolution. The large framed stallion took standing applause like he has done it a million times before, just showing his magnificent temperament. And yet at the same time a stallion with nerve, but also a unique mind.

After the presentation owners had the opportunity to talk with Helgstrand's breeding experts; Lene Birkemose, Christian Springborg and Jesper Bisgaard Nielsen. It was overwhelming and many ordered semen that day and got 20% discount on second rate. A great success.

After the last person has left the arene, tables and benches were put up for the After Party with more than 350 guests.



The stallion had just arrived at Helgstrand Dressage few days before the annual Open House, and therefore it was a great experience for the only 3-year-old stallion, Milione, who entered the arena with great energy, while the audience watched with excitement.

The 3-year-old stallion is by Millennium and with damsire Lord Loxley. The recognized stallion Millennium is a very modern type with good rhythmical gaits and a good up-hill tendency – gaits, that Milione has inherited.

Millennium was second Reservesieger at the 2010 Trakehner Licensing in Neumünster and won the 2013 70-day test in Neustadt Dosse with a total score of 8,66. Millennium, along with Kay Pawlowska won silver at the German Trakehner championat in Hanover.

With that in mind, we are expecting the young stallion to have a very promising future.


At Helgstrand Academy we are now ready to present our next event:


For this year's stallion licensing at the Herning Horse Show, seven 3-year-old stallions from Helgstrand were approved for testing and went through to the Danish Warmblood´s 10-day observation test, which was done by Torben Frandsen in Tørring at Randers, Denmark.

Although the stallions had just finished their presentation in Herning, they all had lots of energy and were ready to prove their worth in Tørring, where their temperament and rideability were tested.

The stallions are ready for breeding this season, but must go through a 35-day test to obtain final approval for breeding in Danish Warmblood.

The seven stallions from Helgstrand Dressage, which were tested in Tørring were:

Florist Enshøj
Jack Sparrow
Springbank II VH

Valverde by Vitalis/Ampere - Championstallion in Westfalen 2016


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