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Image: Darling's Dream with Helgstrand rider Michael Grønne.

Last year in November at the auction related to the Westphalia licensing, Helgstrand Dressage acquired the reserve champion Darling’s Dream by Diamond Deluxe/Lissaro.

The auction price was 600.000,00 EUR.

Many breeders might have wondered, why the stallion did not take part in Helgstrand’s online stallion show, which was livestreamed at ClipMyHorse on February 27th, 2021. The reason is very unfortunate, however we have decided to inform directly and right away, in order to avoid any misunderstandings and false rumours:

In January 2021, we received the results from the compulsory drug tests of the stallion from the day of the licensing.

It turned out, that the stallion was affected by a drug, which, at the time of the licensing as well as the auction, was stated on the FEI list over prohibited substances.

We have experienced it before, that a horse acquired at an auction, was positive in a drug test.

We have therefore decided to claim a cancellation of the purchase from both the auctioneer and the breeding federation Westphalia, since our basis for purchasing obviously has been false.

As of now, the federation has, on behalf of themselves and the seller, decided to reject our cancellation request and maintained the licensing.

“As a responsible value-driven organization dealing with breeding, development as well as buying and selling at highest level, Helgstrand Dressage cannot accept the fact that prohibited substances keep appearing at these high sports levels, stallions gradings nor in our turnover, says Andreas Helgstrand, CEO and founder of Helgstrand Dressage.

He continues: The stallion, Darling’s Dream has not shown his true face at the licensing nor the following auction.

The stallion will therefore not be offered for our breeders.

We do simply not understand that the federation in Westphalia, who was also the auctioneer, will not take responsibility and accept the return of the horse."

Link to stallion show, which starts at 2:00 pm on February 27th:

ClipMyHorse (or below)

ZibraSport (you have to register)

You can watch the stallion show for free and the videos will afterwards be available on our homepages on Monday March 1st.


14:04:00 DE431310152118 Bonjour Mette Sejbjerg
14:07:00 DE431310671018 Be Sure Mette Sejbjerg
14:12:00 DE 431314304710 Danciano Anja Engelbart
14:16:00 DE 431312501516 Danciero Eva Möller
14:18:00 208333DW1204410 Hesselhoj Donkey Boy Betina Jæger
14:23:00 DE 433330037716 Don Romance PS Julia Watzek
14:26:00 DE 43333036918 Debutant PS Julia Watzek
14:30:00 DE 43131079615 Donier Isabel Freese
14:36:00 DE 441411199617 Dynamic Dream Eva Möller
14:39:00 DE 433330893218 Forever Love Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen
14:43:00 DE 441410130718 For Real Jeanna Högberg
14:47:00 DE 433330482918 Fortunate Mette Sejbjerg
14:51:00 DE 433335054713 Feinrich Nicole Wego
14:55:00 DE 433335054813 For Romance II Jennifer Hoffmann
14:59:00 DE 431316797608 Foundation Matthias Alexander Rath
15:03:00 NLD 003201303799 Fürst Jazz Danielle Heijkoop
15:06:00 NLD 003201000417 Franklin Betina Jæger
15:13:00 DE 433335072618 Fair Deal Julia Watzek
15:17:00 DE 431310377111 Fürsten-Look Isabel Freese
15:24:00 DE 433331650604 Fürst Romancier Matthias Alexander Rath
15:30:00 DE 431310796415 Fürst Toto Julia Watzek
15:33:00 DE 433335076317 Fürst Zonik PS Heiko Klausing
15:35:00 DE 433330888216 Fynch Hatton Andreas Helgstrand
15:43:00 DE 433330843106 Fürstenball Ines Westendarp
15:47:00 DE 433330849816 Global Player Eva Möller
15:43:00 NLD 003201003396 Grey Flanell Lena Waldmann
15:51:00 DE 481810094918 Homerun ---
15:52:00 NLD 003201406459 Jovian Andreas Helgstrand
15:59:00 DE 433330611917 Iron Mette Sejbjerg
16:04:00 DE 431436916916 Lord Europe Isabel Freese
16:09:00 NLD 003201709729 My Vitality Eric Guardia Martinez
16:15:00 DE 409090029218 Rheinglanz Eva Möller
16:17:00 DE 441411353113 Revolution Andreas Helgstrand
16:24:00 DE 431316725317 Rockabye S  Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen
16:30:00 SWB 752004041401370 Springbank II VH Betina Jæger
16:37:00 DE 433330231804 San Amour I Anja Engelbart
16:42:00 DE 333330471993 Sandro Hit Dr. Ulf Möller
16:47:00 DE 433330039615 Sezuan's Donnerhall Isabel Freese
16:51:00 DE 433330038601 Sir Donnerhall I Eva Möller
16:55:00 DE 433332275517 So Perfect Mette Sejbjerg
16:59:00 DE 431436926115 So Unique Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen
17:05:00 DE 433330376412 Total Hope Isabel Freese
17:11:00 NLD 003200006174 Totilas Matthias Alexander Rath
17:19:00 DE 433335074712 Top Gear Isabel Freese
17:24:00 DE 433335074418 Total Diamond PS Brandi Roenick
17:28:00 NLD 003000700956 Vitalis Isabel Freese
17:35:00 NLD 00200211011 Vivaldi Isabel Freese
17:42:00 DE 433335067115 Vivaldon Isabel Freese
17:48:00 DE 431310710016 Vivino Thomas Sigtenbjerggaard
17:55:00 DE 441411243514 Valverde Jeanna Högberg
18:03:00 NLD 003201403561 Zenon Julia Watzek
18:06:00 DE 433335080717 Zauberlehrling PS Julia Watzek
18:10:00 DE 431316753618 Zico Jeanna Högberg
18:16:00 DE 431310665118 Zoom In Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen
18:21:00 208333DW1802039 Diaz Skovang Eric Guardia Martinez
18:24:00 208333DW1603177 Downtown Jeanna Högberg
18:30:00 208333DW1802469 Straight Horse Finest Hour Mette Sejbjerg
18:34:00 DE433330458818 Fire Jazz Maria Vasconcelos e Sa
18:38:00 208333DW1802995 Franzé Camilla Lærke Stubberup
18:42:00 DE431316791917 Freetown Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen
18:45:00 DE 433332331118 Lordswood Bernstein SL Camilla Lærke Stubberup
18:49:00 NLD 003201709861 Majestic Taonga Merita Hagren
18:53:00 DE431310177918 Salissimo Mette Sejbjerg
18:58:00 DE 431310188018 Scotaloo Mette Sejbjerg
19:01:00 DE 441410667417 Sir Floresco Camilla Lærke Stubberup
19:05:00 DE 431316926715 Suarez Mette Sejbjerg

don zuan web

Picture: Straight Horse Don Zuan by Zack/Don Schufro and Cathrine Dufour.

The 7-year-old Straight Horse Don Zuan by Zack/Don Schufro has been with our collaborator, the successful Danish Grand Prix rider, Cathrine Dufour in order to get a very well education. Now the German Sophie Reef will take over the reins of this promising gelding.

Sophie Reef has an impressive resume of top results and with the acquisition of the 7-year-old gelding, she has now secured a very promising horse for her future U25 years.

- He is an amazing horse, and he overwhelmed me from the first moment I sat on him. He is really powerful, and as his results indicate, he has loads of potential for top-sport. Cathrine has made an impressive work with him, and I am super proud to take over the reins after her, Sophie Reef tells.

- Don Zuan is a true gentleman, and he has been loved by everyone in the stable because of his calm mind. He definitely has a special place in my heart, as he was one of the first horses, I got to educate in my collaboration with Helgstrand. It is no secret, that I easily get attached to all my horses, and even though I am aware, that I eventually have to say goodbye, I still find it very sad, Cathrine says.

Straight Horse Don Zuan has definitely drawn attention to himself on the show grounds. At the Danish young horse championships, he finished on a 4th place with 92% as a 5-year-old in 2019 and the year after, he qualified to the finals by winning the qualification with no less than 93%. Moreover, he was also selected to represent Denmark at the prestigious Young Horse World Championships, which unfortunately got cancelled due to COVID-19.

- Cathrine has again done, what she does best: educating a young horse with immense success. With such a talented horse, it means a lot for us, that he continues his impressive path with a new ambitious rider as Sophie Reef, who has a lot of support, Andreas Helgstrand says.

Don Zuan is bred by Straight Horse, who is also the breeder of plenty of successful offspring, including Don Zuan's three full brothers and sisters; the three-times World Champion Sezuan, the silver-medal-mare Straight Horse Ascenzione, who has won international small tour with Helen Langehanenberg and, who was also sold from Helgstrand as well as the gold-medal-mare Straight Horse Sezuanna. 

Watch video of Sophie Reef and Straight Horse Don Zuan:


Picture: David Kunath and Maik Kanitzky's daughter together with Virazzo by Vivaldi/Ragazzo.

Just as we published the news about Maik Kanitzky, the breeder of the successful Sir Donnerhall I and II, acquiring the 2019 winner of the Danish Warmblood 35-day test, Atterupgaards Barcelo, we can now also announce that this was not the only superstar he has secured for his new stable. The other addition to his team of horses is the extremely well-moving 5-year-old stallion, Virazzo by Vivaldi/Ragazzo.

After many years of successful breeding, including Sir Donnerhall I, who is offered in the exclusive Helgstrand-Schockemöhle stallion collection and Sir Donnerhall II, who has been trained at Helgstrand Dressage and now performs at international Grand Prix level with Morgan Barbançon, Maik is now fully focusing on the dressage sport.

The new team consists of the master riders Sarah Backhaus and David Kunath, as well as other riders, with whom Maik has entered into partnerships, including Tessa Frank, who will be the responsible educator of Atterupgaards Barcelo.

They have visited Helgstrand Dressage to look for top horses that can help them in their future endeavours and to reach their sports goals – and here they also received some good tips in the training with Andreas.

- It’s hard to ask for more. With Virazzo we really get the complete horse, both type-wise as well as with his movements. In the training with Andreas, he also showed that he has a positive attitude and therefore I am certain that he will be a pleasure to further educate, master rider at Gestüt Heidehof, David Kunath tells – he considers both Virazzo and Barcelo as very prominent for the future.

After having acquired Barcelo and Virazzo I can, without hesitation, conclude that this wasn’t the last time we visited Helgstrand. With Maik’s visions, we definitely need to invest in some of the best horses – and they are found at Andreas’ place, without a doubt, David tells. He is grateful that there are people, who gladly invest in the sport, where riders just like himself, get the opportunity to further educate horses of the absolute first quality.

Barcelo tessa nyhed ridebillede

Picture: Atterupgaards Barcelo by Bon Coeur/Caprimond E.H. with his new rider Tessa Frank.

Maik Kanitzky from Gestüt Heidehof in Leipzig is the name behind the successful Sir Donnerhal I and his full brother Sir Donnerhall II (Sandro Hit/Donnerhall). Both of them has very impressive resumes. Sir Donnerhall I is offered at the exclusive Helgstrand-Schockemöhle stallion collection and Sir Donnerhall II has been in training at Helgstrand Dressage and is now successful in international Grand Prix classes with Morgan Barbançon. Maik Kanitzky har pivoted a bit and is now focusing on the dressage-league, where he has now secured the 2019 winner of the Danish Warmblood 35-day test, Atterupgaards Barcelo by Bon Coeur/Caprimond E.H.

At this moment, Maik Kanitzky is establishing a team at Gestüt Heidehof, who is responsible for the education of the horses. Master rider David Kunath is at the head of the team – he has during the past 11 years been self-employed and developed several horses to compete at S-level. Moreover, he has allied with some om the best young horse-riders, for example, Tessa Frank, who will now be in charge of the education of Barcelo.

- I tested several horses at Andreas’ place, but the very first round on Barcelo confirmed that he was the one. He has a great attitude, incredible rideability and three outstanding gaits that create a solid foundation for a future career in top sport, Tessa Frank expresses. Tessa has qualified several horses to the prestigious World Championships for young horses and also the German Bundeschampionat.

- With Maik’s high ambitions it is crucial to invest in the best possible horses, and they are undoubtedly to be found at Helgstrand. I am so impressed by the place as well as the fact that they could present so many horses that matched our requirements. Moreover, I am deeply thankful for the help I was provided since Andreas helped a lot through his teaching and training. Such a unique possibility, Tessa adds. She also expresses her gratitude to Maik for getting this outstanding possibility.

Atterupgaards Barcelo has left Helgstrand and is now located in Hamburg at Tessa’s place, where she will be in charge of the future education of this promising young horse.

Atterupgaards Barcelo is one among many successful offspring from Stutteri Atterupgaard. Barcelo’s dam, Atterupgaards Dicte, is the full sister to the legendary Olympics horse, Atterupgaards Cassidy. With Cathrine Dufuor in the saddle, Cassidy has won numerous medals for Denmark. Dicte is moreover the dam to two licensed stallions: Fassbinder and Atterupgaards Botticello. Fassbinder is the sire of the two successful ET-full sisters, Fiontina and the triple-world champion Fiontini, who is a part of the Danish initial squad with Andreas Helgstrand. Botticello, who also has been in the Helgstrand stables as a breeding stallion, is now prominently developing towards Grand Prix level with the Danish-born American rider, Charlotte Jorst.


Barcelo tessa nyhed

Picture: Atterupgaards Barcelo by Bon Coeur/Caprimond E.H. with his new rider Tessa Frank.

revolution web

Picture: Revolution by Rockey Lee/Rouletto and Andreas.

We had indeed looked forward to inviting you all to the stallion shows here in Denmark and abroad during the spring, to really get the new breeding season going, but unfortunately, the situation does not look all too bright. Instead, we have decorated the indoor arena, just as we do when hosting the stallions shows and is preparing to film the whole collection of stallions 2021, so that you will get the chance to experience both the new stallions, but also get an update on the older stallions, who have had a fantastic development.

You can look forward to experiencing the stallion collection 2021 already Friday the 19th of February at 14:00, where our website will be updated with the new presentation videos of the stallions.

However, we are still working on hosting our live stallion shows during the spring, both at Helgstrand Germany in Syke and in Denmark. However, due to the corona pandemic, the situation is still uncertain. We know how much the live presentation of the stallions means to the breeders, and therefore we will do everything to complete our stallion shows if the situation allows it.

Last year’s presentations videos of the stallions were very popular, and we therefore knew that we should repeat the success, which we announced at the end of 2020. The thousands of views around the world has led many new breeders to Helgstrand and has also functioned as an important tool for our loyal breeders. We have experienced that many breeders find the comments from Andreas, about which mares that is suitable for each stallion, very useful. Therefore, you can not only look forward to this year’s stallion collection but also hear the good advice Andreas shares.

This year we have again added several Champion and Premium stallions to the collection, like Forever Love by Fair Game/Destano, who was selected as Premium Stallion at the Westfalen Licensing, and the Oldenburg Premium Stallion Fortunate by Foundation/Quaterback, who is an ultra-modern stallion and can, with his movements and type, bring the breeding a step further. Very importantly we must not forget the 4 Premium Stallions from Hannover; Zoom In by Zoom/Waterland, Salissimo by Secret/Bellisimo M, Bonjour by Bon Coeur/Fürst Nymphenburg and Be Sure by Benicio/Scuderia.

Unfortunately, there is not a long list of results from 2020, but luckily our stallions participated at the prestigious German Bundeschampionate, where Fynch Hatton (Formel Eins/Sir Donnerhall I), Global Player (Kastel's Grand Galaxy Win/Don Schufro) and Rockabye S (Revolution/Belstaff) achieved amazing results. Even though many shows where cancelled, we are still very proud that our stallions qualified to both danish and foreign Championships and also to the recognized Young Horse World Championship. These breeding stallions have really developed, and we look forward to show Revolution (Rockey Lee/Rouletto), Jovian (Apache/Tango), Springbank II VH (Skovens Rafael/De Niro), Franklin (Ampére/Ferro), just like we look forward to show the upcoming stars such as So Perfect (Sezuan/Sir Donnerhall I), My Vitality (Vivaldi/D-Day), Iron (Asgard’s Ibiza/Hohenstein) and the newly arrived Hesselhøj Downtown (Hesselhøj Donkey Boy/Zack).

Put a mark in the calendar Friday, February 19th and visit Helgstrand’s website to see the new stallion presentation!

Our breeding experts are ready to help you both by phone and e-mail, so please don’t hesitate to contact them:

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Phone: +49 171 77 47 646

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Dynamic Dream red Web stallion

Picture: Dynamic Dream and Jeanna Högberg. 

Even though many of the events throughout 2020 were cancelled due to the COVID pandemic, there might be someone who wonders what happened to the impressive stallion from the Westfalen Stallion Licensing, Dynamic Dream by Glock’s Dream Boy/Sir Donnerhall I. Unfortunately, he got an injury in the neck during the collection of semen last year, which resulted, that he could not participate in the Danish Warmblood 35-days test during the fall 2020 and therefore could not receive the final approval in the Danish Warmblood.

Dynamic Dream put us all under his spell at the 2020 Danish Warmblood Stallion Licensing Show with his extraordinary movements and modern type, which gave him the title Premium Stallion. Not surprisingly he received top scores at the following 14-days test and was assigned with a 1-year breeding approval.

The Danish Warmblood has chosen to expand the breeding approval due to the stallion licensing and will evaluate the foals from the years 2021-2022 and see if the breeding approval shall be permanent.

- It is really a shame when such a promising young stallion gets injured, especially now that he had so many mares the first breeding season. It is something we rarely experience with our young stallions, but he has all the qualities, that is demanded in the modern breeding. Therefore, it is very sad that the injury might affect his riding career since the vets do not think his future riding career looks too promising at the moment due to the affects of the injury. We hope for the best and in the meantime, we are so pleased to, in the coming months, see all the foals from him, Andreas Helgstrand tells. He hopes that some of these foals will be a part of the new generation at Helgstrand Youngsters in the fall.

Dynamic Dream will stay at our new facilities in Syke, where he will be available for the breeders. Dynamic Dream is also licensed in Oldenburg.

GEG Logo Byline Sort


Global Equestrian Group is established as a strategic partnership between the internationally esteemed Ludger Beerbaum Stables, consisting of sports and trading stables specialised in show jumping horses, a stallion station and the state-of-the-art Riesenbeck International Equestrian Center located in Germany; Helgstrand Dressage, one of the world’s leading equestrian sports companies with modern sales and training centers in Denmark, Germany and the US; and Waterland Private Equity.

In combination, the new partnership will have more than 150 employees, presence in 4 countries and revenue exceeding EUR 60 million. Global Equestrian Group will also include the existing activities in Helgstrand Jewellery, clothing and equestrian sports brand Kingsland Equestrian, and other equestrian venture activities. The majority owner of Helgstrand Dressage, Waterland Private Equity, will support and be a majority shareholder of the newly formed partnership.

“I am excited to enter into this partnership with Helgstrand Dressage and Waterland to accelerate the progress of our companies, create a global equestrian leader and unleash the potential of combining deep dressage and show jumping insights. I look forward to cooperate with my new partners as I will head our activities in show jumping and pursue our growth and expansion plans,” says Ludger Beerbaum, seven-time Olympian and a four-time Olympic show jumping champion and founder of Ludger Beerbaum Stables.

The Riesenbeck International Equestrian Center will be expanded and refurbished this spring to offer 300 permanent stables and new outdoor sand arenas, among other things. Global Equestrian Group will also expand the jumping activities within horse trading, training, rearing and breeding with Ludger Beerbaum Stables as a solid platform to grow the presence in the large and attractive jumping market organically and through acquisitions of reputable stables.

“Ludger Beerbaum Stables has a strong reputation and a stellar sporting track-record in show jumping, and the strategic and cultural fit with Helgstrand Dressage is just perfect. We look forward to combining our experience and diversifying our business activities to cover jumping, dressage and other exciting equestrian activities in existing and new markets alike,” says Andreas Helgstrand, two-time Olympian and Olympic bronze medal winner in dressage, who founded Helgstrand Dressage in 2008.

The global equestrian show jumping market is significantly larger than the dressage market, and Global Equestrian Group will address a combined market exceeding EUR 30 billion and build on the group’s strong global position and independent brands to leverage sales synergies and expand into new geographies.

“We are very pleased to support the emergence of a true global leader in equestrian sports by continuing to contribute with our practical experience and targeted investments in Global Equestrian Group as well as driving new markets and other interesting acquisition opportunities in line with our strategy of accelerating growth organically and through acquisitions,” says Kaspar Kristiansen, Managing Director, Waterland Nordic.

The day-to-day management of Ludger Beerbaum Stables and Helgstrand Dressage remain unchanged, and the owners will co-invest in Global Equestrian Group alongside Waterland. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.


Picture: Ludger Beerbaum. 

WhatsApp Image 2021 01 12 at 13.34.23

Picture: Fire Jazz by Fürst Jazz/Sir Donnerhall I, bred by Wieghaus-Vorwerk GbR  

Today, the Danish Warmblood pre-selection took place, and Helgstrand presented a total of 15 stallions deriving from some of the strongest performance lines in the world. This year we able to present several colts sired by our own stallions. 

The following 13 stallions were selected for the Danish Warmblood Main Licensing, which will take place in week 10 at Vilhelmsborg, Aarhus.

• Irish by Asgard’s Ibiza/Fürst Heinrich, bred by Katharina Lindena-Janssen
• Diaz Skovvang DWB efter D’avie/De Noir, bred by Marie Hedegård Pedersen
• Straight Horse Finest Hour efter Franklin/Zack, bred by Straight Horse ApS
• Franzé efter Franklin/Sezuan, bred by Henrik Hansen, HH Horses 
• Lissau’s Gauguin DWB efter Franklin/Sandro Hit, bred by Stutteri Lissau
• Fire Jazz efter Fürst Jazz/Sir Donnerhall I, bred by Wieghaus-Vorwerk GbR
• Heiline’s Galaxy Dance efter Kastels Grand Galaxy Win/De Niro, bred by Stald Heiline
• Naxos TC efter Jerveaus De Baian/Florencio I, bred by T.J.M. Coomans and L.J. Bos
• Rosebank VH efter Revolution/Dalwhinnie, bred by Västra Hoby Stuteri AB
• Tjørnelys Solution DWB efter Revolution/Heslegårds Rubin, bred by Jørgen Kaspersen
• Scotaloo efter Secret/Fürst Nymphenburg, bred by Julia and Tim Karrasch
• Sans Souci’s Vitus efter Vitalis/De Noir, bred by Christel Bendixen
• Lordswood Bernstein SL efter Bonds/Quaterback, bred by Stefanie Löhmann 

Diaz by D’avie/De Noir

Franzé by Franklin/Sezuan

Irish by Ibiza/Fürst Heinrich

Scotaloo by Secret/Fürst Nymphenburg

Solution DWB by Revolution/Heslegårds Rubin

Straight Horse Finest Hour by Franklin/Zack

WhatsApp Image 2021 01 12 at 13.30.26

Pictures: Fire Jazz by Fürst Jazz/Sir Donnerhall I, bred by Wieghaus-Vorwerk GbR 

Jens AH

Since 2017 Jens Trabjerg, one of Denmark's most recognized Event Managers, has been organising the successful international equestrian show Equitour Denmark, which is held on Helgstrand's facilities, the Helgstrand Academy close to Aalborg. Unfortunately, it is not possible for Jens to find the time to fulfil Helgstrand’s wish to expand and optimize the use of the facilities at Helgstrand Academy and also use the other facilities at Helgstrand to widen the knowledge of the company and its partners, due to the impending World Championship in Herning in 2022.

Helgstrand took over all activities within Equitour at the beginning of 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic unfortunately stopped all the new ideas in 2020, that Helgstrand had hoped to present. Helgstrand now hopes to be able to realize these ideas in 2021 with an Event Manager in the lead.

- Right now, the facilities at Helgstrand is used yearly to host Equitour and the Danish Dressage Championship and a few competitions which Uggerhalne Ridingclub hosts. We see a lot of opportunities for these facilities and also for the facilities in Germany and Wellington, US. It can, all put together, give us the unique opportunity to promote both Helgstrand and also Helgstrand Jewellery, Kingsland Equestrian, Riding Arena Robots and other partners to the rest of the world, tells the new commercial director at Helgstrand, Anders Bjørnstrup Bech.

- It has been an absolute pleasure to establish Equitour and not only welcome national and international riders to Uggerhalne, but also to establish new opportunities such as the Danish Riding Federation’s Ridingschool Cup competition and also the recognized Almased Dressage Amateurs tournament, that very fast became a great success. I look forward to still taking part on the sideline and then I look forward to devoting my time to World Cup Herning and also the World Championship in Herning 2022, where the planning has really started, Jens Trabjerg tells.

- We are very sad to have to say goodbye to Jens Trabjerg, since he has made a terrific job and really has promoted the Helgstrand brand out to the world, with the organization of a highly accomplished and internationally recognized set-up. But we also know and understand that Jens has to devote all his time to the World Championship and we are very happy that we will still be able to have his help and experience to lean on when needed, Andreas Helgstrand tells.

Due to Jens stepping down as organiser, Helgstrand has now decided to apply for an Event Manager that can help fulfil the ambitions which Helgstrand has and in general push the development of the leading equestrian company and the events.

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