Global Equestrian Group, Waterland Private Equity, and Wellington Equestrian Partners join forces to invest in the Globalization of Equestrian Sport


Andreas Helgstrand, CEO of Global Equestrian Group (GEG) and Mark Bellissimo, CEO of Wellington Equestrian Partners (WEP) announced an unprecedented partnership focused on developing international equestrian sport.  GEG, will acquire the Wellington, Florida based Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC) and will invest in WEP equestrian lifestyle initiatives.  WEP’s largest partners, Mark Bellissimo, Roger Smith, Lisa Lourie, and Marsha Dammerman as well as Michael Stone will co-invest in GEG.   Mark Bellissimo and PBIEC have transformed Wellington into the world’s premiere destination for equestrian enthusiasts, with competitions and events across more than 40 weeks every year. PBIEC is home to the Winter Equestrian Festival, spanning 13 weeks and is the world’s largest and longest-running equestrian sports event. 4,000 families, 8,000 horses, and 250,000 spectators from 43 different countries converge on Wellington to compete for over USD 12 million in prize money.  A recent independent economic study highlighted the Winter Equestrian Festival’s annual economic impact on Palm Beach County of USD 279 million of total expenditures and 150,000 bed nights.  GEG is part of Waterland Private Equity, who manage a global investment portfolio worth around USD 11 billion.


PBIEC operates 16 competition arenas, 2,500 stalls, and provides participants and spectators with a variety of exclusive restaurants, shopping, hospitality areas, and other first-class facilities.  PBIEC management will remain intact with Mark Bellissimo continuing as CEO, Michael Stone as President, and David Burton as Chief Operating officer.  The GEG initiative will launch major investments in all areas of the facility ensuring that PBIEC will continue to be the pre-eminent sport horse venue in the world with increased exposure in Europe, Asia, and South America.  The purchase includes an 11-acre expansion of the Showgrounds.  To ensure continuity, the WEP partners required a 50-year deed restriction on the venue that guarantees USEF and FEI sanctioned shows on the property.  USEF CEO, Bill Moroney, commented, “As always, we are pleased to see a continued investment in US equestrian sport. This significant commitment to world class facilities, horse and rider welfare, and USEF and FEI competitions further validates the market’s demand, at all levels, for organized sport.” Andreas Helgstrand, co-owner and CEO of GEG added, “The Winter Equestrian Festival and PBIEC are fantastic brands within international equestrian sport.  Together, we will strengthen the offering and create a global market leader spreading our passion for equestrian sport and lifestyle to new markets.”  Outside of equestrian events the Group is active in other equestrian investments including Helgstrand Dressage, Ludger Beerbaum Stables, Helgstrand Jewellery, and the equestrian apparel and accessories company Kingsland Equestrian. At present, the total revenue of these combined is USD180 million.


GEG will now have event venues in the US, Germany, and Denmark. The partnership will benefit from knowledge sharing and a strengthened positioning of PBIEC within show jumping where Ludger Beerbaum Stables has a unique market position. Furthermore, the partnership enables the Group to leverage PBIEC’s experience and create a European equestrian sports event company.  ”Our goal is to enhance equestrian sport by providing superior venues and top sport so riders across the world can live out their passions and dreams. With the acquisition of PBIEC, we now have the perfect setting to do this in the US and with our current expansion of Riesenbeck International in Germany we will have two top professional and attractive show grounds,” says Ludger Beerbaum, four-time Olympic gold medalist in jumping and co-owner of Global Equestrian Group.  Bellissimo added, “We are pleased to be collaborating with both Andreas and Ludger, whose passion and commitment to equestrian sport is extraordinary.  Opportunities abound to take the sport to a new level”.   GEG and WEP are evaluating further investment opportunities in Wellington including a new state of the art Global Dressage Festival showgrounds.  Bellissimo will be announcing a comprehensive strategy and a series of investments to elevate Wellington as the World’s premiere equestrian lifestyle destination thus strengthening its international appeal. The acquisition of PBIEC establishes Global Equestrian Group as a true global market leader in equestrian sports with a strong financial foundation and exciting growth opportunities,” says Kaspar Kristiansen, Managing Director, Waterland Nordic.

For further information, please contact:

Global Equestrian Group – Andreas Helgstrand, CEO Tel. +45 40100000

Waterland Private Equity- Kaspar Kristiansen, Managing Director Waterland Nordic Tel. +45 21182244

Ludger Beerbaum Stables – Ludger Beerbaum, CEO Tel. +49-(0)5454-99654

Wellington Equestrian Partners – Mark Bellissimo, CEO Tel. +1 828 571 0953

Palm Beach International Equestrian Center- Michael Stone, President +1 561 727 9353

Horse Scout Agency –

  • For media enquiries: Ellie Kelly Tel. +1 866 312 6668
  • For sponsorship enquiries: Lucienne Elms Tel. +1 828 289-4078


About Palm Beach International Equestrian Center

Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC) was founded by Mark Bellissimo and Wellington Equestrian Partners in 2006 and has contributed to transforming both equestrian sport and Wellington, Florida’s position as the world’s premiere destination for equestrian enthusiasts. PBIEC arranges 40 weeks of events and operates the Winter Equestrian Festival through its management company, Equestrian Sport Productions. The Winter Equestrian Festival, held over 13 weeks, is the world’s largest and longest-running equestrian sports event with more than 8,000 horses and participants from 50 states and 43 countries. Over 250,000 spectators attend the events.


About Global Equestrian Group

Global Equestrian Group is the world’s leading equestrian sports group based on a strategic partnership between internationally acclaimed Helgstrand and Ludger Beerbaum Stables as well as Palm Beach International Equestrian Center and private equity firm Waterland. The Group has 250 full-time employees. Global Equestrian Group has activities in dressage, show jumping and events as well as the jewellery company Helgstrand Jewellery and equestrian apparel and accessories company Kingsland Equestrian as well as other equestrian sports investments.


About Waterland

Waterland is an independent private equity investment group that supports entrepreneurs in realizing their growth ambitions. With substantial financial resources from the firm’s eighth fund of EUR 2.6 billion and committed industry expertise, Waterland enables its portfolio companies to achieve accelerated growth both organically and through acquisitions. To date, Waterland has made investments in over 700 companies. Waterland consistently achieve top tier investment ratings among private equity firms and is the only fund that has consistently been in the top 5 in the HEC/Dow Jones Private Equity Performance Ranking for 10 years. Waterland manages more than EUR 9 billion of investor commitments and has offices in Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, France, Ireland and the UK.

Brandbjergs Fiji

Picture: Brandtbjergs Fiji by Fynch Hatton.

Yesterday evening, the 1st online auction ended and a great number of international top-offspring was sold to new owners. 

On the first auction of the year, we had 21 carefully selected offspring by either Helgstrand or Schockemöhle stallions at stake - these were selected based on inspections in Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands.

Catalogue number 1, the lovely Fynch Hatton daughter, Brandtbjergs Fiji was without a doubt many’s favorite and ended with a price of no less than 79.500 EU and that way also became the highlight of the auction. Fiji is bred in Denmark by Erik Buhl, however she will now have a bright future ahead with her new home by the German Olympics rider Sissy Max-Theurer at Gestüt Vorwerk. The second-highest price of the auction was catalogue number 7, Tonight’s Symphony by Totals/Sir Donnerhall who was sold for 30.000 EUR. 

-It is absolutely amazing- we are thrilled. Our experience with the whole process related to this online auction has been very good. And it is always a pleasure to sell a horse to a professional, Erik Buhl says

Watch all the foals here!

- As usual, our expectations are high, but an average price of 135.000 DKK and a price highlight of 600.000 DKK is very well, and I think we can be very satisfied! I already look forward to the next auction, Esben Möller says.

Inspection dates for the 2nd online auction:


10. july 2021: Weert, Holland

12. july 2021: Helgstrand, Uggerhalne – Randers and Middelfart.

13. July 2021: Hillerød and Ringsted 

16. July 2021: Mühlen, Tyskland

17. July 2021: Mühlen, Tyskland


This auction will take place during August.

Any questions - you are more than welcome to contact Esben Möller This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone +45 52 24 85 15.



Helgstrand-Schockemöhle International Online Auction is directed to the breeders with top offspring from 2021 by either a Helgstrand or a Schockemöhle stallion which they wish to sell. The auction committee selects the foals based on the inspection and the breeders will be informed about the selection afterwards.

At Helgstrand we desire to support our breeders and therefore, we also offer free sales material on the foals that take part in the inspection but will not get selected for the auction.

Registration to the inspections per e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone +45 22 57 44 11. No later than Monday July 5, 2021

196028402 4327295620625612 1703287538845762176 n

Picture: Jeanna Högberg, one of the judges at this event.

We have found the winners in our latest ZyberRide event in Helgstrand & Zibrasport Equest Online Tour, where Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen and Jeanna Högberg have judged the tests. The winners will receive both rosettes and cool prizes from Kingsland.

Congratulations to the winners

The participants in Helgstrand & Zibrasport Equest Online Tour part 2 have been able to compete in two horse classes and a pony class. It was Christina Karlsson on Stanley, who with a nice result of 68,205 % have won a navy halter from Kingsland in Helgstrand Medium Tour1* Horse.

In Helgstrand Small Tour1* Horse it was Josephine Skov Buch on Kgs. Hørgaard Tornado who won with 74,815 % and got a navy box curtain from Kingsland, while Mathilde Kragh Thaysen on the pony Helena won with 67,969 % in Helgstrand Medium Tour2* Pony, where the 1st prize is a saddle pad and a cap from Kingsland.

Congratulations to the placed riders

In addition to the cool prizes from Kingsland for the winners, there are also ZyberRide ribbons for the placed, which you can see below - congratulations.

Helgstrand Medium Tour1* Horse

1st place: Christina Karlsson on Stanley

2nd place: Christina Karlsson on Torres

3rd place: Matte Lauridsen on Hyggebos Felia

4th place: Tine Thrane on Zackery

Helgstrand Small Tour1* Horse

1st place: Josephine Skov Buch on Kgs. Hørgaard Tornado

2nd place: Emilie Knudsen Brun on Kayan

3rd place: Lenette Nielsen on Captain Morgan

3rd place: Zoe Löschner on Fredendals Brillant

5th place: Anne Trier on Trikkilds Rebecca

6th place: Mia Hofstedt Holst Nielsen on Mace The Ace W

Helgstrand Medium Tour2* Pony

1st place: Mathilde Kragh Thaysen on Helena

2nd place: Laura-Katrine Sørensen on Close To You

3rd place: Rose Wegge-Larsen on Heart Of Fire

See all results at

Jake1 web

Skovdals Jake by Janeiro Platinum/Romanov (bred by Jørgen Skovdal) sold at the 2020 Helgstrand-Schockemöhle International Online Auction

While we eagerly await the first Helgstrand-Schockemöhle online auction on the 16th of June, we can announce the new inspection dates for the second foal auction of the year.

Inspection dates:

10. July 2021: Weert, Holland

12. July 2021: Helgstrand, Uggerhalne – Randers og Middelfart.

13. July 2021: Hillerød og Ringsted

16. July 2021: Mühlen

17. July 2021: Mühlen

Helgstrand-Schockemöhle International Online Auction is directed to the breeders with top offspring from 2021 by either a Helgstrand or a Schockemöhle stallion which they wish to sell. The auction committee selects the foals based on the inspection and the breeders will be informed about the selection afterwards.

At Helgstrand we desire to support our breeders and therefore, we also offer free sales material on the foals that take part in the inspection but will not get selected for the auction.

Registration to the inspections per e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone +45 22 57 44 11. No later than Monday July 5, 2021.

 Suarez maj2021

Picture: Mette Sejbjerg Jensen and Suarez. 

This weekend team Helgstrand was busy showing the youngsters in Billund.

With the qualifications for the DRF Young Horse championships, Helgstrand horses and riders were present in all young horse classes.

We can proudly mention the results of the weekend:

In the 4-year-old qualification, Eric Guardia and Freddie Murcury by Fürstenball won the class with 8,7, Merita Hagren and Fan Amour by Foundation came in 2nd with 8,4 and placed as number 5 was Moisés Azuar and Sir Floresco by Sir Heinrich with 8,2.

Mette Sejbjerg Jensen and Suarez by Sezuan won the 6-year-old qualification with 8,9.

Marianne Helgstrand and Elverhøjs Raccolto won the 7-year-old qualification with 8,1.


Helgstrand Jewellery is growing, and we are therefore searching for an extra set of hands to showcase and sell jewellery at different events in Denmark, Europe and USA – of course in consideration of COVID-19.

You will be able to influence your own work path in Helgstrand Jewellery. Most importantly, we strive to find a person who can come along on the journey to different exhibitions and shows, but concurrently with your results, you can get more responsibility.

We imagine that you:

- Are very accommodating

- Are fluent in English

- Have good communication skills

- Proven sales experience (preferably from the jewellery industry, however this is not a requirement)

No matter how well we plan and structure our activities, sudden events can be added to the calendar, and we therefore wish to find an adaptable person. It is not crucial, that you live in Denmark – most important is that you are ready to travel abroad for shorter periods during the year. We will collaboratively determine the workload.

Start as soon as possible.


If the position sounds interesting to you, please send a short application and your resume to Merete Brix at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In case you have any questions, you are welcome to give Merete a call: +45 2940 8045


Helgstrand Jewellery was established in 2015 by Marianne Helgstrand. The collections come in both silver and gold and are designed with inspiration from the equestrian world. All collections include unique pieces that are directed to the quality-conscious buyer.

Visit our website to learn more about the brand

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Picture: Cathrine Dufour and Vamos Amigos (Baun Photo).

Cathrine Dufour and former Helgstrand horse, Vamos Amigos entered the arena Saturday in Compiegne, France with great success and won the class!

With no less than 76,48% she managed to move to the top of the class in front of Charlotte Fry and Everdale in the 3* Grand Prix Special today. Vamos Amigos was previously in the stables of Helgstrand Dressage where he was educated by Marianne Helgstrand.

In 2019 he was sold to Annabella Pidgley through our partner Cathrine Dufour, who continued the development of Vamos Amigos.

“I am proudly watching Cathrine and Vamos winning today in such a tough competition. It is a rather special couple, these two. A couple of years ago, we sold the horse to one of Cathrine’s clients. We never doubted that this horse had the potential and Cathrine really illustrates this today,” Andreas Helgstrand says proudly.

We would like to congratulate the Pidgley family and Cathrine on the great results!


Billede: Jeanna Högberg and Devonport.

This weekend we completed the Danish Championships at Equitour with great success!

We had an amazing show where we could announce new champions in both para dressage, U25 and senior leagues. Despite the bad weather and the fact that we could not welcome any spectators we were enjoying top riding and hope that some of you also enjoyed the ZibraSport livestream! 

Helgstrand riders also delivered great performances- among the results, we find:

PSG Friday:

Jeanna Högberg (Devonport) nr.1, Michael Grønne (Scarlett) nr. 2, Jeanna Högberg (Empire) nr. 4 and Eric Guardia (Herosch) nr. 7.

Intermediare I Saturday:

Jeanna Högberg (port) nr. 2 and Jeanna Högberg (Empire) nr. 4

Intermediare Freestyle Sunday:

Jeanna Högberg (Devonport) nr. 1 and Jeanna Högberg (Empire) nr. 4

MA2 Sunday:

Michael Grønne (Scarlett) nr. 1 and Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen (Hennessy) nr. 2

Danish Championship Seniors finale Sunday:

Marianne Helgstrand (Super Mario) nr. 6.


We are already thrilled about the next event which is the Longines EEF Series Uggerhalne with international nations cup! 

Follow along on for important updates and information regarding the coming event! Once again thanks to all our sponsors for supporting us in these events.

2 DM for senior 2

Equitour Denmark is ready for the Danish Dressage Championships 2021!

We are ready for this weekend’s Equitour Denmark, where we are thrilled to find this year’s new Danish Champions.

Once again, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we are unfortunately not able to welcome any spectators, however we indeed look forward to some exciting days with great riding!

“We look forward to welcoming all riders to this coming weekend's Equitour DM at Helgstrand. In this connection, we would like to thank our sponsors and partners who make it possible to hold these events - especially in the difficult circumstances "says Martin Thorbøll Pedersen, Head of Events and Partnerships and also points out the following:

“We would like to emphasize that everyone who has access to the site must present a valid corona passport or negative corona test. If you do not, you will be rejected and referred to the nearby test sites. There is no access for spectators during the event.

" To ensure a safe environment for both horses and riders, we have developed a health plan, that everyone at the showground is expected to follow. You can find all the details at

Thanks to ZibraSport we are able to livestream the whole event – follow this link to find the livestream:

We would also like to thank all our sponsors, who support us and the Danish championships!

Find all relevant information on the website:




Online dressage event - ride for Anne-Mette Strandby and Jeanna Högberg

Do you want to develop your riding and dressage skills as well as compete against others from home? Then you should sign up for our new ZyberRide event in Helgstrand & Zibrasport Equest Online Tour. You can participate in two horse classes or one pony class, and Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen and Jeanna Högberg are ready judge your ride. The registration deadline is on May 31st, and there are cool prizes from Kingsland at stake.

Ride and win from home

In Helgstrand & Zibrasport Equest Online Tour part 2 you can compete in the two horse classes Helgstrand Medium Tour1* (corresponding to M level) and Helgstrand Small Tour1* (corresponding to L level) or the pony class Helgstrand Medium Tour2* ( corresponding to L level). There is room for 20 participants in each class, and there are ribbons for the placed riders (max. 6 per class) as well as Kingsland products for the winners.

Registration and participation

The registration deadline is May 31st, but registration will close before if 20 riders have registered for a class. The recording of the ride must be submitted no later than June 7th, and we will publish the results on June 14th.

Sharp dressage minds will judge your ride

It is the Helgstrand riders Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen and Jeanna Högberg who will judge your ride and give you constructive comments along the way, which you can use to move forward in your training with your horse or pony. You will receive your score sheet and result by June 14th.

Great Kingsland prizes at stake

The winner of Helgstrand Medium Tour1* Horse will receive a navy halter in full size from Kingsland, while the winner of Helgstrand Small Tour1* Horse will receive a stable curtain from Kingsland. For the winner of the pony class Helgstrand Medium Tour2* Pony, there is a saddle pad and a cap from Kingsland. In addition, there are ZyberRide ribbons for the placed riders (max. 6 per class).

How to participate?

You participate by creating a profile on and thereafter add yourself and your horses/ponies to the profile. Now you are ready to register for the class you want to participate in. There is room for 20 participants in each class, and the participation fee is DKK 75. But if you are a Premium Member at Zibrasport Equest, you can you participate for just DKK 60. Remember to read the schedule and the recording instructionsKin, so you are sure of participation conditions. It is a pity if you should make mistakes that could have been avoided. It is also important that you have control over the actual program that you are going to ride. All information is available at

Improve your skills

ZyberRide is created by Helgstrand Dressage and Zibrasport Equest, and the purpose of the online dressage platform is to give you the opportunity to supplement your training and physical competition activity with new online options. By participating in online events, you get qualified and constructive feedback of you and your horse/pony's performance, without having to go to a show venue. ZyberRide offers dressage programs at different levels, where you will be judged and get good advice and feedback from some of the dressage sport's great profiles. ZyberRide is not meant to replace physical event participation but should be seen as a supplement to your training,development, and event participation. We hope that ZyberRide can contribute to your development and training, and we look forward to seeing your rides. Best Helgstrand & Zibrasport Equest

Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen is a master rider at Helgstrand Dressage. Her daily life largely consists of educating the young horses, but Anne-Mette has also had great success with older horses. The summer of 2020 was especially successful, as she and Foco Loco took the team bronze medal from the U25 European Championships. And as if that were not enough, the equipage finished the European Championships with an excellent performance in freestyle, which resulted in a gold medal and a European Champion title.

Jeanna Högberg is a rider at Helgstrand Dressage. She is extremely experienced and has won almost everything she has participated in. Already as a pony rider she won two gold medals at the Swedish Championships and team bronze at the European Championships. Since then she has had several victories, including three more gold medals at the Swedish Championships, several finals and participation at the prestigious Young Horse World Championships. In Sweden, she is recognized for her diligence, and she has even been nominated for Comet of the Year by the magazine Tidningen Ridsport.

Contact us

We would be pleased to help you choose the perfect horse for you, based on your budget and your requirements.

Andreas Helgstrand

Thomas Sigtenbjerggaard

Uggerhalnevej 80, 9310 Vodskov