Last week we had the pleasure of announcing that Mads and Maik are back on our team at Helgstrand Dressage. Yet another rider will soon join our team of riders. Our new rider is Betina Jæger, who, just like many of our other riders, has several years of experience in training horses all the way to Grand Prix. We look forward to welcoming Betina on the team. 

During the next couple of months we will unfortunately have to say goodbye to Daniel and Severo. Daniel will start a new job at Blue Hors, whereas Severo is going back to Van Olst Horses in Holland; this will among other things enable him to spend more time with his girlfriend Annika. We are of course sad that Daniel and Severo will no longer be part of our team, as we have been very pleased with our co-operation with both of them. We wish Daniel and Severo all the best for the future.

"When one door closes another opens", this quote applies to the present situation at Helgstrand.

We are proud to welcome Mads Rom and Maik Kohlschmidt back on our team. Mads and Maik have previously been part of our team, and after a couple of years in other jobs, they have chosen to come back to work for us. Mads has already started his job as stable manager, and he is e.g. responsible for our grooms and ”handymen” as well as the daily operation of the stable.

Maik will be part of our team of riders, and he will be training our young as well as older horses. In addition to Mads and Maik, we have also signed a contract with a female rider, who wil also become part of our team of riders. However, we cannot publish her name until next week. Maik and our new rider have several years' experience with training horses to Grand Prix level.

Everyone is looking forward to working together with the new members of our team.

Goldfinger V.D.T. has now started Danish Warmblood's 35-day performance test. Goldfinger did well on the first day and made a good performance under rider. We hope for a good result, when the test ends.

Galaxy Win T has also started his performance test, however, his test is taking place a little further south, as he is completing the 50-day performance test in Holland in KWPN.

Goldfinger V.D.T.

Even though we had high expectations to our young horses before this round of the championship this weekend, it is quite overwhelming that every one of them ended up with such great results.

We had 15 horses in the class for 4-year-olds, and 11 of the horses are now on to the finals in Odense in October. In fact, riders from Helgstrand Dressage took the first six placings. The placings were as follows:

1. Romanova and Rikke Dupont with 9.18 points, with e.g. 9.8 for trot and rideability.

2. Patrik and Ditte with 9.08 points, with e.g. 9.5 for trot and rideability.

3. Fiontina and Severo with 9.02 points, with e.g. 9.5 for trot and canter.

4. Fleetwood and Andreas with 9.02 points, with e.g. 9.2 for walk and rideability.

5. Vincent Maranello and Thomas with 8.98 points, with e.g. 9.5 for trot and canter.

6. Tørveslettens Fifty-Fifty and Emma with 8.96 point, with e.g. 9.0 for rideability and capacity.

8. Franklin and Emma with 8.70 points.

10. Forlan and Daniel with 8.56 points.

11. Zermillo and Ditte with 8.56 points.

14. Wichers and Daniel with 8.30 points.

16. Faximilliana and Emma with 8.26 points (Straight Horse Zackonik and Emma are 1. reserve in the finals).

In the class for 5-year-old horses, the success continued, however, only with 4 horses this time. Andreas and Evander won a clear victory thanks to a superb performance, which was awarded with 9.16 points; they obtained e.g. 9.6 for trot and 9.5 for capacity. Severo and Hot Shot W finished second with 8.88 points; they received impressive 9.5 for trot and 9.0 for capacity, Marianne and Super Mario placed fifth with 8.70 points, and Severo and Zgander placed sixth with 8.66 points. All four horses fully deserve to be qualified for the finals in Odense.

In the class for 6-year-olds, two of our horses participated. Daniel and Prima Donna finished third, scoring 8.60 points and e.g. 9.20 for trot and 9.0 for capacity. Emma and Delicious placed 13th with a score of 7.98 points. Emma and Daniel are both on to the finals.

After a weekend with 21 horses, starting in the three different age groups, 17 of our horses have qualified for the finals. We are, of course, extremely happy and proud. We are so proud of all the outstanding horses, but especially proud of our entire team of riders and grooms; they are doing a fantastic job every single day, and this shows on a weekend like this.


The weekend is getting closer and we are getting ready for the second round of the dressage championship for 4-, 5- and 6-year-old horses, which takes place this weekend. This year, we have a total of 21 horses, who have qualified for this round; fourteen 4-year-olds, four 5-year-olds and three 6-year-olds. We are really looking forward to presenting all the horses, and we have some very good horses in all three age groups.

In the group for 4-year-olds, Severo will be showing Fiontina, who qualified from the preliminary round with 9.12 points. Already as a 3-year-old, Fiontina was among the medal winners, as she received a breeder's gold medal last year at Danish Warmblood's Elite show.

Thomas will be showing the performance test winner Vincent Maranello, who qualified with 9.10 points. Franklin is another of our exciting young horses; Franklin was performance test winner in KWPN. Franklin will be presented under Emma. Emma will also show Straigt Horse Zackonik, who qualified with 8.96 points. Zackonik is a full sister to DV-stallion Glocks Zonik. Tørveslettens Fifty-Fifty is another good horse with a "golden" pedigree. The mare of Fifty-Fifty is the gold medal mare Tørveslettens Stamina, who is also at our stable. Ditte will be showing Patrik, who has a quite exciting pedigree. Patrik is a full brother to our 3-year-old stallion Don Deluxe, who became champion stallion at the German Oldenburger licensing last year.

In the group for 5-year-old horses, Severo will be showing this year's winner of the DV championship for young horses: Hot Shot W. Andreas will show Evander, who participated in the finals at Pavo Cup in Holland last year. Marianne will show Super Mario; this equipage was very successful in the finals for 4-year-olds last year, when they finished fifth.

In the group for 6-year-olds, Daniel will start the gold medal mare Prima Donna. 3 years ago, Prima Donna was named mare of the year in Danish Warmblood. In the meantime, she has had a nice foal by Sezuan. Prima Donna is continuing her training and qualified with 8.74 points from the preliminary round.

These horses are just a few of the horses participating this weekend. We are looking very much forward to showing them in the arenas, as the majority of them are quite inexperienced when it comes to competitions.

Vincent Maranello at the qualifier in Aalborg

We have recently changed the design of the page for our horses for sale. As we have approximately 40 videos of different sales horse, we have grouped the horses according to age; and the latest videos can also be found under "News". Keep an eye on the page, as we add new videos of exciting sales horses almost every week. The horse below, Fleetwood, is for example one of our latest sales horses on the page.


We have just passed 10,000 "Likes" on our Facebook profile "Andreas Helgstrand". We are, of course, very proud and grateful for all our followers on Facebook. To mark our 10,000 "Likes", we received a very nice diploma and a huge cake from our administrator on facebook profile, the company Konxion.

Our new goal is 25,000 "Likes".

Saturday, Ditte and Daniel were off to Nordvestsjællands Rideklub with three 4-year-old horses to take part in this year's last qualifier for the championship for 4-year-olds. Both riders did really well; Ditte and Patrik placed second with 8.54 points, the same score as the winner. Ditte also placed third with Zermillo and a score of 8.52 points. Daniel and Forlan placed fourth with 8.32 points. 

We are looking forward to showing these three horses and several others again in two weeks at the next round in Middelfart. 

Saturday, in the finale of the Bundeschampionship for 4-year-old mares and geldings, Rikke and Romanova placed 6th. Romanova was the only horse in the finale to earn a 10. She received 10 for her outstanding trot, and they finished with a total score of 8.10. An extremely nice result for Rikke and the young mare.

Yesterday, Romanova and Rikke started the class for 4-year-old mares and geldings at the German Bundeschampionship in Warendorf. 36 riders participated in the class, and the 10 best equipages went directly on to the finale on Saturday. Rikke and Romanova obtained 8.10 points, enough for a shared fifth place; they received e.g. 9.5 for trot and 8.5 for canter. The great performance resulted in a ticket to the finale on Saturday.

We will keep our fingers crossed for Rikke and Romanova in the finale, you can follow the result via

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