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Pictured: Lars Petersen and Mariett. Photo: Sara Hellner Photo.

When Waterland Private Equity bought them into Helgstrand, an exciting journey started – and once again it led us across the Atlantic to the equestrian mecca of Wellington, Florida, USA. Because here we have just entered into an agreement with one of the dressage sport's biggest profiles of all time, the successful dressage rider and trainer, Lars Petersen, who was born in Denmark.

- We are very proud to welcome Lars to Helgstrand Dressage. Lars has an in-depth knowledge of the USA and has built up a large network over the past many years. But it has not yet fully dawned on me, that he has said yes. It is really big for us, says a happy Andreas Helgstrand, owner and founder of Helgstrand Dressage.

Over the past 17 years, Lars and his wife, American Melissa Taylor, have built a successful business in Wellington, Florida, where Helgstrand recently announced the acquisition of the area's most attractive show venue, the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center. He has achieved many victories and competed well-known horses such as Uffe Korshøjgaard, Mid-West Ibi-Light, Blue Hors Cavan, and much more. He has competed at the World Cup, European Championship, WEG, and Olympics over time and has built up valuable experience and most recently helped to develop some of the USA's most successful and upcoming riders - skills that now benefit Helgstrand.

- It takes time to make a name for yourself in the US, but we are well on our way. Lars is respected worldwide for his achievements as both rider and trainer, and it has great value for us in the desire to expand our activities in the US, where we see a huge unfulfilled potential, adds Andreas, who has had a good friendship with Lars throughout his professional career.

Lars Petersen and Melissa Taylor will both be part of Helgstrand USA, which they are looking very much forward to. While Lars gets the overall responsibility, Melissa will help with all the practical stuff around the horses.

- I have enormous respect for what Andreas has built up, and I look forward to being a part of the further journey. I will do my utmost to make Helgstrand USA an even greater success and continue the amazing work that Dr. Ulf Möller and his team have started, in collaboration with them, says Lars Petersen, who notes that the sport is currently undergoing an impressive development in Wellington in parallel with an increasing demand for top dressage horses.

- It's a dream come true for us. We are very overwhelmed by this opportunity. For whom do not want to be a part of something so big - we will at least do our part to make Helgstrand even more successful here in Wellington and contribute to many more riders getting their dream come true, adds Lars, who is looking forward to getting started.

Lars Petersen and Melissa Taylor will take up their new positions at Helgstrand Dressage USA on April 1st, 2022, while Dr. Ulf Möller will continue to lead Helgstrand Germany and be part of Helgstrand USA during the competition season.

The ending of this year is approaching and we would like to send our Christmas greeting. Last year we made our own Christmas song, and we have the idea to make it a tradition, to create a little extra joy during Christmas time. This year's Christmas greetings again contain a lot of great moments that write themselves into the history of Helgstrand, and we hope that you will relive them with us.

It has been another busy year, even though the pandemic once again left its mark on various events. Especially the stallion station has been very busy, with many new stallions finding their way to Helgstrand. In addition, there are of course the sporting results, where, among other things, the many medals and placings at the World Young Horse Championships and the Bundeschampionate testify that we not only have some of the world's best horses, but truly also a fantastic team.

Finally, a big thank you for your support throughout the year. We hope that 2022 will be just as successful for you, and we are delighted that you will be joining us on our exciting journey. We can already reveal that the new year will bring at least as many exciting new projects, and we look forward to sharing them with you

Remember to mark your calendars for our open house at Helgstrand US hosted together with Beerbaum Stables on January 11th (sign up before January 3rd to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and our Open House with Stallion Show in Denmark on April 2nd 2022. More info to come early in the new year.

Finally, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and New Year. May the holidays and the New Year bring joy to you and your family.


Helgstrand Dressage.

masterridereducation 1

Ludger Beerbaum and Andreas Helgstrand joined forces in the Global Equestrian Group earlier this year. Now, the Olympic riders and equestrian entrepreneurs are set to initiate an innovative Master Rider Education for talented jumping and dressage riders.

The equestrian industry is growing rapidly worldwide, and horses getting better every year as our sport increases in level. Developments are seen in horse welfare, breeding, sports, and business, which create opportunities but also require highly educated riders, trainers, and entrepreneurs.

- Performing on the highest level in the sport is not only about having a good horse anymore, says four times Olympic Champion Ludger Beerbaum, partner of Global Equestrian Group and founder of Beerbaum Stables. He continues; The ability to stay consistent at the top of the sport comes with a lot of knowledge, proper horse care, and smart training.

Running a business with horses has been lifted to higher grounds as well.

Understanding key aspects to become a successful entrepreneur and running a profitable business in the modern equestrian industry is very important. I would have loved for this educational program to exist when I was young and full of dreams, says Olympic rider Andreas Helgstrand, CEO of Global Equestrian Group and founder of Helgstrand Dressage.

Global Equestrian Group launches the Master Rider Education with strong focus on the equestrian sport and industry of today and tomorrow. The educational program will consist of theory and practice, not to mention a strong focus on personal development. The theory inspires, is relevant to riders and sport performance, and gives students a strong knowledge which can directly be applied to practice. Learning from the very best in the world is also a key element.

Andreas Helgstrand emphasises the importance of educating young adults for what is to come in the future equestrian industry:

- We have learned so much during the last decades and I would love to pass on that knowledge.

Ludger Beerbaum agrees and looks back on his own career path with appreciation:

- When I was 15, professionals as Hermann Schridde and Paul Schockemohle opened doors for me which allowed me to gain a lot of knowledge. Without a doubt, those days turned out to have an incredible influence on my career. I want to do the same for others.

Would you like to know more about the new Master Rider Education?

Learn more: www.masterridereducation.com

Or are you interested in a dialogue, then please contact Anders Bjørnstrup Bech of Global Equestrian Group at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

European Championships Riesenbeck 2021

Pictured: Ludger Beerbaum on the left and Andreas Helgstrand on the right.

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Pictured: Winner of the 2021 Danish Warmblood Stallion Performance Testing; For Real by Farrell/Lord Loxley.

15 stallions from Helgstrand were inspected for the Danish Warmblood Stallion Performance Testing in October, and today the stallions received their final evaluation. A lot of people took the opportunity to see the new generation before they go to Herning next year in March. But although many people watched the evalution, the stallions were not affected by the crowd. All stallions delieverd a solid performance and once again, Allan Grøn was invited to test the dressage stallions.

The stallion For Real by Farrel/Lord Loxley was awarded top marks, scoring a total of 874.5 points. Second best was the impressive Be Sure by Benicio/Scuderia with 868.0 points and third best the charismatic stallion by the name Zoom In sired by Zoom/Waterford with 866.0 points. Another highlight of the day was Vitalos by Vitalis/De Niro, who scored the highest marks of the 4-year-olds with 869.0 points. 


  1. For Real - 874.5
  2. Be Sure - 868.0
  3. Zoom In - 866.0
  4. Hesselhøj Donkey Boss - 841.0
  5. Franzé - 838.0
  6. Zanetti - 837.5
  7. Rosebank VH - 836.0
  8. Straight Horse Finest Hour - 835.5
  9. Forever Love - 830.0
  10. Bonjour - 828.5
  11. Zaunkönig - 814.0
  12. Fortunate - 806.5
  13. It's Easy - 804.0
  14. Lordswood Bernstein SL - 802.0
  15. Hallifax Lyng - 800.0
  16. Homerun - 787.5



  1. Vitalos - 869.0
  2. Heaven Dancer - 750.0

Video: Winner of the 2021 Danish Warmblood Stallion Performance Testing; For Real by Farrell/Lord Loxley.

Video: Second highest score, Be Sure by Benicio/Scuderia

Video: Third highest score, Zoom In by Zoom/Waterford

Video:  Vitalos by Vitalis/De Niro

Eric Global Connect web

Pictured: Eric Martinez and Global Connect, who received the highest score of the qualified horses for the DWB Young Horse Championship.

In total, Helgstrand has qualified 4 horses for the Young Horse Championship, which is going to take place next year in March at the 2022 Danish Warmblood Stallion Licensing. On top of the list, we have Eric Martinez with the Grand Galaxy Win offspring Global Connect (damsire Don Schufro), who scored impressive 930 point.

But Helgstrand is represented more that only 4 times, as a total of 25 horses sired by either Hesselhøj Donkey Boy, Revolution, Franklin or Grand Galaxy Win have also secured a ticket for the championship, which makes us so proud!

Qualified horses from Helgstrand:

Eric Martinez/Global Connect by Grand Galaxy Win/Don Schufro
Michael Grønne Christensen/Triumph Villa by Vitalis/Zack
Maria Vasconcelos/Atterupgaards Franz by Franziskus/Bon Bravour
Merita Hagren/Gandhi SS by Grand Galaxy Win/Florencio I

Horses qualified sired by Revolution:

Søren Wind/Roxette by Revolution/Quite Easy
Kenneth Damgaard/Diva Unik by Revolution/Don Schufro
Nana Christine Christiansen/Hafsjolds Ranger by Revolution/Hohenstein
Silje Bakken/Heiline’s Dancing Queen by Revolution/De Niro
Josefine Hofmann/Don Revelou by Revolution/Don Schufro
Caroline Hansen/Rosie K by Revolution/Romanov
Simone Blomme Rasmussen/Rally von Rosing by Revolution/Tailormade Temptation
Anne-Marie Hosmond/Myou De Jeu by Revolution/Florencio I
Caroline Hansen/Sandbæks Rio-De Chanell by Revolution/Fürstenball C
ecilie Broholm Christophersen/Lomus Maresh by Revolution/Milan
Mette Riisager/Revel Enshøj by Revolution/Uno Don Diego

Horses qualified sired by Franklin:

Lovisa Wessblad/Francisca-D by Franklin/Romanov
Mette Rasmussen/Glorina Kilen by Franklin/Hotline
Mette Svare Ehlers/Final S DWB by Franklin/Stedinger
Steen Steensen Blicher/Dørr’s Frankie Boy by Franklin/Romonov
Louise Søgaard/Fransisca by Franklin/Romanov

Horses qualified sired by Grand Galaxy Win:

Emma Ahlberg/Skovsøgaards Galaxy Gangster by Grand Galaxy Win/Carano

Horses qualified sired by Hesselhøj Donkey Boy:

Anders Hoeck/Hesselhøj Double Up by Hesselhøj Donkey Boy/Tailormade Lancelot
Allan Grøn/Søbakkehus Maude by Hesselhøj Donkey Boy/Wilkens
Jan Møller Christensen/Divine by Hesselhøj Donkey Boy/Sezuan
Anders Hoeck/Donkey King by Hesselhøj Donkey Boy/Don Schufro
Camilla Ahlers/Plushorses Pinklady by Hesselhøj Donkey Boy/Michellino
Anne-Marie Hosbond/Danesa Nord by Hesselhøj Donkey Boy/Belissimo M
Jeppe Houmann/Jolene W by Hesselhøj Donkey Boy/Coronado
Helena Hansen/Lindegårds Donkey Dancer by Hesselhøj Donkey Boy/Holland

Congratulations to breeders, riders and owners of the qualified horses. 

Find alle resultaterne her

Joshua efter JovianBelissimo M LL Foto frikøbt web

Pictured: Joshua by Jovian/Belissimo M - awarded Premium Stallion at the Westphalia Main Licensing.

It has been some exciting days at this year's German licensing in Oldenburg and Westphalia. Helgstrand was able to add an impressive number of 14 approved stallions to the 2022 breeding collection, including several champion and premium stallions. The 14 stallions include both jumping and dressage stallions, some of which were acquired in collaboration with our German partner, Deckstation Schockemöhle. 

At the Westphalia Main Licensing, Helgstrand brought three stallions, including the impressive Premium Stallion Joshua by Jovian/Belissimo M, who truly resembles his sire in his paces. He is bred by Volker Schmale-Steinkamp. Also No. 14 by Escolar/Dimaggio - an exceptionally modern type with three strong basic gaits. He is bred by Daniela Werheit-Wagemeyer. Last but not least no. 33 by Glamourdale/Escolar, who is bred by Gestüt Grasekamp. 

GlamourdaleEscolar LL Foto frikøbt web

Pictured: Glamourdale/Escolar.

EscolarDimaggio LL Foto frikøbt web

Pictured: Escolar/Dimaggio.

VitalisFidertanz LL Foto frikøbt web

Pictured: The newly purchased Premium Stallion by Vitalis/Fidertanz, acquired for 940,000 euro.

Three stallions acquired at the auction

Not only could Helgstrand bring home the three approved stallions, Andreas and Esben secured three more approved stallions at the following auction, including the 1st Reserve Champion by Vitalis/Fidertanz, who was acquired for 940,000 euro. The stallion is bred by ZG Werth. In addition, a promising young stallion by our own successful breeding sire, Franklin, with damsire Rock Forever I. He is bred by Hendrik Schulte-Märter. Last but not least, Helgstrand could also add the buckskin coloured and extremely beautiful and harmonious stallion by Qaside/Captain Fire, bred by Sascha Hahn. 

FranklinRock Forever I LL Foto frikøbt web

Pictured: Franklin/Rock Forever I.

Qaside MDCaptain Fire LL Foto frikøbt web 

Pictured: Qaside/Captain Fire.

Indianrock forromancei web

Pictured: Andreas Helgstrand and the Indian Rock/For Romance I colt in the lap of honour with standing applaus.

The impressive and topmodern young stallion with extraordinary paces, the bay colt by Indian Rock/For Romance I was a clear Champion already at the pre-selection - and he didn't disapoint at the licensing. He catched the eye from the moment he entered the arena and impressed on the triangle, in lounge and in the free presentation as well. With this, Helgstrand can now add another champion stallion to the collection of top stallions for breeders to choose from in the 2022 breeding season. 

The Indian Rock/For Romance I/K2/T. colt is bred by Andrea Bechheim from Germany and co-owned by Danish Stutteri EVO and Helgstrand. 

Video: Indian Rock/For Romance I.

Besides adding yet another Champion to the collection, Helgstrand got a Premium Stallion - the Valverde/Floriscount/Lauries Crusador xx offspring, who was ranked 4th best stallion at the 2021 Oldenburg Stallion Licensing. The sire - former Helgstrand breeding stallion Valverde - was sold earlier this year to German Yara Reichert along with Springbank II VH. In addition, Helgstrand also presented the well-moving Don Allegro/Sarkozy colt, which received approval.

Valverde Floriscount LL Foto web

Pictured: Valverde/Floriscount.

Suarez Dante Weltino OLD kåring2021 LL Foto web

Pictured: The Premium Stallion by Suarez/Dante Weltino, price highlight of the Oldenburg Stallion Auction. 

Suarez offspring price higlight of the Oldenburg Stallion Auction

At the following auction, two offspring sired by Helgstrand's stallions received top prices; the newly crowned Premium Stallion by Suarez/Dante Weltino/Rubenstein I, bred by Nina Sixtensson, was sold for an impressive 530,000 euro to Klosterhof Medingen in Germany and the approved stallion by Jovian/Benaggio/De Niro, bred by Caterina Schulz-Beelitz, was sold for 370,000 euro to Lövsta Stuteri in Sweden.  

total mclaren web

Pictured: Hauptprämiensieger 2021, Total McLaren and Leonie Richter. 

Total McLaren awarded 2021 Hauptprämiensieger

Three stallions were invited by the Oldenburg Association to be considered for the prestigious title Oldenburger Hauptprämiensieger. Both Fynch Hatton (Formel Eins/Sir Donnerhall I) and Total McLaren (Totilas/De Niro) were invited to join this year’s Oldenburger Hengst-Tage in Vechta, Germany.

This recognition is given to stallions for the great performances of the first crop of foals and the stallion’s performances. 

There is absolutely no doubt that both stallions are world-class horses and actually seeing the first crop of foals has truly been amazing. We are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for them.  

Video: Total McLaren/Leonie Richter and Fynch Hatton/Andreas Helgstrand.

WhatsApp Image 2021 11 12 at 20.57.50

Pictured: Marianne and Andreas Helgstrand.

On Friday November 12th, Helgstrand Jewellery and CoolUnite hosted a charity event at Helgstrand Dressage and raised more than 1 million DKK for a good cause.

The aim of the charity event was to raise money for the hospice Strandbakkehuset situated in Denmark, who provides families having a seriously ill child a home where they can stay together as well as practical and emotional support. They want that all children and young people, no matter how short their lives may be, should have the best opportunities to get as much out of their lives as possible.

With great support from Helgstrand’s local suppliers, and a great amount of generous donations, Helgstrand Jewellery and CoolUnite managed to raise more than 1 million DKK to support children, young people, and their families at Børne- og Ungehospice Strandbakkehuset. The donations will help enhance the quality of life for these children, young people, and their families.

The dinner for the around 60 guests was held in the beautifully decorated indoor arena. Afterwards Andreas shared the story of founding Helgstrand Dressage and the great visons of Global Equestrian Group alongside Michael Grønne Christensen and Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen showing the top breeding stallions Fynch Hatton and Hesselhøj Donkey Boy. The auction, in which about 25 items and events were auctioned inclusive elegant jewellery from Helgstrand Fine Jewellery, took place upstairs in Helgstrand's show room. SuperVin who provided wine and other beverages to the guests throughout the evening also provided two checks and the purchase of a wine tasting for the auction.

The auction was conducted by the well-known Danish auctioneer Emil Thorup, which thus brought a lot of fun to the event.

The hospice manager of Strandbakkehuset, Dorit Simonsen, gave a moving speech before the auction and thanked for this event which meant a lot of support for the children and young people.

From Helgstrand we would like to thank all guests for the generous donations. Together we make a difference.

WhatsApp Image 2021 11 12 at 20.57.50 3

WhatsApp Image 2021 11 12 at 20.57.50 1

Pictured: Michael Grønne Christensen and breeding stallion Fynch Hatton.

WhatsApp Image 2021 11 12 at 20.57.50 2

Pictured: Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen and breeding stallion Hesselhøj Donkey Boy.

WhatsApp Image 2021 11 12 at 20.57.49

francisca lovisa wessblad louise grønhøj

Pictured: Francisca-D and Lovisa Wessblad together with the owner, Louise Grønhøj. 

The past weekend, Helgstrand Team rider Lovisa Wessblad went back home to Sweden to participate at the 2021 Jönköping Horse Show and brought Francisca-D (Franklin/Romanov) with her. And what a welcome.

- She is such a beloved horse, and she gives me the best feeling every time I’m riding her, says Lovisa, who took over the rains only 3 months ago.

Francisca-D is bred by Danish Jørn Damm, which sold her to Helgstrand. She was ridden by another Helgstrand rider until Lovise Grønhøj bought her to secure a future dressage horse for herself. But since she isn’t an experienced young horse rider, she asked her trainer, Lovisa to further educate her.

- Several times I must pinch myself, because I can’t believe I’m the lucky owner of this amazing mare. She just continues to develop so amazingly under Lovisa. I bought her to be my future riding horse, but now I’m learning from a schoolmaster to be able to take over the reins sometime in the future. Now I’m just enjoying every moment when riding her sometimes myself and I’m so happy with all the great work of Lovisa, says Louise Grønhøj.

- I just followed my dream. I have always dreamed of having a good dressage horse, but I always thought I wasn’t good enough to buy a horse from Helgstrand. Lovisa convinced me to talk to Michael Grønne at Helgstrand and now I’m the lucky and proud owner of the Swedish 4yo championship winner and I still can’t believe it, says Louise.

- Helgstrand made the dream come true for me. They have a high number of high-quality 2-, 3- and 4-year-old horses, which a ‘normal’ person like me can afford. And I’m so lucky that I bought Francisca-D, because she has already fulfilled my dreams and I can’t wait to see what the future hold for us, adds Louise.

- We hope to qualify her for the Danish Warmblood Young Horse Championship, which takes part during the 2022 Danish Warmblood Main Licensing. After that she deserves a break because she has done beautifully this year, says Lovisa, who is delighted to have such an opportunity.

Francisca-D also took part in the Danish Young Horse Championships last month, where she went straight to the A-final from the preliminary test with a fantastic result in the final.

Another Franklin offspring took home the victory at the 2021 Jönköping Horse Show as Christinelund Dressage brought the 6-yo Kavira by Franklin/Sorento, which Sofie Lexner rode for the win. Christinelund Dressage acquired this amazing horse besides the breeding stallion Janeiro Platinum by Sezuan/UB 40, who Sofie also rode directly into the 1st place.


Pictured: Sir Floresco and Moisés Jover Azuar at the Danish Championship Finals for young dressage horses.

At this year’s Championship Finals at Blue Hors we had the pleasure to see four foals sold at the first Nordic International Sales Auction in 2017. The results show a very high level of horses, which has always been the intention with these auctions.

Sir Floresco won the preliminary class with superior marks

The foals are now 4 years old and three of them qualified directly for Sunday’s finals and one secured a ticket for the final by winning the small final. Sir Floresco, who is by Sir Heinrich and out of a Floresco dam, defined the level in the preliminary class and won with 93.4 points having all scores above 9 and scored phenomenal 9.5 for canter, rideability and perspective. The extremely well-moving and beautiful young horse was shown by our Spanish rider Moisés Jover Azuar, who managed to qualify several horses to the Championship Finals even though he has only been a part of the Helgstrand team for a short period of time. The places were switched a bit in the final and Sir Floresco finished 4th with top scores for the canter and perspective. Sir Floresco is licensed in Westfalen and was appointed 2. reserve champion stallion as a 2.5-year-old and is in addition licensed in Danish Warmblood. Sir Floresco is bred by Jan Wilms and is co-owned by Christianshaab and Helgstrand.


Pictured: Faretti DWB and Mette Sejbjerg Jensen at the Danish Championship Finals for young dressage horses.

The NIS price highlight Faretti DWB won the Small Final

Many for sure remember the Franklin offspring, which was sold for a total of 150,000 euro at the auction. In 2017 she was awarded “Filly of the Year” in Danish Warmblood and a Gold Medal at the Elite Mare Show this year. The wonderful filly has in the meantime turned in to an impressive mare, who won the Small Final with 9.3 points for the trot and 9 for rideability. Faretti DWB derives from a successful breeding combination (Franklin/Don Frederico), which the Danish breeder Henrik Hansen repeated the following year with Faretti II DWB, who also received the highest price at the exclusive NIS foal auction. Faretti DWB was beautifully shown by Mette Sejbjerg Jensen and Faretti DWB is now owned by Mette and Danni Havgaard.

Franklin has this year been namedn Elite Stallion within Danish Warmblood based on his own and his offspring’s results. He sires numerous successful sporthorses and breeding stallions and he is himself on his way to Grand Prix together with Betina Jæger Jensen.

Read more about Franklin’s successful offspring here


Pictured: Rockabye S and Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen at the Danish Championship Finals for young dressage horses.

Revolution offspring in the top


Helgstrand managed to have two stallions named Elite Stallions within Danish Warmblood this year. Other than Franklin, can now take pride in this title, which shows his fantastic ability to pass on his extraordinary qualities. Among the impressive offspring are Helgstrand’s own breeding stallion Rockabye S, who has the internationally successful Belstaff as damsire. Betina Jæger Jensen and Belstaff achieved great results and participated in the prestigious World Championship in Tryon, US and Belstaff has since earned great international success with his owner and rider Dong Seon Kim.

Rockabye S has inhabited his sires’ movements, temper and look, which also resulted in a 6th place in the Young Horse Championship Finals with 87.0 points, a 9 for the trot, 8.8 for the canter and the rideability. The stallion is bred by Sally-Ann Hjorth Schultz and is co-owned by Søren Grønborg and Helgstrand.

Read more about his offspring here

unno josefine

Pictured: Unno and Josefine Hoffmann at the Danish Championship Finals for young dressage horses.

Unna and Josefine Hoffmann among the top

Last but not least we have the well moving Vitalis offspring Unna (damsire: Rock Forever), who together with Josefine Dahl Hoffmann secured a 4th place in the preliminary class with 89.0 points and 9.5 for rideability, 9 for trot, canter and perspective. Josefine is a very successful rider and did also ride the 5-year-old mare RGS Finest Alegra (Finest/Ampére) to a victory in the preliminary class with an impressive score of 95.0 and ended 2nd in the final with a close margin to the winner. Unna is bred by Hendrik Schulte-Märter and Gretel Schulte-Buxloh and is owned by the family Kasprzak.

Nordic International Sales will be held again in 2022.

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