Last weekend, many of Helgstrand Dressage’s horses have been away for competitions and have achieved great results.

Søren Wind placed as fourth at the European Championships

Our rider Søren Wind and Diego achieved an impressive result in the individual test at the European Championships for U25, last weekend. Last Friday, the couple had their first individual test and was placed as fourth with a total score of 70,59% - with this result, they were qualified for the final Sunday.

Sunday, in the freestyle final, Søren and Diego were once again placed as number four with a total score of 72,64%.

We wish Søren a big congratulation with all the great results this weekend.

Søren, Diego, and Kamilla

Two stallions qualified for the German Bundeschampionat

Two of our stallions showed impressive quality in the qualification for the German Bundeschampionat final and achieved excellent results, both with the same rider in the saddle, Eva Möller.

Back in April, Helgstrand Dressage purchased the champion stallion from the Oldenburg Saddle licensing, Fynch Hatton, and this has proved to be a good decision. On Thursday 25th July, Fynch Hatton competed at the Oldenburger Landesturnier where he delivered a top performance and won the class for 3-year-old stallions. He got 8,5 for walk, 9,0 for trot, 10 for canter, 8,5 for education and 9,0 for type.

On Saturday 27th July, Fynch Hatton completed his second test and won with a total score of 9,1 and secured a spot for the final in the Bundeschampionat. He is now awarded the title Oldenburger Landeschampion.

On Friday 26 July, our popular breeding stallion, Valverde, also won his competition for 5-year-old horses and got 8,5 for walk, 9,0 for trot, 9,0 for canter, 8,5 for suppleness and 9,0 for total impression. He is now awarded the title as Westfalenchampion.

With this victory, Valverde secured his qualification for the finals in the Bundeschampionat. Last year, he also competed at the finals and won a silver medal, so we look forward to seeing some great results from him this year too.

Valverde has been a part of our stallion collection for two years, and you can see some of his offspring in the foal gallery here.

Both Valverde and Fynch Hatton are stationed in Germany.

Valverde and Eva Möller

Fynch Hatton and Eva Möller

Yesterday, the last two riders had their test in the team competition at the European Championships for U25 riders. Among them were our rider, Søren Wind and Diego. The Danish team delivered four good performances and ended up with a total score of 68,490%.

Today, the individual qualifications for the finale on Sunday is starting. Søren and Diego are doing their test today at 6.42 pm, but it’s first after the last rider completes their test tomorrow evening, we’ll know who’s qualified for the finale.

We, at Helgstrand Dressage, congratulate the Danish riders on the bronze medal.

You can see more about the schedule and results here.

The danish team with the bronze medal


This week, Søren and Diego are in Italy, where they’ll be competing in the U25 European Championships for the team and individually.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the event starts with the team competition, where they’ll be riding Intermediate II. On Friday, the individual competition kicks off with the preliminary round and on Sunday, the qualified riders will be riding their Kür.

Helgstrand Dressage wishes good luck to all the Danish riders.

See the starting list and results for Søren and the other Danish riders here.

Søren Wind and Diego 471

The qualifications have come to an end and we are proud to announce that 13 horses from Helgstrand Dressage are selected for the WCYH in Ermelo 2019.

It will be an overwhelming collection of top dressage horses that will compete at the WCYH and Helgstrand Dressage is ready with 13 youngsters. Five out of our 13 participating horses are breeding stallions, which are also a part of our stallion collection 2019. Every 13 horses have made fantastic results in the past and we really look forward to seeing the results at the WCYH 2019.

The final list for the WCYH in Ermelo:


Elverhøjs Raccolto – Meike Lang Espe 45 – Eva Möller
Jovian – Andreas Helgstrand
Queenspark Wendy – Andreas Helgstrand
Skovens Tzarina – Betina Jæger
Springbank II VH – Severo Jurado Lopez
Valverde – Eva Möller


Revolution – Andreas Helgstrand
Zhaplin Langholt – Andreas Helgstrand


Bonderman – Betina Jæger
D’avie – Severo Jurado Lopez
Icing For U – Meike Lang


Severo Jurado Lopez and Springbank II VH


Meike Lang and Icing For U


We are happy and proud to announce that in the final qualification in Warendorf, all our riders delivered their best. In the 5-year-olds class, both Espe and Valverde qualified for WCYH with Eva Möller in the saddle. In the 6-year-olds, Andreas and Revolution had an incredible ride and the World Champion for 5-year-olds last year secured his place in this years WCYH. In the 7-year-olds we had Bonderman with his rider Betina and D’avie with his rider Severo – both did very well in the test and were selected for the WCYH, which takes place in Ermelo at the beginning of August.

We are honored to have such great horses here at Helgstrand Dressage, because now we have 11 horses ready for the WCYH, and hopefully a few more on the way.


Jovian – Andreas
Valverde – Eva
Espe – Eva
Skovens Tzarina – Betina
Elverhøjs Raccolto – Meike
Queenspark Wendy – Andreas


Zhaplin Langholt – Andreas
Revolution – Andreas


D’avie – Severo
Bonderman- Betina

Severo Jurado Lopez and D'Avie


Betina Jæger and Bonderman


The Nordic Championships 2019 showed world-class riding, were the riders from Helgstrand Dressage gave it everything they had, and once again delivered incredible results

The Junior Championship

Early Thursday morning, the junior riders were ready for the first round of the team competition, where Alexander Helgstrand and Grevens Sa' Va were amongst the participating riders. The entire team delivered great results in both rounds, and the Danish junior team won the Nordic Championships of 2019. On Sunday in the individual competition, Alexander and Sa’ Va delivered another amazing ride, which resulted in a total score of 76,617% and they won the Nordic Championships of 2019.

The U25 Championships

In the U25 classes, Victoria Vallentin and Søren Wind were participating with their horses Ludwig Der Sonnenkoenig and Diego 371. Victoria and Ludwig were individually the best equipage in the team competition, with an amazing ride and a total score of 74%. Søren and Diego also delivered a great round in the team competition. Their round got them a total score of 69,974% and was individually placed 3rd. The team had great results from all the riders, and together they won the Nordic Championship of 2019.  

In the individual U25 class, Victoria and Ludwig excelled once again, with another amazing ride they impressed the judges and got a total score of 77,235% which secured them the title as Nordic Champions. Søren and Diego also delivered a great ride, which got them a final score of 72,780% and they were placed as number 2 in the individual championships.  

The Senior Championship

Amongst the participants on the senior team were Marianne Helgstrand and Lollipop 126. They delivered a great ride, which resulted in a total score of 69,870% and placed them individually in the class at the 3rd position. The team all did their best and was placed as number 2, only 0,826% after the Swedish team who won. In the individual championship, Marianne and Lollipop delivered another great round and got a final score of 71,650%, which unfortunately put them just outside of the placings, with only 0,135% after the rider placed as number 5.    


Here at Helgstrand Dressage, we congratulate all the Danish riders on their great results and placings. 


Alexander Helgstrand and Grevens Sa' Va

Victoria Vallentin and Søren Wind with the Danish U25 team

We are honored to announce that several young horses from Helgstrand Dressage were selected for the final test during the Equitour Danish Championship last weekend. The final selection for the WCYH in Ermelo will take place at Vilhelmsborg on June 25th. The following 8 young horses will participate in the final test at Vilhelmsborg:


Zidan-DN e. Sezuan/ BH Future Cup. Rider: Betina Jæger
Elverhøjs Raccolto e. Sezuan/Sandro Hit. Rider: Meike Lang
Skovens Tzarina e. BH Zack/BH Don Schufro. Rider: Betina Jæger
Queenparks Wendy e. Sezuan/BH Soprano. Rider: Andreas Helgstrand
Tørveslettens Sylvester e. Sezuan/Stedinger. Rider: Severo Jurado Lopez
Florist Enshøj e. Floricello/Midt-West Ibi-Light. Rider: Anne Marie Berthelsen


Zhaplin Langholt e. Zonik/Stedinger. Rider: Andreas Helgstrand
Azett Lynghøjgård e. BH Zack/Schwadroneur. Rider: Kenneth Damgaard

Next week, two of our popular stallions Revolution and D’Avie will have their first test in Warendorf for the WCYH in Ermelo. Revolution will participate in the test for 6-year-old horses and D’Avie will participate in the test for 7-year-old horses. What makes these two tests so exciting is that Revolution and D’Avie both won gold in Ermelo last year, so the expectations are high.

- I have great expectations for all our young horses who participate this year. It’s always exciting to follow their development and we look forward to showing them at the selections, says Andreas Helgstrand.

In addition to D’Avie and Revolution, Helgstrand Dressage will represent 4 other horses in Germany who also have their first tests in Warendorf. Our much sought-after stallion, Jovian, will have his second selection in the Netherlands next week.

Andreas Helgstrand and Queenparks Wendy


Severo Jurado Lopez and Tørveslettens Sylvester


On June 10, 2019, the Danish Championship final were held for U25 during Equitour and there was no doubt who will end up with the gold.

Victoria and Ludwig der Sonnenkönig 2 was in the leading in both Grand Prix, Grand Prix Kür and Intermediare II, and secured the gold in the last test with 79.3%.

- I have had three good tests with Ludwig and he absolutely were at his best behavior. I am very proud of him and our new title, says Victoria Vallentin.

Furthermore, the top 3 consisted of another equestrian from Helgstrand Dressage, Søren Wind, who won bronze with Diego 471. Søren and Diego had their final test yesterday and got 72.7% and were only a few point away from the silver medal.

- I am so happy with the development Diego and I have had through the last few competitions. The first day at the Danish Championship he went really well! On the second day we had three big mistakes but in the Kür he was really good again! In this week he has some time off while I’m in Stockholm with Stanford before the training starts for the Nordic Championship in late June, says Søren Wind.

Both Victoria and Søren will participate in the Nordic Baltic Championships and this year will be Søren Winds last year as U25 rider.

For Seniors, Marianne Helgstrand and Lollipop 126 were placed as No. 8, while Betina Jæger and Heartbreaker were placed as No. 9 at the Danish Championship for Seniors.

Victoria Vallentin with Ludwig der Sonnenkönig

Victoria og Ludwig dm 3

Søren Wind and Diego 471


Marianne Helgstrand and Lollipop. Betina Jæger and Heartbreaker


Without hesitation, one can safely say, that there has been a quantum leap at Helgstrand in the past years with the employment of large profiles such as Dr. Ulf Möller from Hof Kasselmann and most recently Esben Møller from Blue Hors. Meanwhile, the partnership with the venture capital firm, Waterland Private Equity, has sparked major internal changes, and Helgstrand has recently hired former PwC partner, Marianne Fog Jørgensen, who will be part of the management board as CFO. 

When Waterland joined Helgstrand the sails were set for an even stronger Helgstrand with the ambitious goal of creating the world’s leading equestrian business. In that connection, Helgstrand hired Marianne Fog Jørgsensen, who is a former partner in the well-known auditing and consulting company, PricewaterhouseCoopers, or simply PwC. Marianne has a clear advantage as she has been a full-time auditor for the Helgstrand Group for several years and thus has a deep understanding of the company’s business model, processes and value-drivers as well as insight in the company, the industry and the company’s stakeholders. . 

- We only want the best and therefore I’m incredibly proud that Marianne chose to accept the position. We have high ambitions for Helgstrand’s future development and I’m sure Marianne has the required skill-set regarding to her many years of experience in business development, management and the operation of a company and last, but not least, her drive to optimize Helgstrand’s market position to unseen heights based on her analytical and strategic skills, says Andreas Helgstrand.

Marianne has a long career in the auditing industry in senior management positions and she has recently been responsible for PwC’s department in Aalborg, where she was responsible for business development and execution of PwC’s strategy in North Jutland as well as optimizing the operation of the company and the use of innovative and effective tools. Competences that she takes to Helgstrand to a great extent. 

- Based on my previous job as auditor for Helgstrand I know the structure of the company which gives me a good starting point. I look forward to getting to know people at Helgstrand and getting an understanding of the daily processes in order to be able to further develop and optimize the business processes and at the same time get the value creation in the Helgstrand Group visible. Andreas has managed to build an international brand with a strong market position which I have great respect for. I look forward to becoming a part of this journey together with Helgstrand and Waterland, says Marianne Fog Jørgensen.

Marianne Fog Jørgensen started at Helgstrand 1st of April 2019.

Marianne Fog Jørgensen and Victoria Valentin with Fifty Cent


At the 2019 Oldenburg Saddle Licensing in Vechta, the large-framed and strong-moving Champion Stallion Fynch Hatton by Formel Eins/Sir Donnerhall I/Weltmeyer was bought by Helgstrand Dressage at the following auction.

The Open House at Helgstrand Dressage is approaching and with the purchase of the 3-year-old Fynch Hatton, Helgstrand Dressage can now add another interesting stallion to the list of stallions, which will be shown at this year's open house, which will take place next Saturday, April 13 at 15:00 p.m.

The Champion Stallion achieved the maximum score 10 by the test rider, Beatrice Buchwald. At the following auction, the stallion was sold to Helgstrand Dressage for 260,000 euro.

Fynch Hatton


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