During the past week, Helgstrand Dressage has shown fantastic young horses and supreme performances. The riders continued the victories and placings from the first days with 3 victories in the 3 finals.

In the class for 4-year-olds, Severo and Rockson finished 1st with 8.70 points, obtaining e.g. 9.80 for trot, 9.00 for rideability. Severo also came 2nd with the stallion Grand Galaxy Win with 8.56 points. Betina and Goldfinger V.D.T finished 3rd, scoring 8.54 points. Emma and Grandine came 5th with 8.28 points; in addition, Emma and Fine Time finished 6th, scoring 8.12 points.

The WCYH silver medal winner Fiontina won the class for 5-year-olds with 8.98 points, obtaining e.g. 9.50 for trot and canter, and 9.00 for capacity. Franklin and Severo placed 3rd with 8.66 points. Thomas and Vincent Maranello came 5th with a score of 8.32 points.

In the class for 6-year-olds, we have been represented by 1 equipage the whole week: Betina and Esperance. The couple has managed to win all the way through the championship; from the preliminary class in Tørring to the middle round in Middelfart, and now again in the finals. In the finals, Betina and Esperance made a superb programme with high quality, which the judges awarded with impressive 9.02 points; this was also the highest total score granted in the finals.

Congratulations to owners and breeders with their fantastic young horses, we are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for them.

It is so great when everything works out perfectly like it did this week, thanks to our talented riders; and especially our fantastic grooms, who work so hard behind the scenes, ensuring that the young horses always look good as a result of their top-notch care.

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The three winners

Yet another horse from Helgstrand Dressage is on to the finals for 4-year-olds tomorrow, as Emma and Liva Enshøj placed third in the second qualifier, scoring 8.14 points.

We are looking forward to a very exciting final tomorrow with eight 4-year-old horses, four 5-year-old horses, and one 5-year-old horse from Helgstrand Dressage.

What a day! Three victories out of three on the first day of DRF's championship finals.

In the class for 4-year-old horses, the first six placings went to Helgstrand Dressage. Severo and Rockson won the class with a total score of 9.10 points, e.g. impressive 10 for trot and 9.50 for rideability. Emma and Fine Time came 2nd with 8.90 points, receiving e.g. 9.00 for canter and rideability. Betina and Goldfinger V.D.T finished 3rd with 8.84 points, including 9.50 for canter and 9.00 for capacity. Severo and Grand Galaxy Win were 4th with 8.68 points. Severo also came 5th with Fräulein Hansemann, obtaining 8.66 points. Maik and Daytona Platinum were sixth with 8.62 points. Emma and Grandine finished 12th, scoring 8.22 points, and are also on to the finals.

In the class for 5-year-olds, Andreas and Fiontina won with impressive 9.16 points, receiving e.g. 9.00 for trot, canter and rideability, and 9.50 for walk. Severo and Franklin finished right behind as 2nd with 9.08 points; they received e.g. a well-deserved 10 for trot. Thomas and Vincent Maranello placed 4th with 8.58 points. Finally, Andreas and Bellmeier placed 6th with 8.52 points. 

Betina and Esperance won a clear victory in the class for 6-year-olds, scoring 8.78 points with e.g. 9.40 for canter and 9.00 for capacity.

We are now looking forward to the finals on Friday.

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Andreas and Fiontina



The media publicity generated due to the photos of Andreas and Stamina from the warm-up at the show in Falsterbo at the beginning of July led the Danish Equestrian Federation to examine the case.

Read Andreas’ statement to the Federation here:Link to statement

Based on thorough evaluation, the Danish Equestrian Federation has now concluded that there is no basis for criticism of Andreas.

In this connection, Andreas and the Danish Equestrian Federation have entered an agreement, with an aim to prevent the generation of such media publicity in future.

The agreement appears from the press release of today: Link to DRF's press release.

It is our hope that this agreement will contribute to a positive future for the equestrian sport.

Yet another great and successful weekend for team Helgstrand. This weekend has been devoted to the young horses. We participated in the middle round West at DRF's championship. The class for 5-year-olds started Saturday; in this class Severo and Andreas showed high class with their 5-year-old horses. Severo and Franklin won the class with high-quality performance and impressive 9.46 points. They were awarded two 10's for canter and capacity, and 9.50 for trot, 9.00 for walk, and 8.80 for rideability. Andreas and Bellmeier placed third with 9.16 points; they received the following marks: 8.80 for trot, 9.50 for walk and canter, 9.00 for rideability, and 9.50 for capacity. In addition, Simone and Atterupgaards Mifune finished 7th with 8.36 points, and Maik and Forlan placed 10th with 8.26 points.

In the class for 6-year-olds, Helgstrand Dressage once again finished on top of the podium. This time Betina and Esperance received the best result. They won a clear victory, scoring 8.64 points and the following separate marks: 9.00 for trot, 7.80 for walk, 9.00 for canter, 8.60 for rideability and 8.80 for capacity.

Sunday, the 4-year-old horses competed most of the day. Again, Helgstrand Dressage turned out to be invincible; Severo and Grand Galaxy Win won the class, obtaining 8.96 points with the following separate marks: 9.00 for trot, 8.50 for walk, 9.50 for canter, 8.80 for rideability, and 9.00 for capacity. Emma finished 2nd, 3rd and 7th in this class! She placed second with Finetime; they received 8.76 point. She placed third with Grandine, obtaining 8.64 points. Emma's third horse Liva Enshøj placed 7th with 8.46 points. Betina and Goldfinger V.D.T finished right after as 8th with 8.44 points. Finally, Maik and Daytona placed 12th with 8.30 points.

A terrific weekend with fantastic results, thanks to an outstanding team. 

Today, Franklin and Severo were in Holland, participating in the stallion class for 5-year-olds. The equipage won the class with the impressive score 88.50%, and with a 6% lead down to number 2. The judges rewarded his fantastic trot with a 10!!

Franklin is now ready for the finals for 5-year-old stallions, taking place at the beginning of February. We look forward to the finals and are of course hoping for a good result. Severo and Franklin have improved each time at the last three stallion competitions in Holland; and Franklin has become more experienced and is showing more power when presented in the tests.

Straight Horse Zarastro

Yesterday at Danish Warmblood's pre-selection, Straigt Horse Zarastro was selected for Danish Warmblood's stallion licensing in March. Zarastro is by Zack and with Romanov as dam sire, and he is a full brother to Zonik.

We are looking very much forward to showing Zarastro again at Danish Warmblood's stallion show in Herning; here we will also be presenting other young stallion who have already been approved in foreign societies.

Yesterday, Franklin and Severo participated in a stallion class in Roosendaal in Holland in KWPN. The equipage placed 2nd, scoring 85.00 points. The class was different from the gaits classes held in Denmark for 4-year-olds. In this class, the stallions were presented in a programme corresponding to LA level. 

Franklin and Severo will start the stallion class again at KWPN's stallion licensing at the beginning of February.

On November 28 2014, the court in Aalborg announced the verdict in the case against Andreas Helgstrand. The verdict was acquittal.

Back in the spring, Andreas Helgstrand was reported to the police, accused of animal cruelty, however, the court has now acquitted him of all charges.

”I am very happy about the  ruling of the court; it is important for me personally, but also for the sport in general. It has been quite tough to have these accusations hovering, but my family and I are now focusing on the future instead," says Andreas Helgstrand.

The verdict reads acquittal of Andreas Helgstrand based on the fact that the prosecutor did not prove that Akeem suffered any harm on April 12 2014 according to the animal protection laws § 1, 2 and 17. The verdict was based on anonymous photos and the results of the veterinarian examination of Akeem Foldager carried out on April 19 2014 as required by Dansk Ride Forbund (the Danish Equestrian Federation).

The great results continued throughout the weekend at the national show in Aalborg Sportsrideklub. Saturday morning, Ditte and Unicorns Delicious started the MB2, continuing the nice trend from Friday, which resulted in a clear victory and an impressive score of 73.42%. 

In Prix St. George, Maik was unstoppable, taking 1st place with Vladimir and a score of 72.14% and 2nd place with Pas Partout and a score of 71.79%. Thomas and Hertzregent finished 4th with 70.83%. 

Sunday morning, Maik and Vladimir participated in MA2; they made yet another great performance and finished 1st with 73.24%. 

In Grand Prix, Maik and Hilltop Douglas placed 2nd with 69.56%.

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