Today, on the last day of the OLD licensing, our young stallion, catalogue no. 54 by Foundation / Del Martino, was nominated 1. reservesieger, which obviously made us very proud.

Don Deluxe was part of the group competing for the honorable title as "Hauptsieger"; and he was nominated reservesieger. Andreas presented Don Deluxe at the 'Althengste' parade, which took place this evening.


Catalogue no. 54 Foundation / Del Martino

Our two young stallions, catalogue no. 42 by Damsey / Florencio I, and catalogue no. 54 by Foundation / Del Martino were licensed today at the German Oldenburg licensing in Vechta. Not only were both stallions licensed, they were also nominated Premium Stallions. We are extremely proud of both stallions, who made great performances during the licensing. It will be very exciting to follow the two young stallions tomorrow, when they are competing for the title "Champion Stallion 2015".


Catalogue no. 42 Damsey / Florencio I


Catalogue no. 54, Foundation / Del Martino

During the past weekend, Maik participated at a regional show at Silkeborg Rideklub. Saturday, Maik and Pas Partout won MA1 with a score of 72.77%; and Maik also finished second in this class with Calaiza T, scoring 71.94%. Sunday in the Prix St. George, Maik and Calaiza T took first place with a score of 70.00%; and once again he was also second in the class, this time with Pas Partout, scoring 69.47%. 

This weekend, Emma and Rockson took part in Danish Warmblood's performance test at Vilhelmsborg. The couple  made a superb performance and almost received top grades throughout. They won a clear victory with 960 points with 10 for trot, 9.50 for walk, canter, rideability and capacity. They are now on to the Championship for Young Horses in Herning in March 2016. In addition to Rockson, the two mares Liva Enshøj and Red Diamant have also qualified for the Championship for Young Horses.

Congratulations to the owners and breeders of these three lovely horses; we cannot wait to show these horses again in Herning.


Anne Marie and Emma have just participated in Danish Warmblood's performance test in Ikast, Anne Marie and Red Diamant obtained a total score of 880 points with 8.50 for walk and trot; and 9.00 for canter, rideability and capacity. Emma and Liva Enshøj also obtained a total score of 880 points with 8.50 for walk and canter; 9.00 for trot, rideability and capacity. Consequently, both equipages finished second. Hopefully this result will earn them a ticket to the Championship for Young Horses in Herning.

Congratulations to breeders and owners on these great results. 

Helgstrand Dressage has just been elected the first regional, digital gazelle. The magazine Børsen and Google has in co-operation awarded this prize for the first time. The reason that Børsen and Google made their selection is as follows: "Helgstrand Dressage has been elected based on the fact that the stud farm in Vodskov uses digital tools like video and social media in an otherwise analog line of business to share experiences and create relation to customers, and they have succeeded in making their line of business come alive on the internet."

We are extremely proud of the election.

borsen-gazelle pos L-270px


Our recently acquired stallion by Rocky Lee / Rouletto has now arrived at his new home in Denmark. Britt Carlsen from the equestrian magazine Ridehesten stopped by our stables, and she obviously got to see him. She took a couple of very good photos of him, and we are pleased to share these photos.

In our opinion, he is an absolutely extraordinary stallion, in regards to gaits, but definitely also in regards to personality and temperament.

We are really looking forward to presenting a stallion like him in our stallion selection in 2016.

At the previous Hanoverian licensing, another exciting young horse was licensed; catalogue no. 1 by Ampere and with Stedinger as dam sire.

Nr 1-10-15-16-0009


At the regional show this weekend, our riders once again obtained good results. 

Friday night, Anne Marie and the 5-year-old Faximilliana participated in LA1, the couple won a clear victory with 73.51%. The first classes Saturday morning were pony dressage classes, Alexander and his pony Jumanjii participated in LA4; they won the class, scoring 68.59%. In the last class on Saturday, MB1, Helgstrand Dressage was among the winners again; this time Betina and Pilekærs Schakiro won with a score of 72.25%, Betina also finished third with Fredendals Zig Zag with 71.00%.

Sunday, Søren started the MA1 with Rolex Højris; they finished third with 65.83%. The last class at the show was MB1; Betina once again finished first, this time with Fredendals Zig Zag, scoring 69.73%. 

Today, we acquired an exceptional top-notch stallion at the stallion auction at the Hanoverian licensing. After a long and very exciting bidding duel against another stallion station, Andreas placed the last bid and bought the stallion in partnership with Hanni Kasprzak and Søren Grønborg. The young stallion obtained a total hammer price of Euro 1,200,000.

The young stallion with catalogue no. 102 is by Rocky Lee and with Rouletto as dam sire, and he has just been awarded Premium Stallion status at his licensing.

He is a complete horse with exceptional walk, trot and canter, and a fantastic exterior.

We are very excited to see what the future holds for this spectacular stallion.

See video of the stallion


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