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Pictured: Anne-Mette and 7-year-old Eternity.

The Danish Young Horse Championship Finals are fast approaching, and we are looking forward to presenting a total of 28 horses. All age groups are well represented, although we have qualified a great number of 4-year-olds. The acquisition of Helgstrand Youngsters, and the vision to breed future top horses ourselves will be of great importance for the coming years, as they will be old enough to compete in the years to come.

Among the qualified horses this year is Danish Warmblood Gold Medal Mare Faretti DWB sired by Franklin, the 2021 Danish Warmblood Champion Stallion Iron by Asgard’s Ibiza/Hohenstein, the 2021 World Champions Jovian by Apache/Tango and Hesselhøj Downtown by Hesselhøj Donkey Boy/Zack, Danish Warmblood Gold Medal Mare and WCYH bronze medal winner Queenpark's Wendy by Sezuan/Soprano and many, many more. We look forward to seeing the result of this year's work and to find the winners at the finals on 14-17 October 2021.

Helgstrand has qualified 28 horses for this year's Danish Young Horse Championship Finals:

4-year-old horses

Freetown and Jeanna
My Vitality and Eric
Freddie Mercury and Eric
Slangerupgaard's Flottenheimer and Eric
Fan Amour and Merita
Faretti and Mette
Iron and Mette
Triumph Villa and Michael
Rockabye S and Anne Mette
St. Tropez and Anne-Mette
Sir Floresco and Moisés
Qamar and Moisés

5-year-old horses

Hesselhøj Downtown and Jeanna
Fynch Hatton and Andreas 
Hot Zalina and Michael
Vendóme and Anne-Mette
Topgun and Betina
Fire Dream and Frederikke

6-year-old horses

De Angelo and Merita
Atterupgaards Spiderman and Maria
Kadanz and Anne-Mette
Dantes Delight and Betina
Gremlin and Betina

7-year-old horses

Elverhøj's Raccolto and Marianne
Queenpark's Wendy and Andreas
Jovian and Andreas
Miley and Michael
Eternity and Anne-Mette.

Revolution web h

We have already seen a high number of amazing offspring by this outstanding stallion and without doubt, he always passes on to his offspring: movement, type and a sweet character. And looking at the mares, he sired already 43 mares graded in Danish Warmblood, despite only being 8 years old. 95% received the highest grading in Danish Warmblood and 21% have received the recognized breeder medal.

This year, three mares were awarded a gold medal at the Danish Warmblood Elite Show; 3-year-old Valerie B by Revolution/Zack (breeder: Karin and Peer Guldbrandsen), who was also crowned Best Mare of the Year, 4-year-old Roxette by Revolution/Quite Easy (breeder: Stutteri Sorgenfri) and in addition, 4-year-old Faretti DWB by Franklin/Don Frederico (breeder: Henrik Hansen).

Secure your own Revolution offspring

Revolution is characterized by his gorgeous paces, modern type and incredible temper. He develops perfectly under Andreas, and soon they are ready to enter the competition arena and make their debut in the Grand Prix. If you are looking for a Revolution offspring as your next riding horse, we suggest having a look at: Danish Warmblood Silver Medal Mare, 4-year-old Blaze von Rosing by Revolution/Zack (breeder: Maria von Rosing). She was awarded best dressage mare in her region and received a 9 for overall impression.

Watch video of Blaze von Rosing:

4-year-old Ribston by Revolution/Jazz

4-year-old Ruxbury by Revolution/Jazz

Would you like to see if one of them could be your perfect match? Please don’t hesitate to contact Andreas directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are beyond thankful for having such horses in the stable and we wish to congratulate the breeders on breeding such amazing horses.

Breeding with Revolution

If you are considering using Revolution for your mare next year and need some advice, Lene Birkemose (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and Christian Springborg (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) are ready to help.

DM senior 1Cathrine Dufour 2Nanna Merrald 3Daniel Bachmann web

Pictured: Winner of the Danish Dressage Championships Cathrine Dufour and Atterupgaard’s Cassidy, silver to Nanna Skodborg Merrald and Atterupgaard’s Orthilia and bronze to Daniel Bachmann Andersen and Marshall-Bell.

Helgstrand has been the perfect setting for the Danish Dressage Championships for the past three years, which the Danish Equestrian Federation has just confirmed by granting Helgstrand another three years of hosting the championships. A decision that aligns perfectly with the Global Equestrian Group's increased focus on hosting shows in Denmark as well as in Germany and the US.

It has not been long since Helgstrand's new Head of Event & Partnership, Martin Thorbøll Pedersen, stepped in the door, and one of his first tasks was to ensure another three years of hosting the Danish Dressage Championships at Helgstrand, which is now a reality.

- The great collaboration with the Danish Equestrian Federation has been a good starting point for the big visions we have for events at Helgstrand. We have been in dialogue about several shows, and I am pleased to be able to unveil that in addition to the Danish Dressage Championships and the EEF Nations Cup in jumping, we will favour the non-elite with the other shows currently in our pipeline, says Martin Thorbøll Pedersen, Head of Event & Partnership at Helgstrand Dressage.

The venue at Helgstrand provides the perfect setting for national and international competitions alike, and since its establishment, the venue has been expanded yearly in accordance with new ambitions and visions.

- We have many ideas on the drawing board, and our goal is to create the best conditions for good experiences and at the same time to include the non-elite much more. We are working on being able to offer both jumping and dressage competitions at B and C level, which has set in motion a natural rebranding process, as we are now going to host more shows than just Equitour. Therefore, we are looking forward to presenting the new setup soon, Martin Thorbøll Pedersen adds.

The Global Equestrian Group has recently added two more venues to the portfolio, which alongside Helgstrand Academy will be the setting of unique shows across the world.

- We see a great synergy in expanding our business with show activities. And with the acquisitions of Riesenbeck International in Germany and the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in Wellington, US, in addition to Helgstrand Academy, we have developed a setup that favours riders in most of the world. Following two challenging years with COVID, we are really looking forward to seeing you at the showgrounds and feel the atmosphere from the packed stands again, Andreas Helgstrand says.

The dates of the Danish Dressage Championships, which include the Danish Championships for seniors, U25 and Para Dressage, are yet to be determined, but the show will most likely be at the end of May or in the beginning of June 2022.

159146 jbr 03 JBR9638

We are planning many exciting events for 2023 and below you will find information about each of them as we are ready. Sign up for our newsletter and follow Helgstrand on our social media channels and you will not miss out on our exciting events. 


April 30th 2023: Open House at Helgstrand Germany

We are delighted to welcome you to the 2023 Open House of Helgstrand Germany in Syke. We look forward to seeing you for an extraordinary afternoon showcasing an exclusive selection of Helgstrand’s premium stallions presented by Dr. Ulf Möller and Andreas Helgstrand.

Program on April 30th 2023

12 noon
Doors open; option to walk around the property

2:00 PM
Welcome by Andreas Helgstrand and Dr. Ulf Möller
Presentation of the 2023 stallion collection

4:30 PM
Standing German servings at the property

We look forward to welcoming you to this year’s exclusive open house & stallion show at Helgtrand Germany.

How to order tickets

As we have limited capacity, please secure your ticket by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You will receive an auto reply e-mail as your confirmation, which must be presented upon arrival in print or on your smartphone.

Do not hesitate to contact us on any questions you might have at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Helgstrand Germany
Legenhausen 10
28857 Syke



Suarez stallion web

Pictured: Mette Sejbjerg Jensen and Suarez by Sezuan/Desperados.

6-year-old Suarez by Sezuan/Desperados, who most recently made a positive impression at the prestigious World Championships for Young Horses with Mette Sejbjerg Jensen, is now facing a future on the Danish island of Funen, where Signe Kirk Kristiansen will be responsible for his further education.

There is no doubt that Suarez takes after his father, the triple World Champion Sezuan. The carbon black appearance, convincing exterior, gaits of absolute world class with great spaciousness and resilience as well as a rideability that bodes well for a future in top sport. And that was exactly what convinced Signe.

- Actually, I wanted to wait until later this autumn to buy a horse, but one day Andreas called because he knew I had gradually started to look. I had an idea of getting a slightly more experienced horse, but I simply fell for Suarez right away. He is beautiful, has a wonderful character, three amazing gaits and is incredibly uncomplicated. And especially the latter was important to me, since I need a horse that thrives and is easy to handle at competitions, says Signe Kirk Kristiansen, who has previously competed in Wellington, Florida, and plans to do it again in future seasons.

Signe and Thomas Kirk Kristiansen just became parents again, and therefore she plans to take over the reins herself in the spring:

- I have just become a mother again, and in the new year we move to Skovsbo Gods close to Rynkeby on Funen, where we will have room to keep the horses at home. That's why I made an agreement with my trainer, Allan Grøn, for him to ride Suarez until we move. But let's see if I can wait that long. Both Thomas and Allan think he is great to ride and I'm just excited about getting in the saddle myself and getting to know him, says Signe, who was heavily pregnant when she visited Helgstrand.

Suarez topped the Swedish breeding rankings for three years straight, and in terms of performance he clearly also shows that he belongs to the world elite. Most recently, together with Helgstrand rider Mette Sejbjerg Jensen, he achieved a distinguished 3rd place at the World Championships for Young Horses and finished 9th in the strong field. The duo was also qualified for the final at the Danish Riding Federation's Young Horse Championship for 6-year-olds next month – a qualification they won with great superiority.

- Mette has done a formidable job with him. Mette having ridden him also makes it easier for me to take over as we are similar in size. Mette is a skilled rider and has laid the groundwork beautifully, which we look forward to building on, Signe concludes.

Because Signe Kirk Kristiansen has decided to focus exclusively on dressage, Suarez has been gelded, which is why he will no longer be available with fresh semen. Frozen semen will be available through Helgstrand by contacting Lene Birkemose at +45 22 57 44 11 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

zaunkönig Team Moeller Helgstrand26 x Bischoff web

Pictured: Zaunkönig and Jana Schrödter - Vice Bundeschampion of the 3-year-old stallions 2021.  

Previously, we introduced you to Leonie Richter, one of the new riders at Helgstrand Germany, and today we would like to present another new profile: the 20-year-old Jana Schrödter, who has won two medals at the Bundeschampionate in Warendorf. Atop Zaunkönig (Zack/De Niro) she became the Vice Bundeschampion among the 3-year-old stallions and with the breeding stallion Total McLaren (Totilas/De Niro) she won bronze among the 4-year-old stallions.

Jana is from the small town of Leipheim, located on the border between Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany. And what was meant to be a 4-week internship at Helgstrand Germany became a permanent position as a rider in May, which made Jana decide to move.

- Originally, I had just arranged an internship with Eva and Ulf, but I was just so happy with the place and the rest of the team that I decided to stay. It's a bit like a small family here, and it means a lot to me that you feel so welcome, Jana says.

Despite Jana's young age, she can already boast of great results, including triple gold at the European Championships in Italy in 2019 and a subsequent German dressage championship.

Although Jana has proven her skills as a rider, it means a lot to her that she now has the opportunity to train such talented young horses.

- I want to develop as a rider and Helgstrand here in Syke is absolutely ideal for that. The horses are of high quality and I get the opportunity to train young horses, which ultimately makes you a better rider, Jana adds with great appreciation for the help from Eva, Ulf and the rest of the team.

- If I really dream about the future, I would like to have my own place where my focus is on training competition horses. But this is far into the future and right now I’m excited to get more experience, Jana says before concluding that she is proud to be part of the Helgstrand family.

Following their participation in the World Championships for Young Horses, three top riders from Helgstrand Dressage are now dedicated to take a closer look at your dressage skills. It is Mette Sejbjerg Jensen, Maria Anita Andersen and Merita Hagrén who will judge you in our new ZyberRide event in the Helgstrand & Zibrasport Equest Online Tour. And then, of course, there are cool prizes from Kingsland at stake.


Ride and win from home

In Helgstrand & Zibrasport Equest Online Tour part 4 you can compete in the two horse classes Helgstrand Medium Tour1* Horse (corresponding to M level) and Helgstrand Small Tour1* Horse (corresponding to L level) or the pony class Helgstrand Small Tour1* pony (corresponding to L level). You will be judged and get useful remarks from our three top riders, and there are ribbons for the top 3 riders in each class as well as great products from Kingsland for the winners.

Registration and participation

You can register until October 1st, but registration will close before if the maximum number of participants per class is reached. You can submit video of your ride as soon as you have registered and remember that the recording of the ride must be submitted by October 10th. We will publish the results no later than October 25th, where you will also receive your criticism and assessment. NB: Remember to check the program and regulations well before you ride.

Great Kingsland prizes at stake

There are cool prizes for the winners of the four classes. The winner of Helgstrand Medium Tour1 * Horse will receive 4 stable bandages and 4 stable wraps from Kingsland, while the winner of Helgstrand Small Tour1 * Horse can look forward to a dressage saddle pad and a fly hat from Kingsland. In Helgstrand Small Tour1 * for ponies, the winner can look forward to a groom bag, a step stool and a hay bag from Kingsland. The top three riders in each class will also receive a cool ZyberRide ribbon.

How to participate?

You participate by creating a profile on and thereafter add yourself and your horses/ponies to the profile. Now you are ready to register for the class you want to participate in. Notice the maximum participants for each class. The participation fee is DKK 75, but if you are a Premium Member at Zibrasport Equest, you can you participate for just DKK 60.

Remember to read the schedule and the recording instructions, so you are sure of the participation conditions. It is a pity if you should make mistakes that could have been avoided. It is also important that you check out the actual program that you are going to ride. All information is available at

Improve your skills

ZyberRide is created by Helgstrand Dressage and Zibrasport Equest, and the purpose of the online dressage platform is to give you the opportunity to supplement your training and physical competition activity with new online options. By participating in online events, you get qualified and constructive feedback of you and your horse/pony’s performance, without having to go to a show venue.

ZyberRide offers dressage programs at different levels, where you will be judged and get good advice and feedback from some of the dressage sport’s great profiles. ZyberRide is not meant to replace physical event participation but should be seen as a supplement to your training,development, and event participation.

We hope that ZyberRide can contribute to your development and training, and we look forward to seeing your rides.

Go to

Video: Iron and Mette - winners of the 4-year-old qualification for the Danish Young Horse Championship

It has been a terrific weekend at Vilhelmsborg for this year's Elite Show with national dressage competitions and a number of great results – including the qualification classes for the Danish Equestrian Federation's Young Horse Championships and the selection of this year’s best foals and mares in Danish Warmblood.

Iron is the superior winner of the 4-year-old qualification

Helgstrand presented horses in every age group of the qualification for the Young Horse Championships hosted at Blue Hors, Denmark, in mid October. One, in particular, stood out: the 4-year-old Iron by Asgard’s Ibiza/Hohenstein, who was ridden by Mette Sejbjerg Jensen and scored 93.4 points, including a 10 for the impressive trot.

In the 7-year-old class, another Helgstrand rider claimed the win: Michael Grønne Christensen atop Atterupgaards Miley by Atterupgaards Seebach/Lord Sinclair.

See the other results here.

Video: Camilla and Let's Walk - winners of the unofficial Danish Championship for student Master Riders

Camilla wins the unofficial Danish Championship for student Master Riders

Camilla Stubberup has now won the unofficial Danish Championship for student Master Riders a whopping three times. For the second year in a row, she rode Let’s Walk by L’espoir/Leithen and with great support from Maria Anita Andersen, Camilla claimed yet another championship. Frederikke Skelmose also did a great job atop Luilux, but unfortunately is was not enough for a spot on the podium.

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Picture: Vilards Fina by Franklin/Don Romantic - the dressage filly of the year

The foals of the year are sired by Helgstrand stallions

Many magnificent offspring by Helgstrand stallions were presented this year and the very best gathered for this weekend’s Elite Show. Among the fillies, a Franklin offspring claimed the victory: Vilards Fina by Franklin/Don Romantic bred by Stutteri Vilard. A Vivino offspring bred by Stutteri Majlund was awarded the title of colt of the year.

At the Elite Show Auction on Saturday, Helgstrand also acquired yet another future star: a Jovian/Scolari offspring at the price of 540.000 DKK.

Video: The gold medal mare and mare of the year Valerie B, the gold medal mare Faretti DWB and the silver medal mare Fairy.

Helgstrand mare is the dressage mare of the year

The weekend ended with the crowning of the mares and Helgstrand added another two gold medal mares to the collection: Faretti DWB by Franklin/Don Frederico (bred by Henrik Hansen) and Valerie B by Revolution/Zack (bred by Karin and Peer Gudbrandtsen), who was also awarded the title of dressage mare of the year.

At the Elite Show, a total of three mares secured a gold medal, two of which were sired by Revolution and one by Franklin.

In addition, the Franklin offspring Fairy (damsire: Don Romantic, breeder: Lisbeth B. Andersen) and Floriana (damsire: Zack, breeder: Straight Horse) were awarded silver medals, whilst Fellini by Farrel/Jazz (breeder: Straight Horse) and Valencia by For Emotion/San Amour (breeder: Hanni Kasprzak) were awarded bronze.

Video: Patrik Kittel and Fiontini at the show in Grote Brogel, Belgium.

Patrik Kittel and Fiontini win their freestyle debut

Patrik Kittel took over the reins of the three times World Champion only recently, but the new partners managed to score 80% in their freestyle debut at the show in Grote Brogel, Belgium. A few minor mistakes taken into consideration, there is hope for even higher points at the next international show in Aachen, Germany, in just two weeks.

What a great way to end this year's online foal auctions. Tonight, three foals were auctioned for more than 30,000 euros, and the beautiful Vitalis offspring topped with a whopping 52,000 euro.

The ambition was to create an auction exclusively with offspring sired by the much-coveted Helgstrand-Schockemöhle sires, which was confirmed by tonight’s great average prices. And once again, bidders from all over the world took part in the auction.


Pictured: HP Vinho Verde by Vitalis/Fürst Romancier.

The most expensive foal became the Danish-bred HP Vinho Verde by Vitalis out of a Fürst Romancier dam, who with outstanding gaits was secured on Danish hands for impressive 52,000 euro. There is no doubt that the Burg Cup winner Vitalis has produced an impressive number of offspring, which time and time again prove to be dressage horses of the highest rank and much-coveted breeding stallions with HP Vinho Verde as no exception.


Pictured: Vie Unique by Valverde/For Romance I.

Sold for 32,000 euro and second most expensive foal, Vie Unique is by Valverde with For Romance I as damsire. Valverde has recently been sold to German Yara Reichert and was competed at the World Championships for Young Horses with great success. Unique as the name indicates, this magnificent foal has been secured by a German bidder and is going to stay in Germany.

dynami dream

Pictured: Dream to Be by Dynamic Dream/Follow Me.

With bidders from several countries, this outstanding stallion prospect was secured by a bidder from Denmark. Dream to Be out of Dynamic Dreams' first crop of foals out of a Follow Me dam. Despite his young age, Dynamic Dream has already produced an exceptional number of high-quality foals inclusive several auction top prices.

See all results from the auction here.


Pictured: Jovian and Andreas Helgstrand winning the World Championship for 7-year-old horses

Jovian and Andreas Helgstrand capture yet another World Championship

Our breeding stallion (by Apache/Tango) won the World Championship as a 5-year-old in 2019 – and following last year's cancellation due to the coronavirus, Jovian is now back with a much deserved second World Championship!

Bringing tears to the judges’ eyes, Jovian scored a 10 for his huge trot, a 9.8 for his powerful canter and a clear 10 for perspective. With a technical score of 83.143% and a whopping 89.136% in total, Jovian set the new world record.

Trot: 10.0
Walk: 8.0
Canter: 9.8
Submission: 9.8
Perspective: 10.0
Total: 89.136%

Pictured: Eternity 75 and Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen winning bronze at the World Championship for 7-year-old horses

Eternity claims bronze

In addition to Jovian’s emphatic win, Eternity 75 delivered an amazing performance with Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen, scoring 83.407% and the bronze medal.

Eternity was previously ridden by Cathrine Dufour, who handed over the reins to Anne-Mette during her preparations for the Tokyo Olympic Games. Building on Cathrine’s amazing work, Anne-Mette has done a beautiful job with the 7-year-old gelding, also reflected by the outstanding remarks from the judges.

Trot: 9.6
Walk: 7.2
Canter: 9.8
Submission: 9.7
Perspective: 9.5
Total: 83.407%

Pictured: Elverhøjs Raccolto and Marianne Helgstrand placing 5th in the World Championship for 7-year-old horses

4 Helgstrand horses in the top 6

Following their beautiful ride on Friday, which put them in 2nd place, Elverhøjs Raccolto and Marianne Helgstrand scored an impressive 82.272% and a 5th place in the pouring rain today. The mare of the day was Queenparks Wendy, who placed 6th with Andreas Helgstrand, scoring 80.915%.

Elverhøjs Raccolto:

Trot: 9.0
Walk: 7.9
Canter: 9.7
Submission: 9.0
Perspective: 9.6
Total: 82.272%

Queenparks Wendy:

Trot: 8.3
Walk: 8.4
Canter: 9.3
Submission: 8.4
Perspective: 8.7
Total: 80.915%

What a day and what incredible horses we are surrounded by.

We wish to thank our breeders, riders, grooms and the entire team of professionals, who made this happen once again!

See the result of the 7-year-old World Championship here.

Pictured: Queenparks Wendy and Andreas Helgstrand placing 6th in the World Championship for 7-year-old horses

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