Today, Akeem and Andreas participated in the CDI 4* in Hagen. Despite the short period of co-operation, they made a high-class performance, resulting in several scores of 9.50 and 10. Andreas and Akeem won the class with an impressive score of 75.57%. Tomorrow it is time for Grand Prix Kür.

Once again, Helgstrand Dressage dominates the result lists. This time, the event is the national show at Aalborg Rideklub. In Friday's Prix St. George class, Anna and N.O.H's Daijoubo placed first with a score of 69.56%, Andrea and Geisha placed second right after Anna with 69.12%. Today, the first round of Bundgaard Byg Cup Intermediare I took place; Marianne and Sitana won the class with a superb score of 71.05%, Andrea and Geisha placed third scoring 68.86%. Tomorrow, the riders will compete in Intermediare I kür. In today's highest class, Intermediare II, which is held as a Jutland's Championship, Thomas and Nintendo took the lead and won the class with a score of 69.56%. In the last class today, MA1, Anna placed both second and third, with Daijoubo and Ronaldo scoring 68.05% and 67.68%.

This year's stallion show and open house was once again a huge success with a record-high number of visitors. We are very proud and honoured that so many people support this even; and the great audience contributed to an amazing atmosphere throughout the show. Within a couple of days, videos of the different stallions will be available on the site. We are already looking forward to welcoming all of you to our stallion show in 2014.

At the after licensing in Danish Warmblood today, the 3-year-old stallion Fennovanck PP by Uphill and with Münchhausen as dam sire was approved in Danish Warmblood, Fennovanck is also approved in the Dutch association KWPN. The 5-year-old Floricello was also approved today, Floricello is by Florencio with Dormello as dam sire. We are looking forward to presenting these two lovely stallions to the audience at our stallion show on Saturday.


All the workmen are working hard from dawn till dusk at the moment, as our stallion show/open house takes place in just four days from now. The new stable, indoor riding hall and saddling facilities will hopefully be ready for inauguration on Saturday in connection with the stallion show. Below a few pictures from today; as appears the workmen are very busy trying to finish this huge project. We are really looking forward to welcoming everyone interested in horses on Saturday for our stallion show and open house, and we are of course very pleased that we will be able to show off our new facilities as well.


Helgstrand Dressage appeared in a programme yesterday on the Danish television station TV2Nord. See the programme on the link below - Helgstrand Dressage is on 13 minutes after the beginning of the programme.

TV programme from TV2Nord

Joachim Thomsen and Akeem Foldager emerged like a comet on the Danish and International dressage scene last summer after winning silver at the Danish Championship at Broholm and only one month later, the equipage won the Grand Prix class in Falsterbo. Akeem Foldager, owned by Patricia Florin, has been for sale ever since Rune Willum and Joachim Thomsen started training him, sparking intense speculations over the future of this talented gelding. The speculations have now come to an end, and fortunately Akeem Foldager will stay on Danish hands as Hanni Toosbuy Kasprzak, Patricia Florin and Andreas Helgstrand now jointly own this fantastic Danish gelding. The goal is clear: qualify for the national team and participate in the European Championship this summer in Herning.

I am thrilled!

Andreas Helgstrand beams with excitement over Akeem Foldager, while standing with the impressive gelding out in the sun in front of Møgelmosegaard. – "He is a very talented horse with a unique gift for passage and piaffe", Andreas explains.

- "I received a video of Akeem Foldager from Patricia Florin and Bjarke Laustsen, when Joachim had his debut with him in Grand Prix in Sweden a year ago. Bjarke Laustsen runs the dressage stable, rehab-center and stallion station Gunnarlunda in Sweden, where Patricia has educated Akeem to Grand Prix level. – "At that time, I did not have the financial means to buy him. The next time, I saw him was with Joachim at the Danish Championship; which was indeed very impressive. I did bring some potential customers, however, Bjarke remained firm on the price and consequently, we didn't manage to make a deal", Andreas continues.

However, he has been in ongoing contact with Patricia and Bjarke since then and they agreed that Andreas should try riding Akeem Foldager again. - "It is probably just like an old circus horse", Andreas says jokingly, because when he was back in the saddle, he once again felt the urge to be part of the game. – "I was reminded that it was right here I started riding Grand Prix on a top quality horse. I have a lot of fantastic, young horses, which I really enjoy riding every day, but our business has now reached a point where I once again want to invest time in myself and my sport", Andreas explains. "There are very few horses of this calibre, and since Patricia and Bjarke agreed to be part of this venture together with Hanni, who has been an enormous support for me in many ways through several years, I seized the opportunity to once again ride at this really exciting level.

- "I am looking very much forward to continuing Joachim's good work with this horse and the basis is excellent, and I believe we have a chance to qualify for the European Championship and hopefully become part of the national team. I will do my best to reach the goal, but Akeem and I obviously need some time to get to know each other. If we do not reach our goal this year, we will just have to wait and see how things work out. There is no doubt that this is a very talented horse. However, I must admit that I am a little "rusty" at this level, but when the music plays we will both be ready. It is a huge advantage knowing that I have a horse with high international capacity and a talent to perform even the hardest exercises. Then it is my job to combine the rest of the performance with Akeem’s fantastic piaffe and passage", Andreas Helgstrand finishes.

Huge expectations
- "We have been very happy about our co-operation with Joachim concerning Akeem Foldager, and it has been an amazing journey so far, and we are looking very much forward to following Andreas and Akeem in the years to come. It feels a little like selling a member of our family, and therefore, we are so pleased that we will still be able to be part of the whole experience with this horse. It has been very important for us that Akeem could stay on Danish hands, and it would be wonderful if Andreas succeed in qualifying for the team for the European Championship in Herning", Patricia Florin says.
- "I have always had great expectations for this horse and I strongly believe that he is one of the best horses in the world, and this is of course one of the reasons why we are so pleased about this co-operation with Andreas Helgstrand", Bjarke Laustsen explains.
- "We still have some of our horses at Rune and Joachim's stable and we will of course continue to do so, as we are extremely satisfied with the co-operation with Stald Willum Thomsen. We have always intended to sell Akeem when we received the right offer, and the agreement we have now reached together with Andreas and Hanni Toosbuy Kasprzak means that we will continue to have a part of this great horse, have some influence and enjoy more great experiences together with this horse".

The 10-day observation test for our four newly approved 3-year-old stallions ended yesterday. All the stallions: Danciano, Bambolero, Vincent Maranello and Franklin passed the test and had really great showings under rider. Now it is time for a well-deserved break for the young stallions at Møgelmosegård. At our stallion show on April 13, the young talented horses will once again be shown under rider.  

The Premium stallion Vincent Maranello at the beginning of the 10-day test

Helgstrand dressage enjoyed some very successful days in Herning this year. Sezuan and Eclectisch obtained the final approval in Danish Warmblood. Furthermore, Sezuan received the breeder's medal in silver and Aage Ravn's trophy for best Danish-bred dressage stallion and last but not least, Sezuan became Champion Stallion among the 4-year-old stallions.

Sir Donnerhall II and Thomas won Prix St. George Kür as well as the regular Prix St. George, with impressive scores in both classes; 75.86% and 74.56%. An incredible result for the 7-year-old stallion, who is getting better each day.

The superiority of Donna Silver and Daniel was unquestionable, after victories in  Intermediare II and Grand Prix, with scores of 72.19% and 73.33%, respectively.

The 3-year-old stallion Vincent Maranello obtained approval and was in addition nominated Premium Stallion. Franklin, Danciano and Bambolero were also approved and all four stallions have been admitted to the 10-day test at Wilhelmsborg. 


Daniel and Donna Silver participated in Intermediare II today. They made an impressive performance and received 72% for the ride. The elegant equipage finished as winner of the class. Tomorrow, Daniel and Donna Silver will start in the Grand Prix class.

Today, Thomas and Sir Donnerhall II had their debut in kür in Prix St. George. They delivered a superb ride and the stallion, who is only 7 years old, finished with an impressive score of 75.8%, leaving all the competitors behind.

Tomorrow, which is the last day in Herning this year, Donna Silver and Daniel will start in the Grand Prix, Thomas and Sir Donnerhall II will start in the Prix St. George, and Sezuan and Andreas will start in the gaits class. So far, riders from Helgstrand Dressage have been on top of the podium in all dressage classes, which is obviously a very satisfying result. 

Click here to watch Sir Donnerhall II in Prix St. George Kür

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