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Pictured: The 2022 Westphalian Champion Stallion - No. 50 by Viva Gold/Fidertanz. Acquired at the Stallion Auction for 1,2 million euros. Picture by LL-Foto.de.

Helgstrand brought three stallions to the 2022 Westphalian Stallion Licensing this year. All three stallions deriving from current or former Helgstrand stallions showed enormous qualities to be named Premium Stallions by the licensing committee. At the following Stallion Auction, we managed to secure the 2022 Westphalian Champion Stallion by Viva Gold/Fidertanz - an extraordinary stallion with top movements, modern exterior and a masculine look.

In total, four magnificent stallions representing strong performance lines and new exciting bloodlines have been added to the 2023 Helgstrand-Schockemöhle Stallion Collection. 

Once again, we have secured the very best stallions for our breeders throughout the world! Moreover, it has been a pleasure watching so many offspring sired by current and former Helgstrand stallions showing such high quality. Massive congratulations to the breeders and owners on the amazing results.

Stallions being added to the 2023 Helgstrand-Schockemöhle Stallion Collection:

The 2022 Westphalian Champion Stallion - No. 50 by Viva Gold/Fidertanz, bred by Bernd Goeke. This amazing stallion was acquired at the Stallion Auction followed by the Stallion Licensing for 1,2 million euros.

The 2022 Westphalian Premium Stallion and 4th best of the licensing - No. 46 by Valverde/Desperados. The dam is Desperada, the mother of Glock’s Toto Jr. Bred by Judith and Sönke Schmidt. Already owned by Helgstrand.

The 2022 Westphalian Premium Stallion - No. 26 by Grand Galaxy Win/Samarant, bred by Willem Klausing GbR. Already owned by Helgstrand.

The 2022 Westphalian Premium Stallion - No. 28 by Jovian/Diamond Hit, bred by S.R. Holtwiesche GbR. Already owned by Helgstrand.

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Pictured: The 2022 Westphalian Premium Stallion and 4th best of the licensing - No. 46 by Valverde/Desperados. Picture by LL-Foto.de.

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Pictured: The 2022 Westphalian Premium Stallion - No. 28 by Jovian/Diamond Hit. Picture by LL-Foto.de.

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Pictured: The 2022 Westphalian Premium Stallion - No. 26 by Grand Galaxy Win/Samarant. Picture by LL-Foto.de.

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Pictured: Åtoften's Springtime from the inspection for the 14-day test followed by the Danish Stallion Licensing in March this year.

Our 3-year-old stallions have all passed the Danish Warmblood 35-day test. All performed well, but one stood out and received the second-highest marks, Åtoften’s Springtime by Springbank II VH/Zalando, bred by Stutteri Åtoften.

The following stallions have passed the DWB Stallion Performance Test:

Åtoftens Springtime by Springbank II VH/Zalando
Feinsten by Franklin/Rock Forever
Fifty-Fifty by Fürst Toto/Royal Classic
Elastic by Escolar/Dimaggio
About You II by AC-DC/Estobar NRW
Value by Valverde/Floriscount
Krokant Star by Kremlin MD/Bvlgari
Geronimo G by Glamourdale/Escolar
Knockando VH by Franklin/De Niro
Åtoftens Jovani by Jovian/Benetton Dream
Quelle Coleur by Qaside MD/Captain Fire
Veto by Vitalis/Sir Donnerhall I
Flashy by Floricello/Ampére

Massive congratulations to breeders and co-owners.

You find the results here 

Helgstrand Dressage and Andreas are mentioned in an article in Nordjyske on 14 November 2022.

The article concerns Helgstrand Dressage’s sale in 2021 of a then 4-year-old horse, which was owned equally by Helgstrand Dressage and breeder Michelle Vicki Nedergaard.

The content in the article gives us cause to present the actual and verifiable course of the transaction.

Helgstrand Dressage had acquired half of the horse in accordance with a cooperation agreement with the breeder.

The cooperation agreement specified that the horse could only be sold by one of the parties after receiving written consent concerning the conditions of the sale from the other party.

In mid-October 2020 – when the horse was 3 years old – the breeder informed Helgstrand Dressage in writing that the horse could be sold for EUR 40,000.00 in total.

In the summer of 2021, Helgstrand Dressage sold the horse for EUR 50,000.00 + the value of an exchanged horse worth EUR 20,000.00, corresponding to a total sales price of EUR 70,000.00.

Due to an internal mistake, for which Helgstrand Dressage has apologized to the breeder on several occasions, the breeder was not immediately informed about the sale and compensated for her share, which is otherwise standard business practice. The breeder later learned that the sale had been completed.

As mentioned, we have expressly apologized to the breeder, and we have documented the sales conditions by presenting the invoice sent to the buyer.

Along with the apology, Helgstrand Dressage has asked the breeder to inform Helgstrand Dressage if the breeder would prefer to receive payment for her share of the sales price amounting to EUR 35,000.00; or to receive a share of the exchanged horse; or if Helgstrand Dressage after having investigated this option with the buyer should acquire the horse, which is now 5 years old, from the buyer.

The breeder has neither during several phone conversations nor in writing wanted to consider these options or presented any financial claim against Helgstrand Dressage. The breeder has instead contacted Nordjyske and simultaneously provided the outlet with the invoice from the sale thus revealing the buyer’s identity against the buyer’s will.

As mentioned, Helgstrand Dressage apologizes for the mistake in our business practice concerning information and payment to the breeder, but we find that the breeder’s approach to the case following our apology is very unfortunate.

We still await the breeder’s response concerning the breeder’s wish for closing the matter and simultaneously apologize to the buyer that the buyer’s identity was made public due to the breeder’s contact with Nordjyske.

Video: Donkey Boy and Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen - the video is from October 29th 2022.

Many worry about Donkey Boy after the recent articles that have been brought about him. 

He is an outstanding stallion and we understand that people want to know how he is doing.

So today, Saturday, October 29th, we have made this video of him, showing that he is doing great under the circumstances. In cooperation with the vets, we are doing everything we can to give him the best conditions.

/Helgstrand Dressage.

Unfortunately, we can't say anything about the future at the moment, but we promise you that together with the vets we are doing everything we can for him.

On October 25, 2022, we published a brief about the elite stallion Donkey Boy's injury and in detail about the circumstances of the injury and the acute handling of the injury.

The briefing was justified by rumors and myths surrounding the incident.

After our briefing, Swedish publication Ridsport published an article later that day, based on an interview with Donkey Boy's former owner Kristin G. Andresen. Danish and international media have linked to the article.

In the article, Kristin G. Andresen is quoted, that we at Helgstrand Dressage should have lied about the circumstances of the injury. We expressly denounce this unfounded and unsubstantiated claim as untrue and refer to our briefing of 25 October 2022, which we can vouch for 100%. We do not understand the background or motive for the statement and urge Kristin G. Andresen and Ridsport to immediately deny this.

Donkey Boy was sold by Kristin G. Andresen's own company, with her signature on the contract, to a Dutch buyer before the injury occurred. The sale was mediated by Helgstrand Dressage.

The terms of this transaction have been published by Kristin G. Andresen herself.

Helgstrand Dressage has been shown documentation that Donkey Boy was resold by the Dutch buyer to a Japanese buyer at a price identical to a price, that was known to Kristin G. Andresen before she sold the stallion to the Dutch buyer.

In the period between delivery and risk transition in the transaction from Kristin G. Andresen's company to the Dutch buyer and the delivery and risk transition from the Dutch buyer to the Japanese buyer, Donkey Boy was acutely damaged, as we explained on 25 October 2022.

On this factual basis, Kristin G. Andresen has sued the Dutch buyer for the unpaid purchase price.

In the article in Ridsport, Kristin G. Andresen is also quoted as saying that Donkey Boy, after her, again unfounded and unsubstantiated opinion, was sold for a much higher amount from the Dutch buyer to the Japanese buyer than she was aware of. And that Helgstrand Dressage should be enriched by this additional price!

This is actually an allegation of fraud that Kristin G. Andresen via Ridsport makes against Helgstrand Dressage. We strongly denounce the allegations and urge her and Ridsport to deny it.

No one has taken legal action against Helgstrand Dressage.

When Donkey Boy was acutely injured on June 29, 2022, the only thing we here at Helgstrand Dressage were primarily interested in was the stallion's health.

After the stallion's treatment was urgently taken care of, as described in the briefing of 25 October 2022, COO Per Jensen informed Kristin G. Andresen about the injury, just as Andreas Helgstrand informed what he perceived as the stallion's Dutch owner at the time of the injury. Andreas did not address the payment of the purchase price in that relation, as Kristin G. Andresen claims, also without factual background.

Donkey Boy is at Helgstrand Dressage, where no one but us takes care of or pays for his handling, management and including convalescence, while the lawsuit between Kristin G. Andresen and the Dutch buyer takes its course.

Finally, prompted by Kristin G. Andresen's also incorrect statement to Ridsport, we can state that we are not experiencing any employee departure from Helgstrand Dressage beyond normal organic change, but on the contrary experience that our strong team, more than ever, is united in realizing our visions of taking breeding and sports to new heights and servicing our many good, satisfied, Danish and international customers and partners.

The elite, gold medal and champion stallion Donkey Boy, winner of the Danish Equestrian Federation's dressage championships 2016-2019, double WYCH medalist and father of several high-profile and award-winning offspring, who over the past few years have successfully been under riding training for the Grand Prix and been available to the breeders at Helgstrand Dressage, was injured in early summer 2022.

At Helgstrand Dressage, we have recently been confronted with different versions and myths about the circumstances of the injury, to an extent that we have to publish the facts about the occurrence of the injury, which were as follows:

Donkey Boy is in early summer 2022, as in previous years, every day in the paddock. This is done by agreement with the owner. The paddock is an outdoor paddock with a sandy bottom, where the stallion is solitary, but has contact with other horses. The injury occurred on June 29, 2022.

Rider Anne-Mette Strandby, who is also Donkey Boy's regular rider, found, during a hack around the property on the stallion Rockabye at 3 p.m., that Donkey Boy ran around in a peculiar way in the middle paddock behind stable 4, where there are nine identical paddocks.

Anne-Mette immediately called her groom Pernille Keinicke and stable manager Line Dambo, and it immediately became clear that Donkey Boy had an injury to his left hind leg, as he would not support it and that he had pain, which caused him to run around the paddock in panic.

A veterinarian from Højgaard Hestehospital, which has a department in Uggerhalne, was immediately summoned. Within 20 minutes, two veterinarians arrived, Lisa Coulthard Smith and Louise Maagaard Olsen. They gave him sedatives and painkillers and tried to establish if there was something broken, which they could not detect, but since they doubted and could not clarify it with certainty, veterinarian Helene Brassøe was also called from Højgaard Hestehospital. Nor could she determine with certainty, via mobile scanning and X-ray machinery, that something was broken.

As the horse would not or could not find support on the left hind leg, veterinarian Helene Brassøe ordered the horse to be transported to Højgaard Hestehospital's main department on Funen for further investigation and treatment.

The horse was taped up and an opening was made for the horse in the corner of the paddock. Our head of buildings and materials Jørgen Gadensgaard broke down the paddock. Meanwhile, a horse truck was driven up between the paddocks so that the stallion could be helped directly into the horse truck, without having to walk more than 2-3 meters. Throughout the process of diagnosing and treatment, COO Per Jensen was present.

The horse was taken to Højgaard Hestehospital on Funen by Pernille Keinicke and Line Dambo.

All myths that the horse has been damaged on the way to be collected, during or in connection with the semen collection and in this way should have run from its groom are not correct. Helgstrand Dressage does not perform semen collection in the afternoon. Christian Springborg, who is responsible for the semen collection of our stallions can confirm this.

Thus, there are 8 witnesses to the above proceedings.

The stallion remains under recovery and its future status as a riding horse and/or breeding stallion depends on the outcome of this.

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Pictured: 4-year-old About You II by AC-DC/Escobar/Popcorn, acquired at the 2022 Borgmann Online Auction.

Today 13 stallions were inspected for the Danish Warmblood Stallion Performance testing, which took place at Tørring Ridecenter, Denmark. First, the vet and the breeding commission checked the stallions, followed by a presentation on hard surface. After the health check, the stallions were shown under saddle by their own rider. All stallions handled the new surroundings with great enthusiasm and energy. During the next 35 days, the stallions will be trained by the team at Tørring Ridecenter. Halfway through, the test rider will try the stallions to be ready for the final evaluation on the final day of the test. On the last day, we will also receive the results.

3-year-old stallions approved for testing in Danish Warmblood:

  • Elastic by Escoloar/ Dimaggio/ Wolkentanz II
  • Flashy by Floricello/ Ampère/ Stedinger
  • Feinsten by Franklin/ Rock Forever I/ Florestan I
  • Fifty-Fifty by Fürst Toto/ Royal Classic/ Fürst Picolo
  • Åtoftens Jovani by Jovian/ Benetton Dream/ Lauries Crusador xx
  • Åtoftens Springtime by Springbank II VH/ Zalando/ Sandro Hit
  • Value by Valverde/ Floriscount/ Lauries Crusador xx

3-year-olds without approval in Danish Warmblood:

  • Knockando VH by Franklin/ De Niro/ Rohdiamant
  • Geronimo G by Glamourdale/ Escolar/ Fürst Heinrich
  • Krokant Star by Kremlin MD/ Bvlgari/ Samarant
  • Quelle Coleur by Qaside MD/ Captain Fire/ Power
  • Veto by Vitalis/ Sir Donnerhall I/ De Niro

4-year-olds without approval in Danish Warmblood:

  • About You II by AC-DC/ Escobar/ Popcorn

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Pictured: Andreas Helgstrand and the two-time World Champion Jovian by Apache/Tango.

This past weekend, the World Cup Series kicked off at Vilhelmsborg, Denmark. Andreas brought both the Danish Warmblood Gold Medal Mare and WCYH bronze medalist Queenpark's Wendy by the triple World Champion Sezuan out of Soprano as well as the two-time World Champion Jovian by Apache/Tango. Both horses have entered the big arena this year with great success. 

Andreas showed Wendy in the 3-star Grand Prix and made his debut on Jovian in the first leg of the World Cup Series - and what a debut! A total of 16 combinations competed in the FEI Dressage World Cup, among others, the gold-winning team from this year's World Equestrian Games held in Herning, Denmark. Andreas hadn't shown Jovian since earning two straight victories at the prestigious CHIO Aachen, Germany this summer but confirmed, that Jovian has developed amazingly since. And despite Jovian only turning 8 this year, he showed once again, that he belongs to the top of international dressage. With his supreme movements, perfect conformation and magnificient rideability, he finished 3rd in the Grand Prix achieving a solid 74.579% and 4th in the freestyle with a massive 80% in the freestyle. And only small errors occurred in the very technical program, which Andreas has put together. 

Jovian is bred by E.T. Ten Bosch.

In the 3-star Grand Prix, Andreas took the lead onboard Queenpark's Wendy scoring a solid 71.804% to finish first and placed second in the Special with a massive 73.085%. One of the judges even gave them a 77.447%. 

Queenpark's Wendy is bred by Kurt Gosmer and owned by Chateau de Fontaine. 

WhatsApp Image 2022 10 23 at 13.24.32

Pictured: Queenpark's Wendy and Andreas Helgstrand at the World Cup Vilhelmsborg. Picture: Zibrasport Equest. 

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Pictured: As a professional rider, Alexander Helgstrand values the produtcs from ActivoMed highly.

The vision of Global Equestrian Group is not only entering partnerships that support the Group's vision of becoming the leading equestrian company but also offering strategic benefits to its exclusive circle of partners. And now GEG can welcome another esteemed brand, ActivoMed, which designs and manufactures training and therapy support products that Helgstrand Dressage and Beerbaum Stables have been using successfully for many years.

The innovative products are highly acknowledged worldwide - and at Helgstrand they are a natural part of everyday life to keep the horses healthy and fit.

- As with many of our partners, this partnership came as a natural extension of an existing collaboration. We have used ActivoMed's products for years, and we know they make a difference to our horses with their focus on horse welfare and well-being. The blanket has a variety of programs and the possibility to change each one individually, the therapy can be optimized for each horse. This is the outcome when having products designed by horse people, says Andreas Helgstrand, CEO of Global Equestrian Group – and adds:

I am confident that we can benefit even more from this collaboration, with easy access to their products in all our stables. At the same time, we can support ActivoMed's growth strategy by offering them increased visibility in Europe and the US.

ActivoMed has been the brand of choice for riders for more than 20 years. Their portfolio includes a wide range of magnetic therapy products that support every need and ensure a healthy and thriving horse.

- It is our clear goal to form strategic partnerships where there is mutual value. Slowly we are building a structure in GEG where we can ensure progress in the equestrian world. That is why we are pleased to welcome ActivoMed. We are happy to share our exciting journey supporting each other's high ambitions, says Ludger Beerbaum, CEO of Beerbaum Stables and adds: not only will ActivoMed gain more digital visibility, they will also be physically present at the upcoming events in Wellington and at the European Dressage Championships here at Riesenbeck next year.

At ActivoMed, they are looking forward to getting started and are excited about the many opportunities the partnership will allow.

- We are delighted to enter a partnership with Global Equestrian Group and look very forward to supporting the GEG equestrian team with innovative pulsed magnetic therapy. GEG has a unique market position enabling us to get closer to our customers, which will help us understand their needs and requests even better, says Jörn Gaudeck, CEO of ActivoMed.

- GEG allows us to elevate our brand within the equestrian industry, with increased activity in Europe and US focusing on Wellington. The partnership offers multiple marketing opportunities for us, focusing on the horses and their health and well-being, says Carl Hubertus Krupke Head of Sales at ActivoMed.

Read more about the products offered by ActivoMed on their website www.activo-med.com

If you have any questions about the new partnership with ActivoMed, or would like to learn more about the benefits of a partnership with Global Equestrian Group, please contact:

Head of Event & Partnership, Martin Thorbøll Pedersen on phone +45 22 89 31 45 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More about Global Equestrian Group can be found at www.globalequestriangroup.com 

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Pictured: Sir Floresco and Moisés Azuar runner-up in the 5-year-old Danish Championship Final.

He came almost out of the blue, capturing second place in the 5-year-old Danish Young Horse Championship Final, Sir Floresco by Sir Heinrich out of Floresco, bred by Jam Wilms.

Yesterday, they won the small final earning a ticket for the final, and today they finished second. Sir Floresco was presented by Moisés Jover Azuar.

Eric Guardia Martinez and the 2022 WCYH finalist Feine Bella NRW (Fürstenball/Bordeaux, bred by ZG Artmeier, Becker, Delling, Wibbecke) kept their third place.

Betina Jæger Jensen finished 7th on our breeding stallion So Perfect by the triple World Champion for Young Horses Sezuan out of Sir Donnerhall I, bred by Frank Nordhausen.

And with this result, the 2022 Danish Young Horse Championship has come to an end. Massive congratulations to riders, breeders and co-owners.

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Pictured: Feine Bella NRW and Eric Guardia Martinez placed third in the 5-year-old Danish Championship Final.

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