Helgstrand signs agreement with the internationally esteemed brand Freejump System


The right equipment is an essential factor in performing at the highest level - and Helgstrand is now welcoming another exclusive equipment brand, Freejump System, the founders of the innovative and well-known Freejump stirrups. It is a mutual collaboration, where Helgstrand will help develop a dressage line, and at the same time, the riders will have the pleasure of riding in the exclusive products from Freejump.

Freejump is already an established brand that is highly respected by showjumping and military equestrians around the world being widely recognized for its innovative and high-tech products. Now the time has come to expand the market into dressage, and Freejump sees great benefits in collaborating with Helgstrand.

- Our products are used by show jumpers all over the world, and with the new partnership, we can now anticipate the demand for products tailored to the dressage enthusiast. There is no doubt that Helgstrand is the perfect partner for us, because not only can they bring invaluable knowledge, but they can also help us reach even further and position ourselves among the leading equestrian brands, states Yann Dubourg, CEO of Freejump System.

- We are proud to welcome Freejump as a new partner. Our colleagues at Beerbaum and Riesenbeck International are already enthusiastic about their products. And having tested them ourselves, I’m sure we are able to develop an innovative dressage line by adding our ideas. Products that give the dressage rider the optimal support, safety, and comfort, whether riding at amateur or professional level, says Andreas Helgstrand.

In addition to the stirrups, Freejump System supplies safety vests to Helgstrand, which our riders will use when breaking in our many young horses. All riders at Helgstrand’s locations in Denmark, Germany and the USA will take advantage of the new stirrups during spring. You can see the innovative products from Freejump at Helgstrand's open house at Helgstrand Germany in Syke on April 30th, at Riesenbeck International and at the competitions organized by Helgstrand Event as well as online at Freejump's website; www.freejumpsystem.com.

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