Jovian is a 2 times World Champion with Andreas Helgstrand


Pictured: Jovian and Andreas Helgstrand winning the World Championship for 7-year-old horses

Jovian and Andreas Helgstrand capture yet another World Championship

Our breeding stallion (by Apache/Tango) won the World Championship as a 5-year-old in 2019 – and following last year's cancellation due to the coronavirus, Jovian is now back with a much deserved second World Championship!

Bringing tears to the judges’ eyes, Jovian scored a 10 for his huge trot, a 9.8 for his powerful canter and a clear 10 for perspective. With a technical score of 83.143% and a whopping 89.136% in total, Jovian set the new world record.

Trot: 10.0
Walk: 8.0
Canter: 9.8
Submission: 9.8
Perspective: 10.0
Total: 89.136%

Pictured: Eternity 75 and Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen winning bronze at the World Championship for 7-year-old horses

Eternity claims bronze

In addition to Jovian’s emphatic win, Eternity 75 delivered an amazing performance with Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen, scoring 83.407% and the bronze medal.

Eternity was previously ridden by Cathrine Dufour, who handed over the reins to Anne-Mette during her preparations for the Tokyo Olympic Games. Building on Cathrine’s amazing work, Anne-Mette has done a beautiful job with the 7-year-old gelding, also reflected by the outstanding remarks from the judges.

Trot: 9.6
Walk: 7.2
Canter: 9.8
Submission: 9.7
Perspective: 9.5
Total: 83.407%

Pictured: Elverhøjs Raccolto and Marianne Helgstrand placing 5th in the World Championship for 7-year-old horses

4 Helgstrand horses in the top 6

Following their beautiful ride on Friday, which put them in 2nd place, Elverhøjs Raccolto and Marianne Helgstrand scored an impressive 82.272% and a 5th place in the pouring rain today. The mare of the day was Queenparks Wendy, who placed 6th with Andreas Helgstrand, scoring 80.915%.

Elverhøjs Raccolto:

Trot: 9.0
Walk: 7.9
Canter: 9.7
Submission: 9.0
Perspective: 9.6
Total: 82.272%

Queenparks Wendy:

Trot: 8.3
Walk: 8.4
Canter: 9.3
Submission: 8.4
Perspective: 8.7
Total: 80.915%

What a day and what incredible horses we are surrounded by.

We wish to thank our breeders, riders, grooms and the entire team of professionals, who made this happen once again!

See the result of the 7-year-old World Championship here.

Pictured: Queenparks Wendy and Andreas Helgstrand placing 6th in the World Championship for 7-year-old horses

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