The winners found in Helgstrand & Zibrasport Equest Online Tour

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Picture: Jeanna Högberg, one of the judges at this event.

We have found the winners in our latest ZyberRide event in Helgstrand & Zibrasport Equest Online Tour, where Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen and Jeanna Högberg have judged the tests. The winners will receive both rosettes and cool prizes from Kingsland.

Congratulations to the winners

The participants in Helgstrand & Zibrasport Equest Online Tour part 2 have been able to compete in two horse classes and a pony class. It was Christina Karlsson on Stanley, who with a nice result of 68,205 % have won a navy halter from Kingsland in Helgstrand Medium Tour1* Horse.

In Helgstrand Small Tour1* Horse it was Josephine Skov Buch on Kgs. Hørgaard Tornado who won with 74,815 % and got a navy box curtain from Kingsland, while Mathilde Kragh Thaysen on the pony Helena won with 67,969 % in Helgstrand Medium Tour2* Pony, where the 1st prize is a saddle pad and a cap from Kingsland.

Congratulations to the placed riders

In addition to the cool prizes from Kingsland for the winners, there are also ZyberRide ribbons for the placed, which you can see below - congratulations.

Helgstrand Medium Tour1* Horse

1st place: Christina Karlsson on Stanley

2nd place: Christina Karlsson on Torres

3rd place: Matte Lauridsen on Hyggebos Felia

4th place: Tine Thrane on Zackery

Helgstrand Small Tour1* Horse

1st place: Josephine Skov Buch on Kgs. Hørgaard Tornado

2nd place: Emilie Knudsen Brun on Kayan

3rd place: Lenette Nielsen on Captain Morgan

3rd place: Zoe Löschner on Fredendals Brillant

5th place: Anne Trier on Trikkilds Rebecca

6th place: Mia Hofstedt Holst Nielsen on Mace The Ace W

Helgstrand Medium Tour2* Pony

1st place: Mathilde Kragh Thaysen on Helena

2nd place: Laura-Katrine Sørensen on Close To You

3rd place: Rose Wegge-Larsen on Heart Of Fire

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