Helgstrand refrains from the inspection for the observation test due to the EHV-1

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Danish Warmblood has just announced the results of this year’s stallion licensing, which were held at home as a result of COVID-19. This year Helgstrand could add yet another 12 licensed 3-year-old stallions to the collection, including no less than 4 premium stallions, as well as a champion stallion in Danish Warmblood – that is namely the 4-year-old stallion Iron by Asgard’s Ibiza/Hohenstein. Normally the 3-year-old stallions go to the inspection for the 14-days test at Tørring Ridecenter, however due to the terrible EHV-1 virus, Helgstrand decides to keep the horses at home.

“It hasn’t been an easy decision as we have a new generation of breeding stallions to whom we have a lot of high expectations. We know that the breeders have been looking forward to the announcement of which stallions the Danish Wamblood breeding commission would approve for testing. However, the outbreak of the Herpes virus has already hit Europe and incidents are also found in Denmark, so we do not dare to take the risk to move the horses to Tørring, Andreas tells – he is very worried about the situation.

The EHV-1 virus is airborne and very contagious. We have seen how the virus hit at the showgrounds in Spain where several horses lost their lives. FEI has afterwards cancelled several shows until the 11th of April and that tells a bit about how serious this situation is.

“Even though the situation is under control in Denmark at the moment, we also need to think about our stakeholders. They have trust in us taking the right decisions at all and that we do everything to ensure the well-being and safety of the horse. We cannot take the risk to put the horses in stables where horses from various different locations will be stabled. So, we hope to find a solution together with Danish Warmblood to have our horses tested and receive their 1-year breeding approval another way, Andreas ends.

In total 52 3-year-old stallions were selected for the stallion licensing, and 20 got their approval for the inspection. 12 of these 20 stallions come from Helgstrand. At the end of the Danish Warmblood stallion licensing 6 premium stallions were appointed of which 4 were Helgstrand stallions.

Moreover the 4-year-old stallions received their final breeding approvals and this year’s champion stallion was appointed.

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