Helgstrand Dressage is looking for an ambitious rider for the young horses at Ny Ravnstrup

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Do you have several years of experience with breaking in young horses and do you want to be a part of our fantastic team that works with young horses? Then read along here.

Helgstrand Dressage is one of the worlds leading sales and training stables with approximately 500 horses and 100 employees located in both Denmark, Germany and Wellington, USA.

We have over the years invested in foals with a pedigree that unites some of the finest bloodlines in Europe and we therefore now have a large number of young horses ready for starting their riding career.

We expect that you have several years of experience with the training and riding of young horses because this is the primary function of the job, to break in the horses and make them ready for licensing.

As a person, we expect that you are motivated and positive, take responsibility and have a great and smiling attitude and that you really strive for the good results in your work. We have sky-high ambitions in both wanting the best results regarding competitions and also the best personal development.

You will become a part of a motivated team with skilled colleagues with the opportunity for getting lots of experience, inspiration and also gets to ride some of the most talented young horses. You will be responsible for 12-15 horses and will together with the team at Ny Ravnstrup have the responsibility for all the horses located at this premises. We offer modern facilities and lots of exciting experiences such as partition in licensing for both mares and stallions in Denmark and abroad and we offer here at Helgstrand a great lunch scheme.

The preparation of the young horses until the horses are ready to be broken in is done in collaboration with the manager at Ny Ravnstrup, Christian Springborg, while you will have a close dialogue with Mette Sejbjerg Jensen and Thomas Sigtenbjerggaard regarding the training of the young horses and the selection and evaluation of their future and the riders always help each other.

As a rider, you will get a groom that will help you with all the practical things such as preparing the horses etc.

If this has caught your interest, you are welcome to send an application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and if you have any questions please call Thomas Sigtenbjerggaard; +45 21291382.

Find more information concerning Helgstrand Dressage at our website; www.helgstranddressage.com.

We will call candidates for a job interview in an ongoing process, as we get in the applications.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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