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COVID-19 has taken up all the time and energy in our everyday lives, but we easily forget to focus on the good things, that have come out of this situation. The online auctions have existed for a long time, and even though it for some has been a bit too new and challenging to follow the digital development by being able to purchase a horse online without trying it, it is now one of the channels where horses are in fact sold and it is an opportunity that is here to stay. At Helgstrand they have taken a step further and horses are being sold directly from the stables in Vodskov with great success.

- I never thought I would buy a horse from a video, however, the Helgstrand team really made it easy. I appreciated them videoing the Pre-Purchase Exam as well and sending it to me, so my vet and I could get a clear understanding, Andrea Trudeau from Vancouver Island, Canada tells.

- We have to see the opportunities instead of the limitations and the whole company can’t stand still when we face challenges. We have therefore changed our procedures not only to present the horse at its best but also to include the customers in the whole process. We are surrounded by modern technology that allows us to think in new ways and be able to meet the customer where they are, Andreas Helgstrand tells.

Andrea Trudeau lives in Canada and started riding when she was very young. The passion for the horses led her to many different places and she has worked in Germany, Australia and California before she travelled back to Canada and chose another carrier. But the wish to get back in the saddle led her to Helgstrand in Denmark.

- I had planned to travel to Europe to look for a young horse however, with COVID-19 I was unable to travel. I have never purchased a horse from Andreas before, but I know he has an excellent reputation. There was an advertisement that said, they could find the perfect horse for anyone, no matter the budget, so I thought “why not?”. After reaching out, Andreas sent some videos of horses that were within my budget and the parameters of what I was looking for, loose in the arena, as well as some still photos, Andrea tells.

Andrea ended up buying a three-year-old gelding by the World Champion, Revolution.

- As soon as I saw the video of the 3-year-old Revolution/Onassis gelding, he really stood out to me. He had plenty of talent and I love the stallion Revolution, so his breeding definitely appealed to me as well, Andrea tells.

- Once Veni Vidi Vici (or “Vince” as I’m going to call him for short) get here, I’m hoping to take my time with him and get him settled in, and hopefully look forward to some competitions next year. The plan is that he will start his riding carrier at Helgstrand and then when it is once again possible to travel, he will come to Canada, Andrea adds.

- I have a special passion for riding young horses and getting them going to a point that they are ready for someone else to feel secure on them. Of course, I dream of taking Vince to the higher levels of dressage however, I am just looking forward to getting him safely home in Canada, Andrea Trudeau tells.

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