Foals for the future – offspring by Fürst Romancier sold for 82,000 euro


Fürstin D'Amour by Fürst Romancier/San Amour - sold for 82,000 euro

The last bid has been placed at the first Helgstrand-Schockemöhle auction, and although we couldn’t feel the atmosphere as the time approached 7.30 pm, we are sure it has been very interesting to watch the auction as many bids ticked in shortly before the deadline and extended the auction significant.

22 hand-picked foals came online at the new auction platform on Friday, June 5, and anyone interested could see the collection of top foals from home. The foals, which consisted of 7 jumper and 15 dressage foals respectively, had been selected at inspections in Denmark and Germany by the auction committee consisting of Felix Tiemann and Heinz Meyer from Deckstation Paul Schockemöhle and Esben Møller from Helgstrand Dressage.

Many bid for their favourite and although two dressage foals had been in the front of the entire auction and fought for the first place, it was the extremely well-moving filly, catalogue number 1 Fürstin D'Amour by Fürst Romancier/San Amour (bred by Dirk Gosker), that became the auction's highlight with the selling price of 82,000 euro. Second most expensive was catalogue number 7 Full of Dreams by Fürstenball/Spörcken (bred by Friedrich-Wilhelm Gerke), which was sold for 40,000 euro. The third most expensive was split between catalogue number 13 Fynchessa by Fynch Hatton/Don Bosco (bred by Falk Schubert) and the Danish-bred catalogue number 14 Treldegårds Shaka Kahn by Quaterhit/Fürstenball, bred by Niels Madsen, which was sold for 20,500 euro and thus also the most expensive Danish-bred foal.

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- We couldn’t be more happy about the result of the first auction. It is the first time in the history of Helgstrand that we have organized an auction. It is a matter of confidence to offer horses online, but with the current situation, we need to think creatively, and fortunately the technology helps us find the right way to approach anyone interested. We have put a lot of effort into making all necessary information available and we have assisted the customers in the process by answering questions. Online auctions belong to the future, and I just hope that you will also welcome the next collection of quality foals to come. We look forward to seeing the exciting offspring already announced for the next inspections, says Andreas Helgstrand.

- We know from ourselves; you need time to get used to new things. But I think the new auction has been well received. In particular, it means a lot that the breeders have shown us confidence, and with a few small adjustments we are ready to select the next top foals at the inspections beginning already tomorrow in Denmark for the next auction coming online on July 10th, says Esben Møller from the Helgstrand-Schockemöhle auction committee, who is pleased to be able to help the breeders sell their foals.

- We do our utmost to reach a wide audience, and the new auction platform has for sure been a very important factor. The buyers come from all over the world and we can only be proud that in some months the foals will leave Denmark or Germany to enter the big world and be fantastic representatives of the quality that Helgstrand and Schockemöhle represent, adds Andreas.


Full of Dreams by Fürstenball/Spörcken - sold for 40,000 euro


Fynchessa by Fynch Hatton/Don Bosco - sold for 20,500 euro


Treldgårds Shaka Kahn by Quaterhit/Fürsteball - sold for 20,500 euro


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