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The Spanish dressage talent Severo Jurado Lopez has won us all over with his magnificent achievements in the dressage arena and with his charming personality. But now an era has come to an end at Helgstrand Dressage, and they have to say goodbye – or very luckily only partly goodbye to Severo, who has chosen to dedicate his time to a new and exciting project.

- The last 7 years has truly been an adventure for both Severo and Helgstrand, but we know that everything has an ending and a number of our riders start up on their own when they have got the experience and reputation that it takes. It is with a heavy heart that we have to say goodbye to such a talented and skilled rider but luckily we have had the pleasure of working with Severo for many years and are therefore very happy for him, Andreas Helgstrand tells.

Many people will surely remember it like it was yesterday, where Severo danced his way up the centerline and spellbound the audience at the Olympic Games in Rio together with Lorenzo in 2016. We were for sure many sitting with goosebumps when the characters for Severo and Lorenzo came on and it was inedible that they placed on an impressive 5th place. At that moment he won us all over and we felt like it was a victory for Denmark. Until this day, it is the most unique moment that stands out in Severo’s mind, when we ask him.

- I felt that the time was right to start a new chapter after having built up my experience and great network through Helgstrand. I am deeply grateful for the trust that Andreas has given me and the many opportunities I have had here. In particular, the many international competitions where the Olympic Games with Lorenzo is among one of the biggest moments of my life and then of course the three gold medals with Fiontini and two gold medals with D’avie at the World Championships for Young Horses, Severo tells.

- I will miss the team and the unique spirit that we have here at Helgstrand and of course the many great horses. There is no doubt that especially D’avie and Fiontini has a special place in my heart and I am very pleased to hear that Andreas will take over the reins and continue the education of these two horses, Severo adds with a smile.

Some probably wonder if Severo will go back to sunshine and Spanish rhythms but luckily, we will still be able to meet him at the Danish competitions.

- Fortunately, we do only say partly goodbye to Severo, since we have started a corporation regarding the training of some of our horses, Andreas tells - this is an opportunity that only a few people get.

- Helgstrand has always had the pleasure of working with the best riders and fortunately, we have a strong team and some new talented riders on the way, Andreas tells and he is looking very much forward to the competitions starting again.

Severo Jurado Lopez has his last day at Helgstrand the 30st of April 2020.


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