Helgstrand hires Emile Faurie

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The media did already reveal some details about our new employment, but we think now is the time to get a deeper look into the new and very strong profile at Helgstrand, the English top rider and international trainer Emile Faurie.

- Through the years we have seen an increasing request from the English market which has led us to this new corporation with one of Great Britain’s finest dressage riders. It is a privilege to welcome Emile to our team, Andreas says and is very pleased to be able to offer this exceptional service to the English clients.

Emile has represented Great Britain at both the World and the European Championships and at the Olympics. He started out at the internationally known P.S.I-auction that really lead the way to his career and in 1993 Emile had his international breakthrough with the horse Virtu. They won an individual Bronze Medal and a Team Silver Medal at the European Championship in Hippica. Since then he has won a number of medals that shows his unique ability as a dressage rider. After two years at Hoff Kasselmann, where Emile participated in the World Championship in Tryon and the European Championship in Gothenburg with Lollipop, which is now ridden by Marianne Helgstrand, Emile has now chosen to become a part of Helgstrand Dressage.

- There can be no doubt about the quality that Emile represents. He has led riders to numerous victories, judged competitions at a high level and has due to his achievements a broad network which Helgstrand can benefit from. We are therefore really pleased that Emile educates several of our horses and present these at the English market, Andreas tells.

- I have achieved some of the goals that I had regarding competitions and championships around the world. To me, it is very important to be able to help new talents on their way to success and therefore teaching has become an essential role in my work life. Andreas’s talent for spotting and buying the right horses is really something we can benefit from here in the UK and it can add the quality needed in Great Britain. I experience an increasing demand for these horses and are therefore very pleased with this corporation. I decided to join Andreas and his team because of his integrity as a person and his drive to ensure every rider that buys a horse from Helgstrand Dressage gets the right and most suitable one for them. Emile Faurie tells. He still maintains his own riding in the daily training and education of the horses.

Emile Faurie lives at Heath Farm in Oxfordshire which is located only an hour from London. From here we now offer four horses to the English market and in the near future, we expect the number of horses will increase.

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