A championstallion and 4 premium stallions for Helgstrand


Global Player by Kastels Grand Galaxy Win/Don Schufro - breeder HH Hansen. 

It has been a couple of very exciting days at this year's stallion licensing in Herning, and here on the final day the tension finally reached its end with which new stallions from Helgstrand, who will be part of the danish breeding. At the same time, this years' premium and champion stallions were announced.


Iron by Asgårds Ibiza/Hohenstein E.H.

The 3-year-old stallions had all showed themselves nicely, both at the showing on solid ground, lunging, as well as showing them free, and today Helgstrand could proudly send a total of 15 3-year-old stallions to the preparation for the 10-day test, which is the admission for a 1-year approval in DWB.

The 15 stallions from Helgstrand approved in Danish Warmblood:

  • Dynamic Dream by Glocks Dream Boy/Sir Donnerhall I
  • Dremian by Danciano/Sandro Hit
  • Floss Dance by For Dance/Quaterback
  • Slangerupgårds Flottenheimer by Franklin/Scolari
  • Freetown by Fürst Wilhelm/Sir Donnerhall I
  • Iron by Asgårds Ibiza/Hohenstein E.H.
  • Straight Horse Ramses by Revolution/Zack
  • Radius by Revolution/00 Seven
  • Rockabye S by Revolution/Belstaff
  • So Perfect by Sezuan/Sir Donnerhall I
  • HP Valentino by Vitalis/Apache
  • My Vitality by Vivaldi/D-Day
  • Majestic Taonga by Glocks Toto Jr./Jazz
  • Total McLaren by Totilas/De Niro


Rockabye S by Revolution/Belstaff

4 out of 7 premium stallions for Helgstrand

In a very strong field of 3-year-old stallions, the licensing committee pointed out 7 stallions, of which 4 are from Helgstrand Dressage:

  • Dynamic Dream by Glocks Dream Boy/Sir Donnerhall I
  • My Vitality by Vivaldi/D-Day
  • Rockabye S by Revolution/Belstaff
  • So Perfect by Sezuan/Sir Donnerhall I

Global Player announced champion stallion

The 4-year-old stallions, who got their final approval in DWB was shown under rider on the last day, the excitement not only came from the licensing committee but also the audience, who clearly saw how well the stallions had developed since last years stallion licensing. It was the Grand Galaxy Win-son, Global Player (breeder HH Horses), who received the title as Champion stallion in Danish Warmblood. A beautiful young stallion with 3 incredible gaits and modern expression. Global Players damsire is the legendary Don Schufro.

giovanni bell

Giovanni-Bell by Grand Galaxy Win/Don Romantic

Galaxy-offspring is the best danish bred dressage stallion 2 years in a row

As the best danish bred dressage stallion we find another offspring by Grand Galaxy Win, Giovanny-Bell, whose damsire is Don Romantic. Giovanny-Bell is bred by Tina and Nicolai Jepsen. But not only did a Galaxy offspring win the title this year, but last year was also a Galaxy offspring, Got it by Grand Galaxy Win/Don Schufro.

In general, there have been many impressive offspring presented at this year's stallion licensing, and in particular, Revolution has added 5 newly approved sons to DWB. But also Franklin was represented besides Grand Galaxy Win. In the sport, Galaxy has also been represented, since both the A- and B-finals in the young horses' championship was won by offspring by Galaxy:

  • A-final: Grand Galiano by GGW/Don Schufro, ridden by Rikke Dupont.
  • B-final: Logos Gaya by GGW/Don Romantic, ridden by Emma Ahlberg.

But in the young horse championship, Helgstrand was not only represented with offspring by Helgstrand stallions or former Helgstrand stallions. Maria Anita Andersen and Atterupgaards Spidermann by Seebach/Stedinger came in 4th in the A-finals and received 10 for trot, 8,5 for canter, 9 for perspective in the gait review, along with 9,5 in submission and 9 for perspective by the test-rider, Daniel Bachman Andersen. Our student master rider, Frederikke Skelmose, came in 2nd in the B-final with Revolution Nobel by Franklin/Solos Landwind, and the Helgstrand rider, Mette Sejbjerg, was placed as number 9 on her own horse, Nobelle by Future Jazz/Negro.

dynamic dream

Radius by Revolution/OO Seven og Maria Vasconcelos E Sa - from the inspection for the 10-days observation test

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