Helgstrand Dressage ready for Ermelo 2019

We are happy and proud to announce that in the final qualification in Warendorf, all our riders delivered their best. In the 5-year-olds class, both Espe and Valverde qualified for WCYH with Eva Möller in the saddle. In the 6-year-olds, Andreas and Revolution had an incredible ride and the World Champion for 5-year-olds last year secured his place in this years WCYH. In the 7-year-olds we had Bonderman with his rider Betina and D’avie with his rider Severo – both did very well in the test and were selected for the WCYH, which takes place in Ermelo at the beginning of August.

We are honored to have such great horses here at Helgstrand Dressage, because now we have 11 horses ready for the WCYH, and hopefully a few more on the way.


Jovian – Andreas
Valverde – Eva
Espe – Eva
Skovens Tzarina – Betina
Elverhøjs Raccolto – Meike
Queenspark Wendy – Andreas


Zhaplin Langholt – Andreas
Revolution – Andreas


D’avie – Severo
Bonderman- Betina

Severo Jurado Lopez and D'Avie


Betina Jæger and Bonderman


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