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Without hesitation, one can safely say, that there has been a quantum leap at Helgstrand in the past years with the employment of large profiles such as Dr. Ulf Möller from Hof Kasselmann and most recently Esben Møller from Blue Hors. Meanwhile, the partnership with the venture capital firm, Waterland Private Equity, has sparked major internal changes, and Helgstrand has recently hired former PwC partner, Marianne Fog Jørgensen, who will be part of the management board as CFO. 

When Waterland joined Helgstrand the sails were set for an even stronger Helgstrand with the ambitious goal of creating the world’s leading equestrian business. In that connection, Helgstrand hired Marianne Fog Jørgsensen, who is a former partner in the well-known auditing and consulting company, PricewaterhouseCoopers, or simply PwC. Marianne has a clear advantage as she has been a full-time auditor for the Helgstrand Group for several years and thus has a deep understanding of the company’s business model, processes and value-drivers as well as insight in the company, the industry and the company’s stakeholders. . 

- We only want the best and therefore I’m incredibly proud that Marianne chose to accept the position. We have high ambitions for Helgstrand’s future development and I’m sure Marianne has the required skill-set regarding to her many years of experience in business development, management and the operation of a company and last, but not least, her drive to optimize Helgstrand’s market position to unseen heights based on her analytical and strategic skills, says Andreas Helgstrand.

Marianne has a long career in the auditing industry in senior management positions and she has recently been responsible for PwC’s department in Aalborg, where she was responsible for business development and execution of PwC’s strategy in North Jutland as well as optimizing the operation of the company and the use of innovative and effective tools. Competences that she takes to Helgstrand to a great extent. 

- Based on my previous job as auditor for Helgstrand I know the structure of the company which gives me a good starting point. I look forward to getting to know people at Helgstrand and getting an understanding of the daily processes in order to be able to further develop and optimize the business processes and at the same time get the value creation in the Helgstrand Group visible. Andreas has managed to build an international brand with a strong market position which I have great respect for. I look forward to becoming a part of this journey together with Helgstrand and Waterland, says Marianne Fog Jørgensen.

Marianne Fog Jørgensen started at Helgstrand 1st of April 2019.

Marianne Fog Jørgensen and Victoria Valentin with Fifty Cent


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