Alexander selected for the Nordic and European Championships

Alexander has managed to make a very positive impression at competitions, recently at the international show, Future Champions in Hagen, Germany with both Røgild's Claire and Adriano B. and now he can also add a selection for this year's Nordic Baltic Championship and the European Championship to the results of this weekend.

It has been an eventful weekend at the Future Champions in Hagen with many young talents as the name indicates, including Alexander, who was represented with both Røgild's Claire by Notre Bac/Julio Mariner XX and Adriano B. by De Angelo B/Flying Dream. 

Alexander brought both Marianne and Andreas, but it was a confident rider who made very good performances all weekend. Among others, Alexander placed 9 with Claire in the CDIP test, won silver in the team competition and got a 3rd place in the freestyle achieving impressive 75.1% with Adriano B. 

Video from Alexander and Adriano B.'s freestyle in Hagen.

You can find all the results here

For sure it was a great weekend, also as Alexander was selected for both the Nordic Baltic Championship in Norway and the European Championship by national coach, Jette Nevermann Torup.

Selected for the Nordic Baltic Championship

Alexander Yde Helgstrand / Adriano B (res: Claire)
Dagmar Sofie Oxlund / Campari W
Silke Andersen / Nyholts Dundee
Sophia Winther Andersen / Der Harlekin B 

Selected for the European Championship

Currently, three out of four riders have been selected - the fourth rider and the reserve will be selected after the Nordic Baltic Championships:

Alexander Yde Helgstrand / Adriano B (res: Claire)
Frederikke Gram Jacobsen / Gee Gee
Maja Emilie Leth / Goldfevers Hella Bella.

Alexander and Adriano B.


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