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In December 2020, Helgstrand established a new location in UK. The UK location has been established with four-time Olympian and British equestrian legend Richard Davison. He will lead the Group’s UK development across all brand and commercial platforms.

Richard, together with his sons Tom and Joe, runs a combined dressage and show jumping stable, and he is also involved in many aspects of the British and international equestrian community. He is a former British Olympic Dressage Team manager and World Class Show Jumping Programme coach.

The name Davison has been synonymous with elite level equestrian sport in Great Britain for many years. Richard is a four-time Olympian (including the 2012 London Olympic Games) and has been at the fore-front of the international dressage world for three decades. As well as being among the world’s most experienced international riders he is in demand for his many other attributes.

The Helgstrand Group currently has sport horse sales stables in Denmark, Germany, UK and US.

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 RD on horse


Richard Andreas











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Tysklands førende salgsside for føl

Ønsker du også at videredistribuere dit føl til ambitiøse og professionelle ryttere?

I samarbejde med Fohlenboerse kan vi tilbyde vores avlere at oprette en annonce på Fohlenboerse.de til en favorabel pris af 25 EUR. Fohlenboerse har et tæt samarbejde med både hingstestationer og avlsforbund, som dermed også promoverer din annonce, så den har rig mulighed for at nå ud til nogle relevante kunder.

Hvem er Fohlenboerse?

Kiki Beelitz står bag den tyske salgsplatform, som er unik da den udelukkende er et site for føl. Fohlenboerse har mere end 1 million besøgende om året, fokuserer på at lave informative annoncer i et professionelt layout, som også er udarbejdet på en engelsk side, som henvender sig til de udenlandske kunder.

Besøg Fohlenboerse nu på www.fohlenboerse.de og opret en profil.

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 Helgstrand-Schockemöhle International Online Auction 2021


With a stallion from Helgstrand or Schockemöhle you are guaranteed to get an offspring of absolute top quality. The stallions in our collection represent some of the strongest bloodlines in the world. The collection includes several titles such as champion stallions, winners of performance tests, national champions and several world champions. Last year, Helgstrand and Schockemöhle launched their first online foal auction together including offspring from both stallion stations. The auction was a great success, and the foals were distributed all over the world.

The second online auction will be held during the days between 11th – 17th of August 2021.

In case you have any questions, please contact Esben Møller, who is in charge of the auction:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone +45 52 24 85 15.

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Successful stallion station with an exclusive collection

Alongside the development of the sales activities of the company, Helgstrand Dressage has established EU stallion stations in Denmark and Germany. The collection exists exclusively out of high-quality stallions among which you will find numerous Champion Stallions and Premium Stallions, winners of national championships, performance tests, sport tests and the prestigious World Championships for Young Horses. In 2018 Paul Schockemöhle and Helgstrand Dressage started cooperating with their stallion stations. With this cooperation Helgstrand and Schockemöhle secure breeders with the absolute best breeding stallions, outstanding gene-material and superior service. With an extensive distributor network, Helgstrand Dressage meets the great demands for fresh and frozen semen internationally.

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Adding new champions to the collection every year

Our stallion collection is continuously expanded with new exciting stallions, many of which have already been awarded titles such as premium stallion and champion stallion. By taking part in auctions and stallion licensing we are continuously securing champion stallions to the collection. On an ongoing basis, we put them up for grading in the various breeding associations in order to offer our many breeders a great variation.

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Performance like nowhere else
Performance traits are considered very important in breeding organizations. Competing our stallions in the dressage sport is hence very important. We have a professional team, who are responsible for the daily training of all our young stallions, while the slightly older stallions are ridden and showed by our skilled and professional team of riders at Helgstrand Dressage.


Excellent breeding advice
We seek to offer breeders the best service and advice in order to help them find the perfect match for their mares. We therefore provide our breeders with a team of expert breeding consultants including some of the best within the breeding world – like Michael Schmidt, Hanke Ostermann, Lene Birkemose and Christian Springborg.

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Helgstrand Academy

Helgstrand Academy - A real multipurpose facility

Helgstrand Academy opened its doors in 2017. The Academy is a real multipurpose facility where not only Helgstrand horses and private horses are being stabled and trained. It also offers a location for the local pony club and Højgaard Horse clinic. Several students from the Danish Master Rider education program are educated at the Academy.

Additionally, the top-notch facilities at Helgstrand Academy offer a great venue for international shows and events. Each year, several international equestrian events such as Equitour Denmark and the Danish Dressage Championships are hosted at the Academy. In the future Helgstrand Academy will be hosting many more national and international equestrian events.

More information about Equitour Denmark

Helgstrand Denmark

Welcome to Helgstrand Dressage – the world’s leading sales and training centre for elite dressage horses

Helgstrand Dressage purchases, develops and sells elite dressage horses offering an outstanding service to customers all over the world. The company is based in Northern Denmark with divisions in Germany and the United States as well. With modern world-class facilities and a highly-skilled team of professionals, Helgstrand Dressage sets international standards for the future dressage sport. With a team of 130 employees and more than 500 horses, Helgstrand Dressage has become one of the leading stables within its league.


“We want to set the standards within all aspects of the dressage industry and become the #1 dressage brand in the world”

“We develop and provide the highest quality dressage horses while also offering the best stallion collection for breeders through customer-focused experiences”


A professional and skilled team

The team of employees is a key resource at Helgstrand Dressage in all aspects of the business and exists exclusively out of well-educated and experienced professionals. With the most experienced professionals from the field, we are able to offer ultimate expertise. Whether you are looking for your next medal winning dressage horse or a stallion to match your mare, Helgstrand provides you with exquisite service and tailored advice.

Helgstrand riders have won more than 17 medals at the World Championships for Young Horses and also managed to get top placings at small and big tour level both nationally and internationally. Through collaborations with top riders like Danish Cathrine Dufour, Helgstrand confirms the development of high-quality horses. Helgstrand Dressage secures optimal conditions for development and performance with welfare-focussed facilities, professional management and its own veterinarian and farrier.


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 “Whether it is in Denmark, Germany or the United States, you can expect absolute expertise and excellent service. Buying a horse at Helgstrand Dressage is a long-term relationship. We maintain contact and make sure you have the best possible start with your new horse. As you continue to develop as a dressage rider, we will assist you in finding the next horse to fulfil your dreams.”

Global Equestrian Group

Since 2021, Helgstrand Dressage has been partner of the Global Equestrian Group (GEG). GEG is established as a strategic partnership between Ludger Beerbaum Stables, Helgstrand Dressage and private equity investment company, Waterland Private Equity. The group is constantly expanding with brands and new ventures within the equestrian industry. It is GEG’s vision to become the world’s leading equestrian company. Through innovative ways of engagement, GEG will create a superior customer experience in equestrian services and products.


Learn more about Global Equestrian Group


Raising the most exclusive selection of high quality foals and youngsters

The skilled team of professionals at Helgstrand Dressage is continuously looking for talented foals and youngsters deriving from the best performance lines in the world. Esben Møller, Head of Purchasing at Helgstrand, visits breeders and auctions to scout young dressage talents. Helgstrand Dressage purchases approximately 70-100 foals per year.

Helgstrand Youngsters is the home of Helgstrand’s young dressage prospects. The buildings are light, spacious and well ventilated. With a free ranging group housing system, high quality feed and 115 hectares of land, Helgstrand Youngsters provides optimal welfare conditions to its residents. The horses are daily screened by our team of professionals including our permanent veterinarian Zenta Vinther, who is specialised in reproduction techniques. We are pleased that with Helgstrand Youngsters we can ensure a great start for the future career of our foals.

By having our own rearing facilities, we have the ability to follow the development of a foal into a high-quality dressage horse. This journey gives us very valuable information about each horse. With Helgstrand Youngsters we are able to develop an ongoing selection of the horses in order to collect and offer only the very best horses. The youngsters are continuously evaluated on their quality traits and sport potential by our experts.


Chateau de Fontaine x Helgstrand Dressage

Chateau de Fontaine is a state-of-the-art stud farm near Paris owned by the Danish Wandt family. Helgstrand Dressage and Chateau de Fontaine have been collaborating since 2016 to breed high-end and in demand dressage horses. Chateau de Fontaine is breeding with elite sport mares, currently competing and Helgstrand stallions with the use of the OPU-ICSI technique. The stud farm is working together with Prof. Cesare Galli at AVANTEA srl, Italy, Europe’s leading specialist in assisted equine reproduction in order to continuously ensure the highest quality of the reproduction process.

 Helgstrand Youngsters

Helgstrand Dressage USA – In the heart of the American equestrian world

Helgstrand Dressage has been successful with its division in the USA for several years, until the company successfully acquired a permanent base in Wellington, Florida in 2019. Helgstrand USA is located in the heart of the US equestrian world right next to large showgrounds like the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center. Helgstrand USA is managed by Dr. Ulf Möller, Andrea Woodard and a very skilled team of riders and grooms. Andrea Woodard is a successful American dressage rider and has been part of team Helgstrand for several years.

Whilst the demand for high quality dressage horses increases every year, we are bringing high-quality dressage horses to the USA. With our own location we are able to meet customers domestically and they do not need to cross the Atlantic anymore to find a high-quality dressage horse.

Helgstrand-sold horses have already confirmed their name in America. Goerklintgaards Dublet and Kasey Perry-Glass have been very successful at international Grand Prix level winning team bronze at the 2016 Olympics in Rio and scoring 84.975% in the Grand Prix Freestyle at the 2019 World Cup final in Gothenburg. Danish-born American dressage rider Charlotte Jorst invested in several world-class horses at Helgstrand like Olympian Lorenzo, Danish team horse Akeem Foldager, Spanish WEG team horse Deep Impact and Dutch stallion Nintendo. In 2018 Jorst purchased the two breeding stallions Atterupgaard’s Botticelli and Grand Galaxy Win as well as the Danish young horse Champion Zhaplin Langholt.

Helgstrand Germany

Helgstrand Germany – strategically located between the largest German breeding associations

In December 2020, Helgstrand established a new location in Germany. Helgstrand Germany is located right in between Hannover, Oldenburg and Westfalen, which are the three largest breeding associations. This high potential location matches seamlessly with the high ambitions of Helgstrand Dressage. Germany is one of the most successful countries within the world of dressage and there is a huge demand for high-quality horses. Helgstrand Germany strives to offer a wide selection of high-quality young horses as well as Grand Prix levelled horses with the same exquisite service.

Additionally, the Helgstrand Stallion station has been expanded to Helgstrand Germany. Our breeding advisors Michael Schmidt and Hanke Ostermann are available for consultation to our German breeders.

Helgstrand Germany is managed by Dr. Ulf Möller and his wife Eva Möller who joined Helgstrand in 2017. Dr. Ulf Möller is the manager of the German and American departments of Helgstrand. Möller is a trained veterinarian with more than 40 years of experience in training, competing and selling of dressage horses. Eva Möller is a very experienced dressage rider with many victories to her name. Eva educates and develops the Germany based stallions and sales horses with lots of success. Eva has already obtained many great results with Helgstrand stallions like the three-time Westphalian Champion, Valverde and World Champion So Unique.

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