Helgstrand Event

Facilities with many purposes

Helgstrand Academy opened its doors in 2017 and is a true multi-purpose facility, where not only Helgstrand horses and private horses are stabled and trained.

It is also an event venue where we host major competitions several times a year, such as the Danish Dressage Championships, Nations Cup, Denmark's largest regional show, and many more.
It is also the location of Højgård Hesteklinik Aalbo...

Top notch facilities

Our ambition is to make our facilities the most sought-after in all of Denmark as venues for both national and international competitions. With our dedicated team of experts, we have focused on creating modern and exquisite event facilities that meet the needs of both dressage and show jumping riders.

Every year, we host a range of national and international events, including the Danish Dressage Championshi...