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After almost 19 successful years at Hof Kasselmann and the world famous Performance Sales International (PSI) auction in the German city Ankum Dr. Ulf Möller now has chosen to search for new challenges at Helgstrand Dressage.

- We have managed to turn Helgstrand Dressage as a recognized training center for top dressage horses in most of Europe, but there is still a huge potential in other parts of the world, including the USA. Until now we have not had the resources necessary to start a sales stable in the USA, but after having reached an agreement with Dr. Ulf Möller, we can now take Helgstrand Dressage to the next level, says Andreas Helgstrand proud.

Experience and many victories
Dr. Ulf Möller is a trained veterinarian and has many years of experience in the training of dressage horses. In his career, Ulf has been an auction rider in the Hannoverian marketplace in Verden and has been working as a sales manager for the auction alongside his riding career, where he has achieved many victories. Since 1998 he has been a part of Hof Kasselmann & Performance Sales International, where he worked as a sales manager. Both at the national and international scene, Ulf has made his name and many remembers, when he became World Champion with Sandro Hit back in 1999 and World Champion with Don Davidoff in 2002. In addition his riding career counts 7 times Bundeschampion for young horses in Germany and a whole range of victories up to class S.

Among many ideas a new sales stable in the USA
- In the American state, Florida shows are almost taking place every day for the first 4 months of the year. Wellington is described as an equestrian Mecca where top dressage riders each time fine-tune their competition form and seek to create good results. We have many new ideas and one of them is our desire to establish a sales stable in the USA. With Ulf's years of experience and through the network that he has built up by traveling around the world, we are obviously extremely excited about the cooperation. We are so proud that Ulf has chosen to work for us and we look forward to his start at the beginning of the new year, says Andreas.

- Ulf Möller is married to Eva Möller, who is also a very experienced dressage rider with many top victories during the years, among others winning the German Bundeschampionship several times including two times World Champion for Young Horses. We are very excited about Eva also is joining the team and having another experienced dressage rider at Helgstrand Dressage. We want to expand Helgstrand Dressage and make our brand even more well-known on the international stage, and we are confident that the cooperation with Ulf and Eva can help making our wish come true.

- In addition starting up a sales stable in the USA Ulf is also going to help spot the good dressage horses around the world. We believe that Ulf is the right person to take Helgstrand Dressage to the next level.

Ulf has been really happy with his job at Hof Kasselmann, and it has been a very hard decision leaving the Family Kasselmann. Ulf and Eva continues to stay in Germany.


ulf-möller kopi-web

The expectations were high as the guests began entering at yesterday's VIP Christmas Event at Helgstrand Dressage, where a prensentation of the promising young stallions for next season where going to take place.

The arena was decorated with fir, lights and Christmas trees, and the guests were greeted by a lovely scent of gløgg and æbleskiver (Danish doughnuts). At seven o'clock started the show and Andreas and Marianne welcomed the 200 guests.

The young 2-year-old stallions were shown on a long line and afterwards by hand being led, so the audience really could get a view of the enormous capacity of the stallions. The 3-year-old stallions were shown under saddle and despite the fact that many of the young stallions had only been in the stable a short time and the arena was a bit overwhelming with many people and Christmas decorations, they took it very well.

Andreas told with great enthusiasm about the exciting pedigrees and the results that the young stallions had already achieved.

Here we have gathered some short presentations of the young stallions.

At this year's Hanoverian Stallion Licensing in Verden six dressage horses were selected as premium stallions, and the highlight of the day - the only 2-year Quantensprung offspring - is now soon to be found in the stable at Helgstrand Dressage.

The newly bought stallion is 2 years old and after Quantensprung with Stedinger as damsire. The stallion has a great expression and combined with a modern look and amazing gaits, we are confident that he will do well here at Helgstrand Dressage. Helgstrand Dressage has bought the stallion together with Søren Grønborg.

The judges at this year's Hanoverian Stallion licensing had a clear preference for offsprings by the Hanoverian stallion Quantensprung, where four out of five were licseensed - and three of them received the title premium stallion.

Are you interested in seeing a clip of the impressive stallion, you find it here.

Today four of our stallions went to the 35-day test in Tørring, where the registration took place.

At the registration the horses were presented on solid ground, after which they were shown under rider. The next days the horses are going to be tested, and we look forward to receive the results.

The four stallions, that are going to be tested at the 35-day test are Baron after Callaho's Benicio and damsire Sir Donnerhall, Falstaff after Ampere and damsire Stedinger, Freischütz after Foundation with damsire Del Martino as well as Revolution after Rocky Lee, and damsire Rouletto. Baron is for testing in dressage, while the other three stallions are for testing in both dressage and jumping.

Revolution and Søren Wind

Falstaff and Søren Wind

Revolution and Søren Wind




His Moment is the name of the champion stallion at this year's licensing in the German Trakehner Association – and with this title he goes to Denmark, where he is to be found at Helgstrand Dressage.

- His Moment has, in spite of his young age already a promising future. He impressed the judges and put great distance to his 35 competitors by the licensing in the German Trakehner Association. We look forward to having him in the stable and are excited to follow his development, says Andreas Helgstrand.

For the licensing the judges agreeded on the quality of the stallion; "gaits of the highest quality, a perfect type and outstanding pedigree."

His Moment is just two years old and is after Millennium with Le Rouge as damsire.

His Moment-101016-low

The double world champion of 5-year-old and 6-year-old horses - the beautiful mare Fiontini - has been sold to the Swedish rider, Beata Söderberg.

The exceptional mare, that already as 5-year-old showed her worth by becoming world champion, and later repeated the success at the World Championships for 6-year-olds in Ermelo, is now sold to Beata, who is riding at Helgstrand Dressage.

- We know Beata really well because she trains with us every day. Her and Fiontini is a great match and we are very glad that Fiontini is staying in the stable, so that we can contribute to the positive development, says Andreas Helgstrand.

Fiontini is by Fassbinder with Romanov as damsire.

- We began cooperating with Fiontinis breeders, Hanne Lund and Henrik Hansen, two years ago, and we are really proud of the results, the young mare already has achieved, says Andreas.

- Together with our top rider, Severo Jurado Lopez, Fiontini won gold at the World Championships for 6-year-olds this year with an average of 9.02 points in the preliminary class and a fantastic program in the final, who scored an average of 9,58.

We would like to congratulate Beata and the breeders on the sale and look forward to the further cooperation.

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In the weekend – September 24-25, 2016 - Helgstrand attended the DRF's Championship for young horses in Billund. Saturday the DRF Championship for 4-years-olds took place with 54 riders. Helgstrand participated with 9 horses and dominated with 6 places. Søren Wind had the first place on Zancor by Blue Hors Zack with a point average on impressive 8,960.

In Sunday's Championship for 5-years-olds with 37 riders Helgstrand was represented with 12 horses, of which the 7 went through to the finals. Victoria's Secret with Anna Kasprzak had a fantastic tour and took the first place with a point average on impressive 9,860.

Victoria's Secret is sold to the very talented Danish equestrian, Anna Kasprzak, who lives in Haderslev, Denmark. Anna was training at Helgstrand and fell in love with the 5-year-old mare, who is after Vitalis and with damsire Fidermark.

Later Sunday, the DRF Championship for 6-years-olds took place with 22 starting riders, and three horses from Helgstrand went through to the finals.

Helgstrand takes a total of 16 horses in the DRF's finale at the Odense JBK Horse Show in week 42.

chris-severo-championat-mellemrunden-billund   image3-v1

Helgstrand Dressage has now sold the world champion for 5-year-old horses, Victoria’s Secret, to dressage rider Anna Kasprzak.

”Victoria’s Secret is one of the horses with the highest potential that we have had in our stables, says Andreas Helgstrand – and continues: Anna and Victoria’s Secret is the perfect match, and we look forward to following them at national and international shows in future.” Despite her young age, Victoria’s Secret is already on the track for a bright future.

The mare won the World Championship for young horses in Ermelo this year with Isabell Werth's student Beatrice Buchwald, obtaining an average score of impressive 9.5. Beatrice has been responsible for the basic education of the horse, and she has done a fantastic job. Anna tried Victoria’s Secret during a training session at Helgstrand this week and explains: "I loved the horse right away! She has an amazing personality, and I am confident that she has the ability to go all the way.”

The promising mare has received a lot of attention after the World Championship; and earlier this month, Andreas succeeded in buying the mare together with a partner. At DRF’s Championship for young horses, the mare qualified with an average score exceeding 9, under Helgstrand Dressage rider, Bettina Jæger. Upon suggestion from Andreas, Anna has chosen to ride the mare at the second round in Billund this weekend, before bringing the mare back to her new home in Haderslev.

Victoria’s Secret is by Vitalis wiith Fidermark as dam sire.

All the best and good luck to Anna and Victoria’s Secret; we look very much forward to following them closely in the years to come.

In the qualifier for 5-year-old horses, riders from Helgstrand Dressage dominated the top of the class, which counted 40 horses and was judged by Vibeke Kjellerup Christensen.

The winner of the class was the World Champion from the World Championship for Young Horses in Ermelo 2016, with her brand new rider, Betina Jæger from Helgstrand Dressage, who has only had the horse at the stable a few days. Victoria's Secret by Vitalis / Fidermark obtained a total score of 9.14 and a capacity score of 9.4.

- It is really fantastic to ride a horse of this calibre; her tremendous rideability makes it possible to ride the show today, despite of the fact that we are not familiar with each other. I have great respect for Beatrice Buchwaldt's work with Victoria's Secret, says Betina Jæger.

The 5-year-old gold medal winner at the World Championship for Young Horses in Ermelo, the wonderful Victoria’s Secret, has been purchased for Denmark and is now on her way to Northern Jutland

The World Champion for 5-year-old dressage horses, the red Westfalian mare Victoria’s Secret by Vitalis / Fidermark has been purchased in collaboration between Helgstrand Dressage and Chateau de Fontaine by Danish Bolette Wandt; they are working together on an exciting breeding and sports project focusing on the best, young dressage mares in the world.

- Our goal is to get the best young horses in the world to Helgstrand Dressage, and Bolette and I have worked hard to acquire this unique horse ever since we saw it at the World Championship in Holland, says Andreas Helgstrand; he adds that the horse has been purchased with the intention to sell it at some point in future.

The goal is for the almost 180 cm mare to participate in the last qualifier for DRF’s dressage championship this weekend in Herning. As Andreas is at the Danish Championship for ponies with his son, Alexander, the same weekend, it will be the experienced Helgstrand rider Betina Jæger who gets the pleasure to ride the mare - and she will only have one day to practise!

- We really want to show this fantastic horse to the audience at the JBK show in Odense, and the last chance to qualify for the second round is this weekend, says Andreas.

Under Isabell Werth's student Beatrice Buchwald, Victoria’s Secret won the qualifier at the finals as well as the finals at the WCYH in Ermelo. In the finals, the mare received the following marks: 9.5 for trot, 9.3 for walk, 8.9 for canter, 9.8 for suppleness and 10.0 for capacity!

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