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Helgstrand Dressage has just entered into a partnership with Stud Atterupgaard at Jystrup, Denmark and is now co-owner of the 5-year-old stallion, Atterupgaard's Botticelli, by Benetton Dream/Caprimond.

Stud Atterupgaard has bred many top horses, among others Atterupgaard's Cassidy, who is the brother of Botticelli, and on which Cathrine Dufour has just won team-silver at the European Championship and two times individual bronze medals.

- We are extremely happy to be able to cooperate with some of the best breeders in the world. Stud Atterupgaard has bred many top horses and we have huge expectations for Atterupsgaard's Botticelli, who recently attended the World Championships for Young Horses in Ermelo, showing his incredible movements and amazing expression, says Andreas Helgstrand.

Botticelli is educated by Stud Atterupgaard's rider, Selina Solberg Vittinghus, but is in the future to be found at Helgstrand Dressage, where the talented Spanish rider Severo López will continue his education.

- Atterupgaard's rider, Selina, has done a great job, and now the plan for Botticelli is to attend the Sports and Breeding Championships in Denmark together with Severo, Andreas says.

Video of Atterupgaards Botticelli  

Photo credit: H2R


Traditionally, in the past weekend The Championships of Young German Horses and Ponies in Warendorf took place. The best horses from all Germany participated in dressage, show-jumping, military and carriage-driving.

Helgstrand Dressage owns the 3-year-old Eternity by Escolar/Sir Donnerhall I, and together with the German rider Eva Möller they competed in the qualifying class for 3-year-old mares and geldings, which they won with a total of 8.90 with 10 in canter and 9.5 in trot.

Also in the finals, Eva and Eternity delivered an excellent performance, which they won by total 65.00 with 10 in both trot and canter and a total of 19.50 from the test rider.

View all results here

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It has been a busy weekend for team Helgstrand, as there has been Elite Show, Elite Foal Auction, qualification for DRF's championships at Vilhelmsborg as well as European Championships in Gothenburg and Danish Championships for ponies at Hovgaard Rideklub.

European Championships in Gothenburg - great results for Severo and Deep Impact

At the European Championships in Gothenburg the most famous dressage riders were present. With competitors like Isabell Werth, Sönke Rothenberger, Carl Hester, Therese Nilshagen and of course Danish riders such as Cathrine Dufour, Anna Kasprzak and Anna Zibrandtsen, it has been some exciting days.

It was a bit overwhelming for Deep Impact (De Niro/Rubenstein I), but Severo Severo Deep Impact finished the Grand Prix achieving 72.386%, and went on to Friday's Grand Prix Special. On Saturday's Grand Prix Freestyle, they got into a 12th place with impressive 75,675%. Some amazing results for the slightly inexperienced Deep Impact in a very strong field with the world's best dressage riders.

Three silver horses from Helgstrand to the European Championships

Although only Severo from Helgstrand was attending the European Championships, three horses sold through Helgstrand were participating. Both Arlando, owned by Anna Zibrandtsen, Donnperignon, owned by Anna Kasprzak and Atterupgaard's Cassidy, owned by Cathrine Dufour, are all sold through Helgstrand Dressage. Therefor it was particularly interesting to follow the Danish team, which also secured Denmark a team silver medal at the European Championships.

Vilhelmsborg - Helgstrand wins DRF's qualification for 4-year and 6-year-old horses

Friday Betina and Schakrio Pilekær achieved 69,079% and a 5th place in Prix St. George, while Anne-Marie and Diva Unik finished up 3rd with 70%. On Saturday, For Emotion and Simone won the DRF championship qualification for 4-year-old horses scoring 9.46, including 10 in rideability, 9.8 in canter, 9.5 in capacity and 9.2 in trot. Søren and Samuel got a 3rd place with 8.4. For 6-year-old horses Betina and Ingo won scoring 8.7.

On Saturday's Intermediate 1, Anne-Marie and Diva Unik got a 4th place with 68,947%, while Kenneth and Lancelot achieved a 3rd place with 69.47% in Intermediate 2.

Sunday Kenneth and Lancelot got a second place in the Grand Prix debut scoring 69,467%.

For sure, it will be very exciting to follow the horses as they will join the finals taking place at Blue Hors during week 41.

This year's dressage mare from Helgstrand

At Danish Warmblood's Elite Show Skoven's Tzarina (Blue Horse Zack/Blue Hors Don Schufro) owned by Helgstrand Dressage was awarded Dressage Mare of the year. In addition, two mares from Helgstrand achieved the breeder's gold medal – one is owned by Helgstrand and the other is trained by Helgstrand – Queenpark's Wendy (Sezuan/Soprano) and Straight Horse De Milla (De Niro/Blue Hors Zack).

Elite Foal Auction – New dressage star bought for Helgstrand Dressage

On Saturday 70 excellent foals went under the hammer at Danish Warmblood's Elite Foal Auction, among others offsprings by stallions from Helgstrand. The focus was on Viana by Fürstenball/Blue Hors Romanov – a very well-moving foal - and luckily Helgstrand got the final bid and bought this future star for 57,000 Euro.

Danish Championships for ponies

Alexander – the son of Marianne and Andreas - went to Hovgaard Rideklub to attend the Danish Championships for ponies. Winning both 1st division with 72.77%, 2nd division with 71.38% and the final kür with 73,325%, Alexander and Jumanji the Danish Championship title was secured.

It has been a fantastic weekend with amazing results at Vilhelmsborg, the European Championships in Gothenburg and at Hovgaard Rideklub with Danish Championships for ponies - a big congratulations to the many riders from Helgstrand.

For Emotion and Simone.

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It was indeed very exciting as the last results hit the screen on Wednesday evening during the European Championships and people realised that the Danish dressage team consisting of Agnete Kirk Thinggard and Jojo AZ, Anna Zibrandtsen and Arlando, Anna Kasprzak and Donnperignon, and Cathrine Dufour and Atterupgaard's Cassidy won the team silver medal in Gothenburg.

Although only one rider from Helgstrand Dressage was attending the European Championships - Severo Jurado Lopez and Deep Impact (De Niro/Rubinstein I), Helgstrand was well represented, as three of the four horses who won silver at the Grand Prix for teams are sold through Helgstrand Dressage.

- It is amazing to follow the Danish dressage team during the European Championships. There are many hours of training behind such performances, and I am really impressed with the performances they all four delivered Wednesday. It makes me proud to see when horses from Helgstrand Dressage perform well on the international scene. We have not won team medal since 2008 in Hong Kong when Anne Van Olst, Princess Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein and I won the bronze, and now the Danish riders have finally secured us another one for the collection, says Andreas Helgstrand.

Great ambitions require high-capacity horses

The young dressage riders are constantly looking for new talents for their international riding career, and both Cathrine, Anna and Anna are often visiting Helgstrand Dressage.

A short while ago Anna Zibrandtsen has bought the 12-year-old KWPN stallion Arlando (Paddox/Mytens xx) through Helgstrand Dressage and what an exceptional start they have had. She has recently added another horse from Helgstrand to her collection, the young 6-year-old gelding, Quel Filou, after Quaterback/Stedinger. Donnperignon is also sold through Helgstrand, and recently Anna Kasprzak also bought additionally two horses, the 8-year-old gelding Quarton (Quaterback/Don Schufro) and the stallion For Emotion (Foundation/Sandro Hit). Atterupgaard's Cassidy has had a short period of time at Helgstrand Dressage, and seeing Cathrine and Cassidy deliver a ride to no less than 78.3% to the European Championship is just amazing – and for all that proves that Helgstrand manage to find the best horses.

- Anna, Anna and Cathrine are young talents - and the head coach of the national team Nathalie Zu Sayn-Wittgenstein has done a great job. We are constantly trying to find the best dressage horses and with the results that the Danish riders have already achieved, we must say that Denmark is in a strong position. And although the German team is strong, they feel the pressure from the Danish team, Andreas says proudly.

Cathrine and Atterupgaard's Cassidy.


Another two horses from Helgstrand Dressage are heading south to Mateusz Cichoń, who owns the dressage stable Cichoń Dressage, located in Poland - the Danish Warmblood licensed stallion, Heilines Zanzier, and the large-framed Casablanca, who has just returned after a remarkable WCYH in Ermelo.

- Mateusz Cichoń is an excellent rider who has already achieved several very impressive international results at Grand Prix level. Continuously he is looking for new talented dressage horses to help him reach his individual career dreams in international dressage. With the purchase of Heilines Zanzier, he has also taken another step towards offering quality semen to Polish breeders, says Thomas Sigtenbjerggaard, master rider at Helgstrand Dressage.

Queen of trot

The large-framed 5-year-old mare by Conen/Fidertanz has just returned after attending the World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses in Ermelo last weekend. Along with Australian Simone Pearce, they finished fourth in the preliminary test with a total score of 9.16. Among the incredible marks she got an impressive 10 in trot and was nominated by the media as "Queen of trot". The mare has a tremendous capacity and with 9.5 both in trot and capacity it is clear that this young horse has the potential to be in the top of dressage.

In the final during WCYH, Casablanca and Simone finished fourth with a total score of 9.0. 9.5 in trot, 9.4 in canter and 9 in capacity. With the stallions Don Martillo, Ferrari from Helgstrand and Hesselhøj Donkey Boy in the first three places in the finals we here have the world's best 5-year-old mare.

- When she came to the arena at Helgstrand Dressage, I knew from the first step she made that it is one of those horses that make a difference. Just a horse from another league! The World Championships have just proved that my impression was 100% right, although the 4th place was far more than I expected, says Mateusz and continues; Let's see if Astrid Appels was right in her report on Eurodressage, and the 2024 Paris Olympic Games were really calling!

Top dressage stallion leaving for Poland

Mateusz Cichoń not only wants to end up in the top of international dressage, but also has an intention to offer semen from high quality stallions to Polish breeders. With the purchase of Heilines Zanzier, who is by Blue Hors Zack/De Niro, he is one step further towards reaching his goal.

- In last two years, thanks to Andreas' support and advice, we have brought a few high quality stallions to Poland and grounded the first professional dressage stallion station. Heilines Zanzier - beautiful stallion, with 3 very good gaits and amazing character, having also a top modern dressage pedigree will be definitely a cherry on top of our collection, says Mateusz.

- Heilines Zanzier, Danish-bred and licensed in DW, has already developed tremendously, and the plan is that he will take part in the performance test this autumn in Denmark. A modern horse with great capacity and completely exceptional gaits, which we looking forward to following in the future, says Thomas Sigtenbjerggaard.


Right now, the World Championships for Young Horses is taking place in Ermelo and Helgstrand is participating with 10 horses representing Sweden, Germany and Denmark.

Below we have summarized the results.

Preliminary test for the 5-year-old horses

Ferrari and Andreas moved into a second place with 9.42 points, including 9.8 in trot, 9.6 in canter, 9.5 in submission and 9.7 for general impression. Casablanca and Simone were close to Andreas and finished third with 9.16 in total points. The judges awarded the mare with an impressive 10 in trot and 9.5 in canter and for the general impression also 9.5. Højgaardens Santos and Kenneth achieved a total score of 7.86 points and was ranked No. 12.

View all the results here.

The recently sold Quel Filou had a good start

The newly sold Quel Filou moved into a provisional first place in the preliminary test for 6-year-old horses with Severo in the saddle. The new owner, Anna Zibrandtsen, got proof of having bought a horse in the top class, for the couple achieved nothing less than 8.98 points and thus a superb 1st place with 9.2 in walk, canter and general impression. Straight Horse Don Tamino and Anne-Marie rode onto a well-deserved 4th place with 8.62 points.

View all the results here.

High expectations for Severo and Fiontini

There were obviously high expectations for today's last class, the preliminary test for the 7-year-old horses. Fiontini and Severo won the class last year for 6-year-old horses, the second time for the young mare. The couple delivered a top-class presentation and they were awarded with a total score of 88.389%. With today's results in the preliminary test, the mare is one step further to become three times world champion. For the 7-year-old horses, Andreas and Springbank VH ended up 11th scoring 75,813%.

View all the results here.


3 horses in top five

In the second part of the preliminary test for 5-year-old horses D'Avie and Severo archived 9.14 in total points with 9.7 in canter, 9.5 in trot and 9.2 in perspective. Kenneth and Stenagers Wyatt Earp had also a fantastic ride and got 7.84 points in total. A total of three horses from Helgstrand ended in the top 5 in the preliminary test - 3rd place for Ferrari and Andreas, a 4th place for Casablanca and Simone and a 5th place for D'Avie and Severo - and they went directly on to the final Saturday. View all the results here: http://results.hippodata.de/2017/1368/docs/e_d01.pdf

Another 10 for Simone

In the second part of the preliminary test for 6-year-old horses Simone got another 10. Simone and Feodoro achieved a total score of 9.02, including 10 in walk, 9.2 in canter and submission ending up winning the preliminary test with Severo Jurado López and Quel Filou at the second place. Together with Anne-Marie and Straight Horse Don Tamino, they all went straight to the final Sunday.

View all the results here.


Fiontini three times world champion

Many was looking forward to Saturday's final for 7-year-old horses, because Severo and Fiontini were spotted another gold medal. Andreas and Springbank VH were the first to enter the arena and they achieved 74.264%, thus finishing 14th while Severo and Fiontini delivered another top performance, which the judges rewarded by 85.656%, including 9.5 in walk, 9.2 in canter, 9 in trot and 9.1 in perspective. Fiontini and Severo won gold –winning gold three times in a row has only happened one time before in history.

View all the results here.

In the small final of the 5-year-old horses Kenneth and Højgaardens Santos got a 7th place achieving 8.32 in total, while Kenneth and Stenagers Wyatt Earp received 8.06 and a 11th place.

View the total results here


Silver for Andreas and Ferrari

In the final for 5-year old horses Ferrari and Andreas moved into a 2nd place and thus a silver medal with a total score of 9.2, including 9.7 in trot and 9.5 in canter and perspective. Simone and Casablanca got a 4th place with a total score of 9.0 with 9.5 in trot, 9.4 in canter and 9 in perspective. Severo and D'Avie rode into a 6th place with 8.8 in total points with 9.6 in trot and 9 in perspective.

View all the results here.

Bronze for Severo and Quel Filou

It was not the best ending at this year WCYH, because unfortunately an error occurred at the counting of points for Severo and Quel Filou. But for Severo's advantage, and thus winning bronze for 6-year-old horses with a total score of 8.99 with 9.8 in trot, 9.5 in canter and 9.4 in perspective. Straight Horse Don Tamino and Anne-Marie achieved 8.34 points and finished 11th, while Simone and Feodoro achieved 8.64 points and finished 7th with 9.6 in walk and 8.8 in perspective.

View all the results here.

A fantastic WCYH 2017 ended therefore for Helgstrand with nothing less than 3 medals – one in each age class

Picture: Ridehesten - Severo and Fiontini.



We are back home after a fantastic weekend at Broholm Horse Show. The weekend has been filled with lots of great experiences as well as amazing results. A competition in which Denmark's most talented riders were attending and therefor the level of competition was very high.

On Thursday, Andreas and Springbank VH (Skovens Rafael / De Niro) won MA1 scoring 72,963%.

Friday Anne-Marie and Diva Unik (Blue Hors Don Schufro / Primus AA) won Prix St. George with a score of 73,465%. On the same day, Marianne got a 6th place in Prix St. George on Super Mario (For Compliment / Royal Dance) scoring 70.175%.

Saturday the first division of Bundgaard Byg Cup took place in Intermediare 1. Marianne and Super Mario finished 6th with 69,737% - and they continued on to Sunday's finals in the Bundgaard Byg Cup.

Four Helgstrand horses selected for WCH

On Saturday, the initial qualification for participation at the World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses in Ermelo in August took place. All horses made a great impression and showed their great capacity to the judges. Sunday, the final selection for attending at WCH took place and the following horses from Helgstrand were selected:

5-year-old horses
Kenneth and Stenagers Wyatt Earp (Wilkens / Sandro Hit)
Kenneth and Højgaardens Santos (San Amour / Friendship)

6-year-old horses
Anne-Marie and Straight Horse Don Tamino (Moorlands Totilas / Blue Hors Don Schufro)

7-year-old horses
Severo and Fiontini (Fassbinder / Blue Hors Romanov)

Sunday Marianne also participated in the second division of the Bundgaard Byg Cup, where Marianne and Super Mario finished up 5th in Bundgaard Byg Cup scoring 71,042% in Intermediare 1 Kür.

Andreas and Springbank VH (Skovens Rafael / De Niro) attended the MB3, which they won completely superior with 76,438%.


Every day, we receive enquiries from top dressage riders from all over the world who are in search of their future dressage star. The search for dressage horses is so great at the moment that we can no longer keep up with the demand. Therefore, we would like to encourage you to contact us if you have an interesting, high equality young horse or a proven older horse that you are considering to sell.

What we are looking for;

- top quality young horse with the potential to perform dressage at a high level
- older trained horses, preferable at a minimum of intermediate level
- three very good gaits with capacity that goes beyond the standard
- sound temperament and great rideability
- must not have any significant x-ray findings

We are a passionate team of skilled riders and our focus is always on finding the right match between rider and horse, because our success as a sales stable depends on the results that our horses bring.

If you think your horse could be suitable, please send info and video to Per Jensen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Per is also ready to answer any questions you might have regarding buying and selling horses through Helgstrand Dressage.

During this weekend, we have been at the equestrian show in Hjallerup, where Joao and Ludwig der Sonnenkönig 2 won the Saturday Grand Prix with 69.567%. That same day, Andreas and Springbank VH won the MB0 together with excellent 75,128%.

On Sunday, Joao and Ludwig went to start in the Grand Prix Special, which was the first time for Ludwig. It went on very well and they got a 2nd place. That same day, Andreas went to start in MB1 with Springbank VH, which they also won superbly with 75,068%.

Sunday also Emma and Jádore went to start in LA1 and together they achived 68,33%.


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During this weekend, Helgstrand Dressage was attending the qualifying rounds at DRF's championship for young horses in Billund, where nearly all Helgstrand's riders got top places.

Saturday DRF's young horse championship for 4-year-old horses took place and Søren along with Rock'n Roll (Rock Forever / Sir Donnerhall) performed supremely with a total score of 8,52. Including 9 in capacity and 8,8 in both trot and canter. In a second place, Kenneth and ML's Zeline (Blue Hors Zack / Lorentin ll) came with a total score of 7,94 points, including 8,5 in canter and rideability. With Zhaplin Langholt (Zonik / Stedinger), Simone achieved a total score of 7,760 in the same class.

Championships for 5-year-old horses dominated by Helgstrand

The championship for 5-year-old horses Sunday was dominated by Helgstrand. There were 29 starts and Helgstrand Dressage performed very well:

1. D'Avie (Don Juan De Hus / Londonderry) and Severo - total 9,34 including 10 in canter and 9,5 in trot and capacity.
2. Vamos Amigos (Vitalis / Blue Hors Hotline) and Marianne - total 9,060 with 9,5 in trot and 9,2 in capacity.
3. Ferrarie (Foundation / Blue Hors Hotline) and Andreas - total 9,020 with 9,8 in trot and 9,5 in capacity.
4. Casablanca (Conen / Fidertanz) and Simone - total 8,680
6. Francis (Feedback / Fuchsberger) and Eric - total 8,260

Andreas and Springbank VH won the championship for 7-year-old horses

Later Sunday it was time for the 7-year-old horses to compete at DRF's championship for young horses, and it became a sure victory for Springbank VH (Skovens Rafael / De Niro) and Andreas with 85,386%. For Simone and Feodoro, it was a great second place in the championship for 6-year-old horses with a total score of 8,7.

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