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So Unique winner of the 35-days stallion performance test

Last Monday was the final day at this year's Danish Warmblood 35-days stallion performance test. All stallions performed very well and especially So Unique by Sezuan/Donnerhall and Tørveslettens Sylvester by Sezuan/Stedinger made a great impression on the breeding commission and thus won the dressage test for 3- and 4-year-olds respectively.

It is always quite exciting when the stallions are to leave for taking part in the 35-days performance test although the excitement increase as we are approaching the midterm evaluation and continue to rise until the end of the test. Torben Frandsen, who traditionally is responsible for the 35-days test, showed the stallions together with his team as well as this year's test rider, Jan Møller Christensen. 

We are so pleased with the results as So Unique won among the eleven 3-year-old stallions scoring a total of 872.5 points and Tørvesletten's Sylvester won the 4-year-old stallion performance test scoring 870.5 points. 

Find the results of the test here:



So Unique by Sezuan/Donnerhall together with Thomas Sigtenbjerggaard and Christian Springborg.

so unique-aflutning-35-dagstest-2018-vinder

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